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Chapter 930: Lure

Chapter 930: Lure
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In fact, the golden hawk didn't bite him at all.

It just put Ye Xiao's right hand in its mouth, instead of biting him. That was harmless!

[What the hell?]

Ye Xiao was confused. [Brother Hawk… Great Hawk… What do you want?]

Then he saw the hawk holding his hand in the mouth and staring at Ye Xiao's palm. It seemed pretty confused while looking at his right hand.

The golden hawk didn't understand. [This man just turned over his hand and that yummy bead showed up in his hand. I am holding his hand now, but I don't see anything!]

[Where is it?]

[Is it inside his arm? Maybe I should bit his hand off? Wait… I can't kill a chicken to take the egg inside it. What if there is nothing inside his arm? I won't get anything out of this guy! What to do?]

[Oh right. I don' know it. He knows. He is the only person who knows. He took it out once!]

Thinking about this, it raged up again. [Is he doing this on purpose? Did he intentionally hide the bead?] It let loose Ye Xiao's hand and screamed to Ye Xiao. "Coo, coo, coo, coo…"

That meant, [Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me…]

Ye Xiao didn't understand that, but he felt that the hawk might be desperately asking for something but couldn't get it.

He thought for a while and then said with brightly shining eyes, "Are you looking for that bead? That red-colored bead?"

Golden hawk clapped with its huge wings. That blew up sands and rocks right away. It said, "Coo, coo, coo…"

It seemed the hawk was feeling worse, but Ye Xiao felt relieved instead. He realized the blood bead was useful at the moment!

That was great.

He was still in great danger, so he didn't dare to be reckless. He took out another blood bead and reached out his hand. "Come on."

The blood bead was shining right there, rolling in the palm of Ye Xiao. Golden hawk saw it and its eyes lit up bright. It pecked on it immediately.

- Puff! -


Ye Xiao exclaimed.

A blood hole appeared in his hand.

The hawk was in a hurry when it saw the blood bead. It wanted to eat it as soon as it could, so it didn't control its strength when it pecked. That was why it puncture a hole in Ye Xiao's hand, on which there was the blood bead!

The golden hawk was frightened by Ye Xiao's exclamation when it was chewing the blood bead. It looked up with a blank mind. The bead was still in its mouth. It stopped chewing as it stared at Ye Xiao's bleeding hand. It was shocked and nervous.

It apparently realized it had done something wrong about the man who gave it food!

[No… If he doesn't give me more… it will be useless to eat this one!]

"You bloody fool…" Ye Xiao shouted with anger, pointing at the bleeding hand with the other hand, "Can't you decently eat the blood bead? Why peck it in a hurry? Nobody is going to snatch it from you! No other birds! How could you hurt my hand? What? Are you telling me you have a sharp beak or what?"

Ye Xiao was raging up with fury. In fact, in his heart, he felt lucky that the blood bead worked!

He was safe now as long as the hawk liked the blood beads. He wouldn't mind being hurt worse!

The hawk saw Ye Xiao waving his hands angrily, so it felt embarrassed. It swallowed the blood bead in its mouth quickly and slapped with two huge wings. "Coo, coo… coo, coo… coo, coo, coo…"

Ye Xiao didn't know what it was saying, but he could feel that it was sorry.

"Humph!" Ye Xiao humphed and thought, [It just gave up killing me because I have the blood beads. But it doesn't understand human language. How do I communicate with it? There is always danger if we can't communicate. I am just like a meat in its plate. This is not good! Not good!]

[What to do?]

The hawk made a few sounds again. Ye Xiao didn't answer it. It thought Ye Xiao must be angry. It was nervous now.

[It seems this human is angry… Hmmm… do I get to eat that thing again?]

[That's reasonable. If somebody hurts me, I will hate that guy forever. I surely won't give the person anything!]

[That red small thing was truly delicious. It contains lots of pure blood essence and spiritual qi. It enhances my power and improves my physical strength. It can even slowly cure diseases and nourish my body…]

[I want more.]

[This man's flesh… I don't even want to touch it… It tastes sour… It only increases the weight of my feces… Useless trash. The red small thing is great.]

The hawk was nervous now.

Ye Xiao didn't know that in the hawk's mind, he was much useless than a blood bead—in fact, he was just as useless as a pile of sour feces…

If he did, he might have screamed loudly telling the hawk how much more useful and delicious he was compared to blood bead!

Ye Xiao was thinking about solutions. Suddenly, the hawk had come before his eyes. He was covered in its shadow. Its brushy big head was rubbing his hand flatteringly.

It cooed.

[It seems… this big thing… is… apologizing?]

Ye Xiao opened up his eyes.

[Is this thing…]

Ye Xiao was bodacious. Things were totally different now. He decided to test the waters, so he cautiously reached out its hand to touch the hawk's head.

The hawk suddenly backed off a few steps. It stared at Ye Xiao with its round big eyes. The anger in its eyes and the killing intent made it seem like it was about to burst in anger. [How dare this human touch my head?]

Ye Xiao was a bit pissed.

[Screw you! You took advantage of me! You hurt my body! You ate my thing! Now you don't even allow me to touch your stupid head? Is there even justice anymore?]


Ye Xiao turned over his hand and there was another blood bead in it.

The hawk looked at the blood bead and stopped being angry anymore. It didn't want to hurt anybody. Looking at the blood bead, it looked extremely in need of it.

Ye Xiao humphed and put away the blood bead. He turned around and prepared to leave.

The hawk was so nervous. It hurriedly jumped to the front of Ye Xiao, looking at him in confusion and dissatisfaction. [You want to leave like this? Never!]

Ye Xiao pointed at his injured hand, which was still bleeding.

The hawk obviously felt sorry for it. It shook its head. "Coo, coo, coo…"

Ye Xiao made a gesture as if he was touching something and rolled up his eyes. After which, he left with dissatisfaction. That was clear. [You won't let me touch you. Fine. I have no business with you anymore.]

Apparently, he was being insatiable now.

He was worried about his life earlier, yet now he was angry that he couldn't touch the hawk's head.

Man's desire did change along with the environment. That was just a few minutes earlier, yet he was completely different!

The hawk stared at Ye Xiao's back. It didn't know what to do so it only slapped its huge wings. In its eyes, there were trouble and regret.

After a while, it flew in front of Ye Xiao, with its wings stretched, standing on the way. "Coo, coo… Coo, coo, coo…"

Ye Xiao was delighted.

The hawk was exactly like a kid who stood in the way of the adults, asking for sweets.