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Chapter 924: Am I Really That Kind of Person?

Chapter 924: Am I Really That Kind of Person?
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"There surely is." Erhuo meowed. "However, the lesser the pain he will go through, the lesser the benefit he will receive."

Ye Xiao was shocked.


When the sun had risen up and shined, Li Wuliang finally got through the first wave of torturing pain. He was sober again. When he opened his eyes and lowered his head, he saw his own sweat flowing down on his face and dropping to the floor…

His sweat made a river, running to the quilt and soaking everything under him.

Ye Xiao finally knew how that rock became dark-colored. Li Wuliang would suffer such pain and sweat heavily like this every day. His sweat would soak the rock again and again and the color became darker and darker…

"Haha! How about that? Am I not strong?" Li Wuliang tiredly opened his eyes and looked at Ye Xiao. "I didn't even humphed! Can you do this if you were me?"

Although he was suffering pain and exhausted at the moment, he talked spiritedly and proudly.

"Awesome! Admirable! Tough! I am ashamed!" Ye Xiao nodded.

"Don't show me that look. Do you have to?" Li Wuliang humphed. "It was just pain. I am not dying… As long as I am still living, there is hope. Two years is a piece of cake. I can do it ten years, twenty years! I can do it forever! Until the day I return to my prime and shock the world again!"

Did he know he just predicted the future?

Ye Xiao spoke seriously, "I know you will… I know you are tough enough to do so… But, Li, don't you want to reduce the pain a bit?"

Li Wuliang's eyes lit up.

The light in his eyes were burning. "You know how to reduce the pain?"

Ye Xiao nodded. "I am not one hundred percent confident, but more or less. I guess you know the two powers in your body. They are two extremely strong powers. If we used other contradictory power to suppress the two types of power inside you, they may be reduced a bit. You will feel better… But… the more you suffer, the greater you will achieve. The Ghost Ganoderma is a great blessing to you. You will be tortured before you digest all the energy inside you… However, if you can bear it until the day you fully absorb the energy, you will be more or less invincible in the Qing-Yun Realm."

Li Wuliang was silent. He said, "Really? Hmm… The day… How long should I bear it for? Do you have an estimate?"

Ye Xiao stayed quiet for a while and then said, "Less than twenty years… Maybe ten years."

"Ten years!"

Li Wuliang exclaimed.

After that, he was deeply lost in thoughts.

After one hour, that extreme pain struck on him again. He just sat there, lost in thoughts. He seemed to be in immense pain, suffering as his face twisted…

Yet he didn't move even a bit.

It lasted till the night came.

Ye Xiao took out some food and shared it to Li Wuliang. Li Wuliang was silent. He didn't speak a word.

After a while, the pain came to him again.

It lasted until midnight this time.

After midnight, the pain was gone again.

After that, he finally stood up. He stared at the wounds on his body being recovered. He stared at the wounds and spoke nothing.

After a while, he went to the entrance of the cave and stood there with two hands behind his back. He looked at the moonlights outside the cave, which was splashing on the snow, illuminating everything. It was so clean.

"Ten years… Ten years of extreme pain to become invincible in the Qing-Yun Realm!" Li Wuliang murmured, "Ten bloody rough years…"

Ye Xiao nodded. "Ten years suffering… It is too long. However, it is such a short time compared to our lives. I think it is worth it. I believe in you, my brother. You can do it. You can!"

"I have no fear for the ten years of suffering. Not at all." Li Wuliang blandly said, "I said it. I have been through it for two years already. I have been enduring it on my own for two years. Ten more years, even longer, is not a problem. My nerves must be much stronger than usual."

"Besides, now that you found me, I believe I will live a much better life than the last two years. As long as I can stay tough, that pain is just an easy case." He spoke quietly, "It is a good deal to suffer the pain for ten years and become invincible for the rest thousands of years in the Qing-Yun Realm."

"It is a good deal. It is cost-effective. I am sure you can get through the ten years. I trust you!" Ye Xiao said.

"I have faith! I know I can do it! But, what about you? I can spend ten years living in misery and waiting for the day when I become invincible. What about you guys?"

Li Wuliang turned around and stared at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao blandly smiled and said, "Brother, your business is my business. You just go focus on your plan. Don't worry about things you shouldn't worry about."

"Your brother's business is your business. I see. But isn't my brother's business also my business?" Li Wuliang seriously said.

That was twisting the tongue, but he said it in such a solemn tone.

"For the next ten coming years, will my brother give up revenge?" Li Wuliang asked Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was silent.

They both knew the answer!

"You fought against the three factions because of me. When you went to fight them, the most powerful forces, were you sure you could win? You are surely going to fight them again. Tell me, how many of you will die? Can you promise you will survive?" Li Wuliang sounded cold. "What if you died again? Ye Xiao? Do you think you will be lucky enough to get a third life?

"Even if you can, what about the other brothers? Are they also that lucky?

"How many people die for revenge? If I stayed behind everybody waiting to reach the stupid invincibility in Qing-Yun Realm and let you guys fight to death… What am I? If I hide behind and watch you bleed to death, what am I? Am I still Li Wulaing? Your brother?"

Li Wuliang got close to Ye Xiao and asked, "Do I look like a coward to you?"