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Chapter 931: I Can’t Touch You?

Chapter 931: I Can’t Touch You?
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

Ye Xiao was dissatisfied. He shook his head and took out the blood bead again. He waved the hand and then put the bead back into the pocket. He pointed at the bleeding hand and then pointed at his ragged clothes too.

He reached out one hand to make a gesture of touching and then withdrew it quickly. That meant, [My clothes is tattered by you. My body is hurt. You took advantage of me and made me look this stupid. How could you not even allow me to touch you? You actually want to eat my priceless thing and take advantage of me again? There is no such thing!]

He humphed.

The hawk seemed even more apologetic. It shook its head and cooed. It was touched. However, there were doubts in its eyes. Its two talons kept rising up and getting down to the ground again and again.

Ye Xiao had been staying with Erhuo for a long time. He was good at body language. He couldn't fully understand the hawk's words, but he roughly got it. The hawk must be negotiating. [Well we can be friends, but you can't touch my head! That's the bottom line!]

However, the hawk wasn't Erhuo. It couldn't make a mind connection to Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao still felt like talking to a mute. He shrugged and then took out the blood bead again, waving it in the air.

The hawk was thrilled again.

Ye Xiao didn't put the bead back. He casually threw it out. The hawk shot out rapidly and bit the bead before it touched the floor. Without hesitation, it swallowed it immediately. It kept swinging its two huge wings. It must be quite happy, dancing around like a human. That was quite a powerful happiness. As it swung its wings, it created a whirlwind. The snow on the ground was rolling and blotting out the sky.

Ye Xiao got choked by a full mouth of snow as he didn't prepare for such incidence… "Cough, cough, cough…"

He thought for a while and took out several more blood beads. The hawk stopped as its pair of eyes eyes shone with greedy lights.

Ye Xiao humphed and made a gesture of touching. He put away the beads again and turned around.

That was clear. He was forcing the hawk.

[You want to eat these? I have plenty more! But if you don't let me touch your head, I won't give any of them to you! Let's see who is going to submit!]

The hawk was anxious as expected.

When Ye Xiao turned his back to it, it hurriedly got close to Ye Xiao, held his belt in its mouth and pulled him. However, it was so careful to make sure it wouldn't hurt him anymore.

It was afraid that Ye Xiao would never give any more blood beads to it if it hunted him…

[You can't leave!]

[I won't let you go!]

[Those delicious things… You can't leave!]

After all that had happened, it finally went to the current situation.

Ye Xiao was moving forward so hard while the hawk was pulling him backward and stuck its two talons in the floor. It kept holding Ye Xiao's belt in its mouth.

That was so awkward. Something was turning longer and longer—his belt.

Ye Xiao even moved forward harder while the hawk wouldn't let go. The hawk's neck was getting longer too. That was how awkward and hilarious it was.

Ye Xiao's belt was of good quality, but it was still just a belt. While they were competing in strength in such a funny way, the belt would fracture as expected. After a while, it did. - Pah! -

Well, Ye Xiao wasn't quite prepared for it. - Puff! - He fell on the ice right away and then kept sliding forward dozens of meters away. The hawk suddenly lost balance too. It kept moving backward and then eventually fell back on the ice.

Ye Xiao reacted quickly. He quickly got up and rushed over to the hawk. The hawk was still lying on the floor with its talons pointing up. It looked upset about this. [I actually got put down by a human… This is awkward…]

Ye Xiao was furious. He shouted, "What the hell are you doing? I can't talk to you. Fine. Can't I leave? Why did you pull my belt?" He clapped on his butt, which was barely covered by any cloth. "Why the f*ck did you tatter my pants and clothes? What were you thinking?"

The hawk cooed. It seemed panicking. Its round big eyes actually blinked with innocence, then it cooed again.

It was obviously frightened by Ye Xiao's angry shout.

"Look how miserable I am now! I can't even touch your head? How are we going to get along?" Ye Xiao scolded, "Do you really have to? Look at you! Think of it. Look what you have done to me! Yet you shamelessly ask for food?"

The hawk was lying on the ground, watching Ye Xiao, who was raging in fury. It didn't dare to make a sound.

When it showed up, it was overwhelming like a conqueror. However, it wasn't now. It was like an oppressed young wife.

It didn't dare to say anything.

Ye Xiao had been running like a fugitive. He was so scared that he would be killed. However, now he seemed in charge. He felt so good to be in control at the end.

In fact, he looked more like an ignoble man intoxicated by success!

He was almost naked, shouting arrogantly. He truly didn't fit any good words at the moment!

After a while, the hawk realized that it should get up first. It turned over and stood up, looking at Ye Xiao. It cooed again.

That sounded so sad.

[How can you blame me? If you didn't run away, I wouldn't pull you back…]

[If I didn't pull you back, your belt would be fine…]

[How can you blame me on breaking your belt… Why can't you blame the belt for its poor quality…]

Ye Xiao surely couldn't understand it.

However, he wasn't quite determined to go through.

The hawk showed its weakness, but it never actually changed the situation. The hawk with the sharp talons was the one who controlled everything. It could kill Ye Xiao within seconds with its claws. Before the situation changed, Ye Xiao could never really leave safely!

Ye Xiao and the hawk stood face to face. The golden feathers on the hawk were shining with vigor. Ye Xiao was wearing tattered clothes. It barely covered his butt.

However, he looked vigorous and arrogant, while the hawk was lowering its head in frustration.

"Can I touch it or not? Last chance!" Ye Xiao reached out one hand again.

The hawk hesitated. It was born a conqueror in the sky. It couldn't just let a human ruin its dignity. It shook its head.

Ye Xiao turned around and left, cursing, "You actually still won't let me! So you get to have all the advantages? What the hell is in your stupid head! I am off…"

The hawk stopped him again.

They stood face to face again!

"Will you let me?"