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Chapter 926: Can’t Take the Risk!

Chapter 926: Can’t Take the Risk!
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Li Wuliang humphed. He truly didn't like it. He said, "Of course you will make me promise! Look at you, nagging me like an old woman. It has just been one year and you became like a girl. Look at your little face. What a gigolo."

"Look, you are in a special situation. I will not fight you for this. Just promise me. Will you?" Ye Xiao wouldn't give in, "If you go out there, it is simply suicide. Instead of sending you out to get yourself killed, I would rather let you suffer the pain alone here! Just pretend I never found you!"

"You ruthless prick! I won't forget how you threaten me! Someday you will pay for this. Alright! I promise I won't go out and get myself killed! Happy?" Li Wuliang wasn't willing. He looked at the small cave. He made a long sigh thinking that he had to stay in this hole for one more year.

Human is a strange creature. One could become extremely brave and dynamic with the desire for survival. One could always survive the poorest and most difficult of situations. However, when one was saved from such a situation, none of the resources would be cherished!

He should have been tortured for another ten years before it was finished. However, now he was actually unwilling to spend one more year in this place! What a prick!

"Look. You have given me several lessons now. Let me have a rest and promise me one thing."

"Say it. As long as I am able to."

"Expand the cave for me. This is too small. Besides, I need food, drinks, clothes…" Li Wuliang was making a long list.

Ye Xiao looked at the greedy Fierce Blade and humphed. He spoke in a weird voice, "Do you want some ladies too? You must be quite thirsty for sex after the two years!"

Li Wuliang said, "Pah! Hell no! The women that you think are good, they won't fit my appreciation. however… what I just said, you must not miss anything of it. Otherwise, I will go to Jun Yinglian and tell her everything about you!"

Ye Xiao was shocked. "What? What did yo say? Are you really Fierce Blade? Are you sure you are not Fierce Prick? How come you have become so shameless now? I guess nobody can be more shameless than you!"

Li Wuliang angrily said, "Damn you! You got to live happily and leisurely out there and I have to stay in this sh*t hole for one year! How dare you call me shameless!"

Ye Xiao raised up two hands and said, "Fine… You are not shameless… You are my boss… Alright? Happy now?"

Li Wuliang humphed. "That's better…"

Three days after.

Ye Xiao walked out the cave. Li Wuliang was lively. In fact, even when the dark power was torturing him, he looked lively too.

The cave didn't look different than usual from outside, but inside the cave…They had made it into a palace! It was dozens meters wide and deep!

Ye Xiao had kept the cold qi outside the cave and left lots of star flame stones, so that Li Wuliang could use them to keep warm. He implanted lots of luminous pearls on the wall of the cave. Even the corners of the cave were brightly lit up now. One after another, animal skins were placed on the rock in the cave. Suddenly, the cave looked luxurious…

In the three days, Ye Xiao spent the first day to remove eighty percent of the two enormous powers in Li Wuliang's body. The night of the first day, they started to eat and drink, talking and laughing. Ye Xiao had stored lots of good liquor inside the Space, but the two of them drank it all in the two days.

The last ten jars of liquor were left in the cave for Li Wuliang.

The fourth day, Ye Xiao left the precipice for a whole day. The next day, he brought back two space rings to Li Wuliang. There were lots of food, meat, and liquor inside the ring…

There were also some medical materials and dan beads…

The sixth day.

Finally, Ye Xiao had to leave this place.

"I have to go, Li!" Ye Xiao smiled.

"Get out of here already!" Li Wuliang laughed. "You have been staying here for too long. The cave can't endure your gigolo's face… Hahaha.."


They were two unruly guys. They didn't say anything more.

Ye Xiao laughed and then flew out the cave like a shooting light. He jumped up on the snow outside the cave and immediately disappeared.

"Li, I will come back in a few months."

"Screw you!"

Li Wuliang was the last to speak.

Ye Xiao was gone.

Li Wuliang still had that casual and laughing face. After a while, he stopped smiling. Tears nearly shed out in his eyes. He coughed and murmured, "Screw it. It has just been a few days staying with a pretty gigolo… but I actually became a little bit girly… Damn. I almost wept. I won't forget this. You will pay for this. I am going to kick your ass next time…"

He rubbed his eyes and took a long breath. He walked out the cave in stride, looking at the snow all around the valley. The mountains were so tall, reaching up to the sky. A big and warm smile showed up on his face. He murmured, "Brother…"

He turned around and looked at his Fierce Sword. His eyes were turning sharper. - Clang! - The cyan blade light shined.

Li Wuliang looked at the shining blade. It was like a hungry child, crying for blood.

"Don't worry, baby. It won't be long. You will get to drink enough blood from my enemies!"

Ye Xiao didn't go back to the mountain along the way he got down to the precipice.

He went to the other side and blocked the way to the cave.

Sky Soul Precipice was no longer a fatal dangerous place to people.

Before he found Li Wuliang, he had to keep the fissure, because it was a perfect place for him to set a sneak attack. If he attacked from below the cliff, people would be unprepared. People in Saint Sunlight Sect had been killed by Jun Yinglian, but their sect would definitely send more people to guard this place.

Whoever came here would never be weak. Some of them might even be strong enough to fight against Jun Yinglian.

Ye Xiao could basically keep himself unnoticed under the cover of this fissure. He could kill and disappear quickly.

He wasn't strong enough to kill the high-level cultivators, but he could sneakily kill some low-level cultivators. Besides, he might be able to luckily kill some superior cultivators using this fissure!

However, Li Wuliang was staying down there, cultivating himself. That was why Ye Xiao decided to block the way to the cave.

No matter what, nothing was more important than his brother's life.

What if the fissure was found by the people of Saint Sunlight Sect…

Ye Xiao couldn't take that risk.