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Chapter 925: Precaution!

Chapter 925: Precaution!
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Ye Xiao was shocked. He said, "Sometimes you have to give up something as an exchange… Maybe if you can bear with it for ten years, you will have a whole life of… Maybe we should change our perspective to see the current situation. Look at you. What can you do? You are just a bit better than a burden to others. If your brothers died in the fight for you, you might be able to avenge them all ten years after when you showed up in the martial world again."

"It is never too late. You will just become our burden like this. Our enemy may kill us all if you go with us. If we all die, there will be no chance to defeat them ever again!"

Ye Xiao blandly said, "You must think about it."

Li Wuliang humphed and coldly said, "I will become invincible after suffering this pain for ten years. However, can't I become invincible myself without this?"

"I would rather die side by side with my brothers than become invincible alone in the future!"

Ye Xiao made a sigh.

He knew Li Wuliang had made a decision as expected.

"I don't want the ten years blessing." Li Wuliang spoke decisively, "You know me well. I don't fear the pain.."

"I know. If I were you… I wouldn't make a different decision." Ye Xiao nodded.

Ye Xiao understood Li Wuliang. They were the same kind of person!

Maybe a lot of people would consider his decision as unwise, even stupid, but nobody could deny that men like that were always the brightest in the world. They would rather choose glory and honor! They would rather die for their brothers!

"I want to shorten the time." Li Wuliang raised up his eyebrows and spoke in a heavy voice, "I want to go out there, laugh, and kill! I want to recover as soon as possible, go out there, and fight the three factions with you side by side!"

"The invincible Li Wuliang belongs to the future. Maybe I can spend ten years hiding behind the scene waiting to be invincible, but I will never get rid of the name as a coward! I will not waste my integrity!"

Li Wuliang stared at Ye Xiao with fever in his eyes. "Tell me! What can I do to shorten the process? How much can it be cut?"

Erhuo meowed because of admiration.

Li Wuliang gave up the ten years suffering. That meant he gave up the great fortune that billion people would dream for!

Did he give it up because of fear? Did he fear pain and torture?

Even Erhuo knew he didn't!

How could such a tough man fear pain?

Erhuo didn't understand why exactly Li Wuliang would give up such a great opportunity. In fact, brotherhood, love, and friendship, these things had indistinct meanings for Erhuo. However, it knew that Li Wuliang must have a great and honorable reason to do so. It was Erhuo's instinct. Erhuo believed in it!

That was why Erhuo was quite happy to help!

"Erhuo, what should we do to remove some of the power from the Ghost Ganoderma? We can't put Brother Li's life in risk!" Ye Xiao hurriedly asked in the Space.

"Your East-rising Purple Qi should be the buster of all kinds of demonic forces. You are too weak in cultivation, otherwise, the dark power in the ganoderma should be nothing compared to you." Erhuo blandly said, "To remove the power from the Ghost Ganoderma, you just need to operate the bipolar power inside you, the cold power and hot power inside you at the same time to pull both of the powers inside his body. That should be able to drag out a part of the powers out from his body."

"I see." Ye Xiao's eyes lit up. "So, in your opinion, how much power should I extract? I can't extract it all, can I? To remove all the power at the same time, I am afraid he will get seriously hurt by the reverse effect!"

Erhuo rolled up its eyes and said, "It is the easiest to remove it all. He will be free from that suffering. His body has been enduring the pain for a long time. His body should be good enough to handle it. However… I suggest you remove eighty percent."

"Eighty?" Ye Xiao stared at Erhuo with a funny look. He was surprised.

He knew Erhuo quite well. That cat was a selfish, possessive animal that would do anything to snatch something it wanted. It was such a surprise that it actually gave up twenty percent of that enormous power!

"Why do you look at me like that? Twenty percent of that power remains in his body. He will finish digesting it within one year and recover his power. He may not become invincible in the realm, but he should be much stronger than he used to be!" Erhuo waved its tail and showed indifference to Ye Xiao.

"I believe what you just said. I agree. But I was surprised because you gave up the twenty percent! You are usually greedy!" Ye Xiao was interested, so he said.

"Meow. I know, I am a bit greedy, if you look at me in a certain perspective. However, I shared everything good to you. Besides, I am greedy, but all I got is benefiting you… Meow! Okay, I know. I won't argue. Li Wuliang seems to be a nice guy. What he said earlier seems to be honorable. I think he is right. That is why I decided to leave twenty percent for him!" Erhuo tried not to look bashful.

And then Erhuo felt a bit regretful. "It is okay if you don't want me to leave any to him. I like that power a lot after all…"

"I see. I have to say the twenty percent must be the most of what Brother Li could take. It will take him one year. That is a good plan you are providing here." Ye Xiao's eyes lit up.

He then explained it to Li Wuliang. Li Wuliang couldn't wait and said, "What are you waiting for?"

He didn't even ask if there was any risk he had to take during the reduction process. He forgot to ask how on earth his old friend got to know such a marvelous skill, as if he wasn't surprised at all. He just kept urging Ye Xiao.

"I am totally fine. We can start at any time. There is one thing I have to make clear to you. Brother Li, there are two types of power inside your body. I don't think we should remove all. If I removed all the powers inside you, maybe you will suffer the reverse effect when the enormous power leaves your body. You will need to stay in bed resting for one full year until you are recovered.

"So I decided to leave twenty percent inside you. The twenty percent should be thoroughly digested within one year because you are familiar with the power already. In fact, you will have to spend one year staying behind either way!

"One more thing. You can't show yourself out in the martial world. I look completely different now. Nobody will know I am Xiao Monarch. If you go out there, there is a big chance people will recognize you.

"If we change places for you to stay, maybe we will be seen on the way. I think it should be safe to just stay here. I guess you should just stay in this cave for the coming days. I will go get everything you need." Ye Xiao said, "You have to promise me this before I start to deal with the powers inside you."

Ye Xiao knew about Li Wuliang the most in the world. Li Wuliang had such a hot temper. If he was free from suffering right away, he would rush out to the world and stir up some big troubles for sure, even though he was still weak at the moment.

When Li Wuliang was so powerful in the old days, he nearly died! Now he was so weak, so he would surely get himself killed out there!

Ye Xiao had to take precaution against such a situation.