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Chapter 922: Ghost Ganoderma!

Chapter 922: Ghost Ganoderma!
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

When Li Wuliang closed his eyes and deeply fell asleep, he missed the image of Ye Xiao's continuously changing facial expression. Ye Xiao stopped nagging!

When he operated the East-rising Purple Qi to enter Li Wuliang's Jing and Mai, there was a strong resistance!

Since he started cultivating the East-rising Purple Qi in the second life, it had always been marvelous. It was always more useful than he could imagine. Even when he met that red and white clouds, which was mysterious and powerful, East-rising Purple Qi could still work so well.

Ye Xiao never doubted that the East-rising Purple Qi was the best martial art in the universe. It was the best!

However, what just happened made him feel doubtful!

The energy inside Li Wuliang was an absolute dark power. It was full of viciousness and atrocity! When Ye Xiao poured the purple qi into Li Wuliang's body, the dark power was making attempts to get back on Ye Xiao. It was tracing the purple qi to invade Ye Xiao's body!

East-rising Purple Qi was indeed a marvelous martial art. It stopped the dark power before it could even enter. If not, Ye Xiao might have already been invaded!

That was such a strong power. Even Ye Xiao felt the strength of it, as if the power was inexhaustible.

At that moment, he wanted to draw back the spiritual qi to keep himself safe. However, he stopped such a thought with his strong willpower. He couldn't retreat. Once he retreated, he would never be able to defeat the dark power. Deep in his heart, he would fail to help his best friend. He couldn't retreat!

He kept staying inside, driven by his strong willpower and the significant purple qi. But the dark power was too strong.

That dark power wasn't Li Wuliang's cultivation power. It came from outside Li Wuliang and stayed inside his body. It was so strong that Ye Xiao couldn't imagine how powerful it was.

East-rising Purple Qi was surely powerful enough to defeat that dark power. It was much stronger than the dark power. However, Ye Xiao was weak. He himself limited the strength of East-rising Purple Qi. That was why the energy flow from the East-rising Purple Qi was like a cup of water trying to put off a big fire! It didn't help!

When Ye Xiao was frustrated and preparing to retreat his spiritual power, he found that except for the unbelievably powerful dark power, there was also the other type of power inside Li Wuliang's body, which was strong and bright. The bright power was also overwhelming. It was actually fighting the dark power inside his brother's body.

The two types of power were equal.

Sometimes, the dark power was winning, but then the bright power would catch up.

Sometimes, the bright power was ascendant, expelling the darkness, but then the dark power would come close.

Neither side won. One attacked while the other defended. That was all.

Most of the time, the two types of power were intertwining. The brightness and the darkness fought and supported each other at the same time!

The power from the East-rising Purple Qi in Li Wuliang's body was too weak! It was nothing!

The only thing Ye Xiao could do with the power flow was to feel the other two enormous powers. When Ye Xiao clearly felt the two enormous powers, he realized how difficult it was for Li Wuliang to talk and laugh casually at the moment.

He couldn't imagine how this tough man kept himself balanced between the two totally different types of power. He wondered what Li Wuliang did to make the two powers get along with each other so well… to keep the direct conflict from happening inside him…

Two extremely powerful powers stayed inside Li Wuliang's body at the same time.

One was fixing him, while the other was destroying him.

Ye Xiao was shocked at how Li Wuliang recovered himself from a fatal damage to level six of Dream Origin Stage under such a dangerous circumstance! It was a great miracle!

[Holy heavens! What is that ghost-like ganoderma?] Ye Xiao was sacred. [Two opposing powers in one ganoderma? I have cleaned all the dead bodies in that place. How come I didn't see any blood ganoderma?]

[His problem is… we shouldn't touch either of the two powers. We can't help either side to destroy the other. If the balance is broken, he may die instantly because of the explosion of the power that stays!]

[However, I am afraid the balance will not last long if we just let the two powers stay inside him. Someday, something will happen on the two types of powers and Li Wuliang will explode into flesh and blood.]

Ye Xiao was totally helpless at the moment. [Damn it! Why would this happen?]

He couldn't think of anything!

"Erhuo, come here! What should we do about it? Do you have any ideas?" Ye Xiao frowned and called Erhuo.

Erhuo was a mysterious creature. It should know more than Ye Xiao about such a high-level situation. It was Ye Xiao's last hope now, so surely he wouldn't let Erhuo be free!

Erhuo stood up inside the Space and meowed lazily.

Apparently, Erhuo had been exhausted and didn't recover from it yet.

Ye Xiao called it, so it had to go. Erhuo unwillingly walked out and arrogantly reached out its paw and put it on Ye Xiao's hand. Erhuo's power went through Ye Xiao's hand and got into Li Wuliang's Jing and Mai.

"Meow?" Erhuo suddenly changed its face. It meowed in an unbelieving voice. Its eyes were widely opened.

"Meow, meow, meeeeow, meoooooww?" Erhuo was waving its tail fast, and it looked like just a shadow.

Even in such a serious situation, Ye Xiao wanted to laugh as he looked at the cat's silly look.

While Erhuo was deep in thoughts, it would wave its tail like that. The more concentrated it was while thinking, the faster it waved the tail. It didn't even notice it. Ye Xiao had seen it many times, yet every time he would be amused…

Looking at the white shadow of Erhuo's tail, he knew Erhuo was troubled.

"Meooooow…" Erhuo shouted unbelievingly.

Ye Xiao stopped smiling.

He knew what Erhuo's shout meant. Erhuo wasn't shouting about anything complicated.

That shout meant only two words. 'Ghost Ganoderma'!

Ye Xiao actually had said 'ghost-like ganoderma' earlier in the head.

"What the hell? What is Ghost Ganoderma?"

Just when he asked about it, Erhuo told him, "This ganoderma is named Ghost Ganoderma."

What a coincidence!