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Chapter 921: This Is Life!

Chapter 921: This Is Life!
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Ye Xiao was going to slap on Li Wuliang's face.

[Of course she is a gorgeous beauty, I am too! Who dares to question me!]

"Alright. Let's be serious." Li Wuliang raised up both of his hands and gave in. "I don't mind that you become like this. We are brothers after all. I have no problem to accept you. But… what are you going to tell her? Do you think she will accept you? Do you think you know how to speak to her?"

Ye Xiao was upset about it. "I am worrying about it. This is the biggest problem in my head. I know I have to face it someday, but…"

Li Wuliang frowned. "This is tough. You know, it is nearly impossible to understand women. If she thinks something is right, it's right. Nothing changes her mind. You just have to accept it. However, we don't know if she will deny you."

"After all, you are still the same Ye Xiao. You just have a different body." Li Wuliang felt a headache for him. "I guess only you can figure out how to make things right."

Ye Xiao sighed and said, "Let's just wait and see what will happen next."

He didn't want to think about it because it was such a headache. He changed the topic immediately. "Where is your Fierce Sword?"

"It's here." Li Wuliang reached his hand into some feathers and took out his beloved weapon. He touched the sword on his face and said, "Where is your Monarch's Sword?"

Ye Xiao sighed. "Lost."

He recollected the scene when he was fighting against the three factions… The sword… when he was fighting seven Dao Origin Stage cultivators at the same time, his sword flew out and vanished. He had no idea who got his sword at the end.

"Lost? It is actually…" LI Wuliang was surprised. He then understood what happened. He said, "Brother, thanks."

He knew how Ye Xiao fought and risked his life to avenge him!

That fight actually made the honorable Xiao Monarch lose his Monarch's Sword!

That must be a terribly drastic fight!

Of course it was. Ye Xiao died at the end of the fight, didn't he? He sacrificed himself in an attempt to avenge his sworn brother!

"Come on, man. Don't show me your tears. I can't endure that scene. There is no need to have that in mind. We are brothers." Ye Xiao blandly said, "Now we should focus on recovering your cultivation. Let me check what is going on with the two types of power."

Li Wuliang smiled bitterly and said, "Of course it is not the most important thing now. It is… go get me some cloths you asshole! You don't want me to be naked all the time! Don't tell me you have started to like naked guys now… Go get me some food too! Liquor? I haven't tasted any for two years… I have been living like an animal…"

Ye Xiao laughed.

There were lots of things in the Boundless Space. That was lucky. There were clothes, food, liquor and many other things. He took them all out and asked, "Wait, where is your space ring? You are too miserable now, you know?"

If Li Wuliang had his space ring, he shouldn't have been living so miserably for two years.

"What kind of idiot would put clothes and food in the space ring? How did I know I would be stuck in this place for two years…" Li Wuliang rolled up his eyes. He put on some clothes and swallowed the food. He drank the liquor and talked to Ye Xiao at the same time. He did it so fast. That was impressive though.

"Besides… My space ring was broken in that fight." Li Wuliang humphed and said, "My body was nearly broken, so how could I have the time to watch my ring…"

"This tastes good! Good drink!" Li Wuliang chewed and said, "I'll be damned. I never knew that flatbread could be so tasty. It is cold and hard, but tastes good…"

He was like a piggish eater. Ye Xiao teased him, "Even a cold and hard flatbread becomes tasty in your mouth. I see. Several more years later, you will even enjoy eating shit. Fresh and soft shit…"

"Piss off!" Li Wuliang shouted.

"Everything you are eating, drinking, and wearing is all mine. And you actually told me to piss off? Not a word of gratitude? Really?" Ye Xiao rolled up his eyes and said, "You must want to get beaten-up real hard, huh?"

Finally, Li Wuliang had eaten and drunk enough. He threw out everything in the cave and then took off every thing on his body. He actually ran out the cave naked… He stayed outside the cave and grabbed the snow on the ground to wash his body. After cleaning his body, he started to use his Fierce Sword to shave his beard and hair. After all was done, he returned to the cave and put on the clothes Ye Xiao prepared for him. He murmured about how the clothes didn't fit him, and complained that Ye Xiao wasn't a real man anymore!

Ye Xiao shouted in fury, "Screw you! My clothes, of course, are in small size! Look at your big fat body! Why don't you take it off now! Just go naked!"

Li Wuliang stayed quiet. He then lied down on the bed Ye Xiao made for him and stretched his legs. Lying on the bed, he greedily breathed in the smell of sunshine on the quilt. He said, "It's been so long… This feels like real life now…"


Ye Xiao rolled up his eyes, "What do you know about life? Tell me about the weird power in you now! I don't have all day to talk about your stupid life!"

"What more do you want to know about that stupid power? Please stop bothering me! I want to sleep!" Li Wuliang humphed, "You want to know it, then why don't you check it by yourself? You will get to know what a miserable life I have been living in these two years!"

"As you wish then. I will not ask again. You ate my food, drank my liquor, wore my clothes, and slept on my quilt! I don't think why I should hesitate." Ye Xiao grabbed his arm and used a stream of pure spiritual energy. The energy rushed into the arm quickly.

Li Wuliang wasn't surprised at all. He yawned and closed his eyes. He was fast deeply asleep. It must be tight and sweet.

If there was anybody in front his whom Li Wuliang could absolutely relax with, it would only be Ye Xiao!

As Li Wuliang said, the person who would definitely avenge him was Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was the only one who would possibly find him in this place!

The truth proved him right. Ye Xiao didn't fail him.

It had been two years. Li Wuliang hadn't slept well for two years. No matter how sleepy he was, he just closed his eyes and rested for a while before Ye Xiao came. He hadn't slept on a quilt during the two years.

Now he finally did.

He felt safe. He couldn't resist the sleepiness anymore!

Besides, his best brother was right beside him. Li Wuliang could finally relax his vigilance after suffering for two years.

He fell asleep almost within a few seconds.