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Chapter 923: What A Good Luck

Chapter 923: What A Good Luck
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

"Millions of souls. Brightness and darkness. Endless grudge. Blood, flesh, and souls. An isolated place… All these, under the effect of the power of contradiction, made the contradictory Ghost Ganoderma!"

Erhuo spent a long time to explain it to Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao finally understood it.

"How do we remove such power then?" Ye Xiao asked.

"Remove?" Erhuo looked at Ye Xiao with big round eyes, like looking at a fool, a complete idiot. It didn't understand why Ye Xiao would want to do that. "That is a great blessing! Such a good luck! Why do you want to remove it?"

"Great blessing? Good luck?" Ye Xiao was surprised.

After a while, he turned around and looked at Li Wuliang's body.

Ye Xiao thought that Li Wuliang should be sleeping tight. After all, Li Wuliang had his best friend staying with him, and he hadn't slept well for a long time. After he fell asleep earlier, Ye Xiao thought that he might sleep for several days!

However… Li Wuliang was awake. In fact, he woke up for a long time now. He just closed his eyes pretending to be asleep so that Ye Xiao wouldn't worry. However, he slightly frowned and trembled from time to time and that exposed him. Ye Xiao could clearly feel how much Li Wuliang was suffering. His body was in great pain. Even though he was such a tough man, he couldn't endure it…

The dark power was hurting him. The wounds that were cured started to rupture because of the dark power. It revealed his muscles… He was shaking…

Li Wuliang kept his eyes closed and mouth shut. However, nobody could sleep in such pain.

Pain was always the biggest enemy of sleep!

He didn't want to open his eyes. He didn't want to show his weakness in front of his old friend. He kept enduring it, fighting that pain with all his willpower.

His forehead was covered by sweat.

The veins started to pop up on his skins. He was enduring it with full effort. As he tried so hard to endure it, the veins also popped up, and he started to tremble…

He should be suffering such an intense pain…

Ye Xiao looked at Li Wuliang suffering the great pain. He started to sweat and murmur, "Erhuo… this… Is this what you call a great blessing? Great luck? Let me ask you… Who on earth could bear such fortune? Such luck?"

Erhuo meowed. It was disdainful.

"If he can't bear it, he should die…" Erhuo spoke indifferently, "Of course the great blessing comes with pain. You have to take a risk when you are having a great fortune. Nobody can acquire the great luck without paying any price. If he can't even endure some pain for it, he doesn't deserve the great fortune. Maybe it's better to let him die."

Ye Xiao was speechless.

He couldn't imagine a cat would actually say those cruel words.

He knew that it was the natural law that the stronger one survived!

However, he felt so bad watching his brother suffering. Li Wuliang was suffering the physical pain, but Ye Xiao was suffering pain in the heart!

Erhuo humphed and looked at Li Wuliang. It was quite unsatisfied with him.

"Ghost Ganoderma, such a brilliant treasure, so precious, how come it ended up being eaten by this stupid guy? I am the one who deserves such a great fortune… What a waste…" That was what Erhuo wanted to say. It was angry about it.

"I have gotten many profits. That's true. I have absorbed the soul power which should be better than Ghost Ganoderma, but… if I can have a Ghost Ganoderma too, that would be… excellent… That's annoying… Does god envy me?"

Ye Xiao was surprised and didn't know what to say about Erhuo's thought.

It was unbelievably selfish and arrogant.

However, Ye Xiao learned one thing from Erhuo's murmuring.

The soul power that it put in the Boundless Space was stronger than the Ghost Ganoderma.

In that demonic war, the contrary powers made the Ghost Ganoderma, but there was too much energy left. Year after year, the rest of the energy formed into the marvelous Chaotic Soul Clouds.

He and Erhuo should have absorbed at least ninety percent of the energy, while Li Wuliang had gotten no more than ten percent.

Well, Li Wuliang was suffering from the side affect, living in hell…

If what happened to Li Wuliang was a great fortune, a great blessing, what about Ye Xiao and Erhuo?

Ye Xiao decided to keep it a secret, not to tell Li Wuliang, in case it would be too much a strike to Li Wuliang!

"Erhuo… Listen… You can't have that kind of thought. When you have already eaten all the meat on the table, you better leave the soup to others… What you're thinking is wrong… You shouldn't…" Ye Xiao was speechless and he started to give Erhuo a lesson.

"Pah… I have eaten all the meat… Why can't I save the soup for tomorrow? All good stuffs in the world should be mine! Meow!"

Erhuo raised up its head and waved its tail.

Then it saw Ye Xiao's dark face, so it hurriedly tried to make it up, "I mean, all should be ours, yours and mine! Together!"

"Fine. I guess it is the best I can expect from you." Ye Xiao rubbed his lower jaw and said, "Maybe the Ghost Ganoderma is a blessing from heavens… but how long does he have to endure the pain?"

"Meow, meow, meow…" What Erhuo meant was, "One must suffer before succeeding. Only when the darkness and the brightness mix together perfectly and become the power of bipolar chaos… would his cultivation be utterly improved… He can be invincible…"

Ye Xiao asked, "How long?"

Erhuo looked at Li Wuliang and hesitated for a while before it said, "About a dozen years… Maybe longer…"

Ye Xiao made a long sigh.

[Over ten years!]

[God damn it! You stupid cat… You don't understand human beings, do you?]

[For cultivators, over a dozen years doesn't seem a long time. Everybody would love to spend over a dozen years to become invincible. But… nobody could survive that pain for that long!]

[Not to mention Li Wuliang, even me, even though I know I would eventually become invincible after suffering the pain in hell for over a dozen years…]

[I don't want to be invincible, alright? I would rather hit my head on the wall to kill myself! That may make me feel better! I would never bear that pain like that!]

[Invincible… after over a dozen years…]

[To suffer such a pain every single day for over a dozen years…]

[Even god could never endure it!]

"Is there anything we can do to reduce the pain?" Ye Xiao sighed.