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Chapter 929: Don’t You Play Foolish!

Chapter 929: Don’t You Play Foolish!
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[I know you are talking to me, but I don't know what the hell you are talking? Hmm… Why do I care? I should just go kill him. Shouldn't I?]

The golden hawk suddenly rushed down from the sky, with its talons aiming at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao rushed aside awkwardly and escaped that attack. - Crack! - His robe was torn off. Ye Xiao waved his hand and said, "Brother Hawk! You are a hawk king! Can't you understand my words?"

The golden hawk didn't even hesitate this time. It just rushed to Ye Xiao and waved its talons! - Shoot! -

- Puff! -

Ye Xiao dodged again. However, a piece of cloth was ripped off from his pants…

"Brother Hawk! Please! Don't you know what I am talking about? You should do!" Ye Xiao was in despair. He couldn't communicate with the hawk. What should he do? Was he going to die again?

The golden hawk attacked Ye Xiao again, but with a weaker power. Ye Xiao could feel it. This time, he perfectly dodged the attack. He didn't get hurt.

He didn't understand.


[Why would the hawk king show mercy?]

He didn't know that the hawk wasn't quite interested in killing humans. It was just angry.

The golden hawk had experienced and known that humans didn't taste good!

Human flesh was sourer than horse meat.

Some people's bodies were even stinky… It had grabbed a person once, trying to eat him, but that person actually sh*t its pants. That nearly drove the hawk to death…

All in all, it considered human being as unsavory food!

If Ye Xiao knew what the hawk thought about eating him, he would praise the gods. He would definitely shout, 'I am a stinky man! I am unsavory!'

He would be so grateful to the man who was caught by the hawk while having a full belly of sh*t. At least, he would burn some incense to that person. 'Man, you and your poo really saved my life…'

Ye Xiao dodged the attacks from the hawk several times. He was safe. The golden hawk was getting angry again. The murderous qi around the place was rising again.

[I was trying to be gentle… How dare you act like you could really fight me…]

[Can't you just let me grab you and die. Why do you keep dodging? Fine. Let's see how long you can insist…]

Ye Xiao realized the hawk was attacking faster. He knew things were getting worse. He grabbed something from inside his clothes and something red showed up in his hand. "Brother Hawk! Look! Do you want to eat this?]

He was sweating.

This was his last chance.

If the golden hawk wasn't interested in it at all, he might very possibly die.

It was a red-colored blood bead in his hand. It was spreading a light scent.

That was the blood bead that Erhuo made with those Silver-scaled Golden-caruncled Snakes!

The hawk suddenly opened its eyes widely and rushed down towards Ye Xiao without saying anything.

It was fierce, overwhelming, and murderous.

Before it touched the ground, it had made the dust rise and roll up on the ground, as if something was about to explode.

"Holy heavens!" What happened was out of his expectation. The hawk was much fiercer. He hurriedly ran away to the cliff… [I guess I should better go back down there and stay with Li Wuliang…]

[A few days later, I will come back again. Will the hawk wait here for that long? I don't know. I just can't stay here anymore… Not today…]

Suddenly, he was covered by darkness again. - Shoot! - It was shining in golden lights. The hawk was rushing down over.

It stopped right in front of Ye Xiao, blocking his way.

Its big round eyes stared at Ye Xiao fiercely. It slowly started to withdraw its giant wings. Its two talons stood on two rocks, one higher while the other lower, like a man crossing its legs…

It just stood on the rocks, but in Ye Xiao's eyes, it was even bigger than a camel…

The golden hawk stared at Ye Xiao like staring at the most delicious food in the world.

Ye Xiao sighed.

There was no way out now.

The hawk was too fast!

Even in his previous life, he couldn't compare to this hawk on speed… It was just so strange… The hawk was so powerful, yet even Xiao Monarch had never heard of it.

"Every time when I am feeling good, something will happen and strike the sh*t out of me…" Ye Xiao sighed. "Am I that unlucky? Is my life destined to be so miserable?"

After a while, the golden hawk still didn't do anything.

He raised his head and saw the golden haw stare back at him. Hmmm… No. It was staring at his hand.

"Oh… What are you waiting for?" Ye Xiao was surprised and asked a stupid question.

The olden hawk was still staring at his hand, slightly waving its talons. It suddenly stretched out one wing. It was over ten meters long, covering the sky. The other wing reached over to the stretched wing, rubbing it…

It was like a man tickling himself because he was bored…

Ye Xiao was shocked by what he saw. The hawk looked like a human!

[What the hell is this monster?]

[It doesn't speak, yet it acts like a person!]

[It was trying to kill me just now. What? Why is it so nice now?]

[Is it going to tease me? Play me around?]

[Play me around till I die?]

The golden hawk slightly moved its head aside. It was confused. It looked at Ye Xiao, and slowly, it was getting angry again. It lowered its head and grunted, waving its huge wings again.

It grunted again.

Ye Xiao didn't know what it meant at all!

He was blank in the head. [What? The hawk… What happened to it? Why is it so different? Isn't it too theatrical?]

He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but had no idea what to say. Even if he said anything, the hawk wouldn't understand. He had to just shrug.

The golden hawk was pissed.

[What? Stop playing foolish already!]

It walked over to him with huge strides. Its long beak accurately bit on Ye Xiao's right hand.

Ye Xiao was stunned. [What? So it doesn't want me… It just want my hand… I am done… I am going to be the single-armed Xiao Monarch… Laughing at all heroes? I am going to be laughed at…]

However, he didn't feel pain in the right hand as he expected. In fact, he just felt his right hand being touched. His hand was fine.

The golden hawk was looking for something in his hand. [You evil man. You can't speak hawk language… I get it. Why do you have to pretend to be a fool…]