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Chapter 928: Can You Speak Hawk Language?

Chapter 928: Can You Speak Hawk Language?
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

The wound wasn't deep. When the golden hawk was just about to peck on Ye Xiao, he rapidly moved forward a bit. The golden hawk had just slightly touched Ye Xiao's butt before the latter got away.

The golden hawk was fast and strong, but it only left a small bloody hole on Ye Xiao's butt.

Ye Xiao was fine.

He didn't actually feel hurt when it pecked on him. When he arrived at the other side of the precipice, he started to feel pain on the butt. He reached his hand to touch it and saw blood on his hand.

He was frightened.

He was lucky to get away without any hesitation. If he hesitated and get away a bit later, he might have two assholes right now…

"That was fast!"

Te Golden hawk was confident when it attacked Ye Xiao. When it realized it missed, it was shocked. It turned its head while looking at Ye Xiao fiercely.

[How does he… move so fast?]

[That's impossible…]

The Golden hawk was confused. Ye Xiao didn't hesitate. He was like a rabbit being hunted by a hound. He was running so fast and got thousands of meters away within seconds…

The Golden hawk realized it and screamed with anger. It stretched out its two giant wings and flew over to Ye Xiao!

[How could a little human being escape from my talons!]

[That's such a wishful thought!]

[I do not allow this!]

Golden hawk was angry. It flew even faster now. As it moved, there were several residual shadows behind it. When it moved away, the space behind it was cracked. A dark black hole showed up in the air, twisting but then closing up slowly…

Ye Xiao was reaching his limitation, hurting himself to run as fast as he could to get away from the death zone. He had never known that there was actually such a huge-sized hawk in the realm…

[Where did that come from?]

Ye Xiao felt like he didn't know this realm anymore after being away for a period of time…

While he was running, he felt something covered the sky. He was in suddenly in total darkness. The golden hawk caught up! It was flying over his head!

"Oh my bloody heavens… I am done…" Ye Xiao shouted, "Li Wuliang you bastard… This is all your fault… I care about you, watch out for you, supporting you… that's why I encountered this horrible thing…"

Apparently, he was totally freaking out. He talked nonsense and ran without purpose… That was not much better than a runaway dog…

"Erhuo, do you have any ideas? What do I do to deal with that thing up there?" Ye Xiao asked Erhuo as he was running. Erhuo was his last savior. It always brought miracles for him. When it was still Brother Egg, it killed Gu Jinlong. Not long before this, it finished those red and white clouds and chaotic soul power. Maybe it would do something about the golden hawk this time!

"What thing?" Erhuo was lying in the Space, face up, enjoying the wonderful service of a dozen snakes.

"A spiritual beast!" Ye Xiao urged, "Come quick!"

"Meow…" Erhuo was interested. It rushed out and stood on Ye Xiao's shoulder. It was going to show its strength to whatever it was up in the sky.

Suddenly, darkness fell on it. A golden hawk rushed down over to it

"Meow…" Erhuo was frightened. Its furs all stood up straight. Its voice changed, and its eyeballs became blue because of fear. It quickly turned around and immediately returned to the Space.

Ye Xiao was speechless.

He was hoping Erhuo could play an overwhelming role to strike the hawk away. However, it actually fled after having one sight of the hawk…

What was going on?

In the Space, Erhuo was still scared. Even its whiskers were shaking. "Come on… Boss… That is the spiritual beast you said? … You… You should have told me it's a flying beast… That scared the shxt out me…"

Ye Xiao was running and couldn't say a word.

[In this dangerous moment, you actually chickened out… and you blame me?]

"I thought you were good?" Ye Xiao asked awkwardly.

"I am good when dealing something else. This… This is a hell no…" Erhuo seemed frustrated.

"Why not?" Ye Xiao freaked out. [You fxcking deserted me when I needed you…]

Erhuo shook its head and said, "I really can't do anything… That thing is not one of the Twelve Spirits… You have to defeat that thing with true power and my power is very likely a lot weaker than it… I am a small cat… I don't have the chaotic blood yet… It is understandable…"

"Twelve Spirits…" Ye Xiao nearly fainted.

[You have been acting arrogantly like you are invincible in the world. I believed in you. Yet it turns out you are just like this.]

[That's frustrating…]

Apparently, Ye Xiao didn't truly understand Erhuo. Twelve Spirits could be twelve beasts. However, maybe it was twelve kinds?

It was reasonable though. Ye Xiao was running for life at the moment. He didn't have time to think about his words. All he cared was whether Erhuo could help him or not… He didn't care about the reason…

The golden hawk was over Ye Xiao's head now. Ye Xiao had tried so hard, even to the point of hurting himself, just to rush out a certain distance. However, within such a short time, the hawk had caught up. He was not going to get away from this.

He couldn't flee nor could he defeat the hawk. What should he do? Was he going to be the hawk's food in submission?

He was slower than the hawk. He was weaker than the hawk. Eventually, he decided to try to outwit the hawk!

He calloused and stopped right away. He was praying in the head, [Please, let the hawk speak.]

The hawk was over Ye Xiao's head. It was going to rush even faster so as to catch Ye Xiao. It didn't expect Ye Xiao to stop by himself.

It flew over Ye Xiao hundreds of meters ahead and then stopped itself. It waved its enormous wings and then actually flew backwards.

It stared at Ye Xiao with its two golden eyes. It looked confused.

"Holy heavens!" Ye Xiao was astonished. "The… The hawk can fly backward? What the hell? Is it sick? A monster? Evil?"

It totally overturned Ye Xiao's knowledge.

However, no matter how astonished he was, he had to stop. The hawk was about to make a strike right there.

Ye Xiao knew that if the hawk hit him, he would definitely die. It was overestimating himself to think that he would survive its attack!

"Wait!" Ye Xiao stood straight up and said, "Brother Hawk! We should talk!"

The hawk flew up a dozen Zhang. It stared at Ye Xiao. It seemed confused and was definitely hostile.

[Is this man… talking to me?]

[But… I don't think he speaks hawk language…]

[Can you speak hawk language?]