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Chapter 920: The Best Bad Friend

Chapter 920: The Best Bad Friend
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Li Wulaing felt like crying. "Tell me about it. Do you know what else I can't believe? The energy in that blood ganoderma is incredibly enormous. It is all hidden inside my body now. I didn't know how powerful a ganoderma could be. I thought it would be a blessing if that ganoderma could make me feel better.

"However, every time when I started to cultivate and recover myself, there will be a stream of warm power coming to help. That boosted me up, and the wounds were healed fast. However, before I could have time to be happy, another stream of energy will start to hurt the wounds with have just been healed on me. Long story short, the two types of energies were torturing me like hell. Do you understand this?"

"Urh…" Ye Xiao kept his eyes opened. He was surprised. [Is this even real?]

However, he got to understand it after thinking for a while, comparing to his own experience. There were lots of powerful heroes who had left their soul power in this place. In fact, people on the demon's side must have left more!

"It's fine if it just hurt me and help me at the same time. No matter how powerful the ganoderma is, the energy will eventually be drained. What I need to do is to hold on with it till that day comes. The two will eventually be gone. However, there is something torturing me more. Whenever I started to cultivate, as I activate my martial art, there will be a sound echoing in my head… 'It's wrong… You are doing it in a wrong way' …"

"I have been cultivating it all my life. I am already level nine of Dao Origin Stage now… How could I be wrong about it?" Li Wuliang was a bit angry about it. "It is totally bullsh*t! But… That voice keep resounding in my head. It keeps troubling me… How do I cultivate with that in my head…"

"Urh…" Ye Xiao was speechless.

"After I started to hear that voice, I realized the sound comes from the power that got on me earlier. It was messing with my head. It keeps giving me a hint into my soul… It's like a hypnosis… It makes me feel that everything I have been doing on cultivation is wrong… I know it is lying, but when a lie repeats hundreds of times… You just couldn't stop being affected by it… Sometimes, I would suddenly wake up feeling that I should believe it, and then I would feel scared…"

"I have been staying here for a long time and I barely cultivated… I am only about level six of Dream Origin Stage at the moment…" Li Wuliang looked at his own hands and said, "I noticed something even more tragic recently. The two types of power from the ganoderma have been a part of myself. Sometimes, my body will be cured, but sometimes, that power with that voice will run around in my body… It stops me from cultivating myself. What the hell is going on with my damn life…"

He made a long sigh.

Ye Xiao made a long sigh too. "That's sad. What the hell is going on with your life…"

"What do you eat staying in this place? It is covered by snow and ice. Where do you find food?" Ye Xiao asked Li Wuliang.

Li Wuliang humphed and pointed at the feathers. "There used to be a pair of snow vultures. I came here and killed them and ate them too. Sometimes, some other birds will get down here. I catch them all and save them for food…

"Sometimes, I can catch four birds in a day and have a feast on my own. Sometimes, I catch nothing within two months… I had to starve for two months…"

Li Wuliang looked upset. "What kind of life am I living here…"

Ye Xiao said, "What kind of life? Look at you. Living a miserable life, yet you are still big and fat like this. Unbelievable."

Li Wuliang was furious. "Can't you have at least a bit conscience? How can you tell I am big and fat?"

Ye Xiao laughed and stopped teasing him.

"Alright now. Stop talking about me." Li Wuliang looked at Ye Xiao. "Let's talk about you. Why do you look like this? You should be an old monster. How could you actually get yourself such a young man's body? What? You want to be a gigolo or something? So that life could be easier for you?"

"Screw you! It is all because of you, bastard! How else would I end up in this f*cking situation?" Ye Xiao raged up. "Can't you have the least bit of conscience? By the way! I am a handsome and strapping young man! Not a f*cking gigolo!"

"Because of me? You went to take revenge for me?" Li Wulaing jumped up. He was so surprised that his eyes were big like two bells. Then he smiled bitterly and said, "You know me, and I know you. I guess you would definitely go revenge for me…"

"What surprised me is… You were actually defeated and killed…" Li Wuliang clicked with his tongue and looked at Ye Xiao. "The well-known world-shocking and heroic Xiao Monarch… turns out to be just so-so. Look at you… Of course, you are handsome. Much better than your old look… Oh my… Dream Origin Stage… Aha… How fast. You are almost a superior cultivator now."

Ye Xiao replied in a weird tone, "My face is changed. So what? Xiao Monarch was defeated and killed, but I damaged the three factions badly! I killed more than stupid Fierce Blade, didn't I? All in all, Xiao Monarch is stronger, much stronger, than Fierce Blade. Besides, I lived a few months longer than you in the martial world. I am still stronger than you even just living one minute longer than you! Isn't it true? Fierce Blade got beaten up like sh*t in a short time. A level nine Dao Origin Stage super cultivator got beaten up and kicked off the cliff… Oh my… Level six of Dream Origin Stage? That's so strong! I started to feel scared now…"

That was what they did. The first day when they met each other again, they started to satirize each other.

After teasing each other for a while, they looked at each other and then started to laugh out loud.

It had been so long since they last talked to each other like this!

It had been so long since they talked to each other face to face!

After both of them had been through death, they sat together and talked, laughed, and teased each other.

They were happy to meet each other again. They were enjoying the time to sit face to face.

It was difficult to describe the feelings they had in the hearts. [Only he could talk to me like this.]

[There is only one person in the world!]

[And it is enough!]

[Now we are staying with each other again!]

[Nothing else is important at the moment!]

In the previous life, Ye Xiao had fought against Li Wuliang many times. Every time, Ye Xiao seemed to be leading, but Li Wuliang would always still have a chance to win.

However, when they were having a quarrel, they were evenly powerful! Sometimes, Li Wuliang was even better than Ye Xiao. [I can't defeat you in a fight, but I can win this quarrel…]

"By the way… You did a walk-in… then I guess you are not cultivating the pure yang martial art now?" Li Wuliang spoke seriously, "I told you, it is powerful indeed, but it is… inhuman. That is savage!"

Ye Xiao was awkward.

[God damn it. He truly is a best bad friend of mine. He will rub it in without hesitation.]

Well, Li Wuliang was right. It was inhuman and savage!

"Of course not!" Ye Xiao glared.

"Good! Otherwise, it will be a waste of such a gorgeous beauty. I am talking about her, not you." Li Wuliang laughed.