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Chapter 927: Golden Hawk!

Chapter 927: Golden Hawk!
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After a certain period of time, Ye Xiao and Li Wuliang would both return to their prime status. Ye Xiao wouldn't need to make any sneak attack on those people! The two of them could simply sweep them off…

Even if the three factions were powerful sects with lots of superior cultivators, they wouldn't be able to defeat Fierce Blade and Xiao Monarch at the same time!

It was a good plan, but Ye Xiao had to face the cruel truth at the moment. It was much more difficult to climb up along the new route. After all, he was surrounded by ice and snow. All could be seen was only millennial old ice. The space was getting narrower and narrower as he climbed up. It was a long way to get to the top of the mountain. Even Ye Xiao found it rather difficult.

However, all he should do was to be careful. It was difficult but not impossible. Ye Xiao was not that weak anymore after all. On the way up to the top, he actually even had time to pick a few Snow Lotus on the cliff.

That was a surprising gain.

When he climbed near the top of the mountain, he realized he was only less than 100 meters to the top. Where he was staying at was covered by mist and clouds. He couldn't even see his own hands.

He had been cautious, but he figured he should be more cautious now. What he wanted to do was to rush up to the top as quickly as he could before anything went wrong. However, it actually took him about eight minutes to reach the top.

When he stood on top of the mountain, he looked down upon the clouds. He was confused. [The clouds are covering the precipice from here. How did those birds get down to the cave? The birds that Li Wuliang ate in the two years?]

[Was he blessed by heavens? Did the gods send birds to him?]

He didn't believe such an unreasonable thought himself. However, there shouldn't be any birds flying down to the cave. One or two birds, it might be an accident. But Li Wuliang only ate birds the past 3 years! That was strange!

While he was thinking about it, he heard a bright scream of a hawk. Suddenly, something showed up in the sky, shining with golden lights, and full of wild murderous qi.

Ye Xiao felt a strong momentum overwhelmingly approaching him.

He didn't panic. He quickly hid in a fissure of a huge rock. The rock covered his body, and he looked through the fissure to check that overwhelming momentum.

That the aura was strong and overwhelming, but not aiming at him. He must have accidentally fell into an area that some powerful creature was aiming at. Ye Xiao figured it was safe to peek!

In the sky, there were several grey hawks crazily flying over. They didn't look like conquerors in the sky at all. They were more like rabbits being hunted. They were flying down into the clouds.

Suddenly, a golden light shined in the sky and the sky seemed to have darkened.

A huge golden hawk showed up. Its wings must be at least thirty meters. It flew so fast like lightning. Within a blink, it already got to the sky upon the peak of the ice mountain. It was as big as a pony!

Ye Xiao was shocked.

[How could a hawk grow so big?]

[Is it still a hawk?]

[I guess the roc in the myth… should be no bigger than this!]

One of the several average-sized grey hawks didn't have time to get into the clouds. It was an iota away. The golden hawk caught it with its huge golden talons which were big like bear paws and had sharp claws.

The fleeing grey hawks were actually twice bigger than normal hawks. However, compared to this golden one, they were just powerless.

The grey hawk was moaning after getting caught in the golden hawk's talons. It didn't have the chance to struggle. Quickly, it died in the talons.

The golden hawk grabbed the grey hawk and flew round and round in the sky. Suddenly, it screamed loudly and threw the grey hawk's body up to the sky. After that… - Puff, puff, puff… -

It actually pecked on the grey hawk in the air. After a few seconds, the grey hawk's feathers were all gone. When the grey hawk finally had no feathers left, it started to fall.

However, the golden hawk grabbed it again, just like grabbing the food it prepared for itself.

Ye Xiao saw that hawk was leaving, so he looked carefully at the hawk.

That seemed to be a mistake! Something happened!

That golden hawk must have sensed Ye Xiao's gaze. Its golden eyes suddenly turned to Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao felt that the fierce aura was suddenly aimed at him!

He was frightened! He knew he couldn't get away from this, so he immediately backward. When he just moved about ten meters away from his original position, the rock that he used to cover himself was broken into pieces! That was such a hard rock.

He felt his blood freeze in the head.

He had touched the rock, which was harder than steel, covered by the old ice! Even a Dao Origin Stage cultivator holding a divine weapon might find it extremely difficult to cut that rock.

However, the golden hawk only used one talon to decimate the rock!

The rock was directly broken into pieces!

What did that mean?

The golden hawk was unbelievably powerful in strength! Ye Xiao was sure that he was much stronger than a stupid rock, but could he survive the golden hawk's talons? He was afraid not! He would be at least severely damaged.

Things suddenly became so dangerous!

After seconds, Ye Xiao saw the eyes of the golden hawk. The eyes were big and vigorous, like two suns with golden contour, full of fierceness.

Ye Xiao was shocked. At the moment, East-rising Purple Qi operated in full power. Purple qi was coming out through every pore of his skin. He was overloading himself to run the enormous energy. All his power was activated at this moment!

Whether he could survive the current danger, he would surely be badly damaged afterwards! He might even be weakened in cultivation!

Life and death were decided in one moment. He decided to do whatever he could!

Only a living man could talk about future!

Ye Xiao's body was full of rising purple qi. - Shoot! - He suddenly backed off dozens of meters away. He actually jumped over the precipice over within a glimpse.

However, even though he had burst in rapid speed and moved away that fast, the golden hawk still pecked on his butt.

He had already hurt himself due to the extremely rapid movement, but he still couldn't safely get away from the hawk. The golden hawk was tremendously fast!