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Chapter 932: Babyish Golden Hawk

Chapter 932: Babyish Golden Hawk
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He asked the hawk again.

The hawk hesitated for a long time. It murmured, trying to explain how helpless it was on such a matter.

[It's not like I don't allow you to touch my head. It's just… I am a king after all… I have my own dignity to protect… I can't let you touch my head… I am helpless about it…]

It was such a shame that Ye Xiao couldn't understand even a word of it. In fact, even if he could, he would pretend not. He saw the hawk shake its head again, so he turned over and left again.

[I don't care what reasons you have. I will leave unless you let me touch your head…]

The hawk stopped him again. It was so anxious that its eyes started to turn red. It kept shaking its head and screaming.

Ye Xiao acted even arrogantly, "Are you going to let me or not? No? Are you sure? …"

It repeatedly happened over a dozen times. The hawk could only think about the wonderful red blood bead. It smelled so good…

Eventually, it lowered its head.

"Can I touch you now?"

"Coo, coo…"

"Stop coo, coo, coo! Nod or shake!"

The hawk looked so upset. It finally nodded slowly…

Ye Xiao was thrilled with joy. [I finally got you!] He reached his hand forward to touch the hawk's head…

The hawk stepped back subconsciously, keeping away from his hand.

Ye Xiao was pissed, so he immediately turned over.

The hawk rushed over to stop him. Ye Xiao changed direction. The hawk stopped him again. He turned to another direction again. He didn't even look at the big bird.

He was clearly showing his attitude. [I am off this game!]

Finally, the hawk submitted. When it stopped Ye Xiao for the last time, it moved close to Ye Xiao and stuck his head into Ye Xiao's arms. [Come on, Boss. I will let you touch my head. I will keep my head in front of you so that you can touch it any way you want. Happy now?]

[Just go touch wherever you want on my head…]

However, Ye Xiao moved away. No matter where he went, the hawk caught up with him and moved its head to him. Ye Xiao moved again, and the hawk caught up again…

When Ye Xiao wanted to touch it, it didn't allow him. Now the hawk wanted him to touch it, so as to show its sincerity, but Ye Xiao didn't agree to it.

He just kept his two hands hanging on both sides as if they were disabled… He just wouldn't touch it…

The hawk had put its head into his arms, yet he just wouldn't move the hand.

That was a clear message. [What? Oh, I don't get to touch you when you don't let me. Now you want me to touch you, so I should do as you want? No way. Who cares…]

The hawk was frustrated.

[Why is this man so stubborn?]

[He begged to touch me, but I just couldn't let him. Fine. Now I decided to let him do it. I am actually begging him. Yet he won't do it now. What the hell is this… What should I do with this?]

[If he really doesn't touch me… doesn't it mean that I can't have that delicious little thing anymore…]

The hawk was upset. However, as they repeatedly moved and stopped, the hawk suddenly lit up the eyes.

Ye Xiao still moved away again. The hawk rushed in front of him but didn't stick its head to him anymore. Instead… it moved toward Ye Xiao's right hand…

Within one moment, it had rubbed his hand with its head twice already…

Ye Xiao was shocked.

[What the fxck? You are twisting the truth now! You made that happen without me! How could you do that?]

[What an unsportsmanlike stupid bird!]

The hawk finally got 'touched'! It excitedly screamed. That was happy! It kept shouting, "Coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo…." Like it had just won a tough fight.

[Hahahahaha… I finally got touched…]

[It has been done! You are not going to deny it!]

Ye Xiao was speechless.

[I can't believe this.]

He looked at the hawk as if the hawk was telling him, "I was touched. You had your fun… Now it's my turn…" It was apparently shown on the hawk's face. Ye Xiao wished he could just pass out immediately.

The conqueror of the sky, the king with dignity… the hawk that wouldn't let anybody to touch its head, actually felt overjoyed because it got touched…

That was… unbelievable… Things could truly become unpredictable in the world…

After a while, Ye Xiao was sitting in a huge rock. He looked solemn.

However, with the tattered clothes on him, he just looked hilarious at the same time!

The hawk was standing beside him, shaking its head happily. After a while, Ye Xiao reached out one hand and stopped it in the air. The hawk hurriedly moved its head over to touch the hand. It even slightly moved its head to make it like the hand was touching it… The hand didn't move a bit. It was the head that's moving…

However, after it did that, a blood bead would show up in that hand!

It was red!

It smelled so good!

It was delicious…

It was such a happy moment…

The hawk was enjoying it…

It felt so great…

After communicating, or threatening the hawk for a long time, they were already getting well along with each other.

The hawk was standing beside a huge rock. Ye Xiao leaned on the hawk in a comfortable posture. He felt so warm. He didn't feel the cold at all. The hawk's belly was slightly moving up and down. It covered Ye Xiao with its huge wings to protect him.

Erhuo had come out from the Space now.

When Erhuo and the hawk looked in the eyes, Ye Xiao realized there was something strange.

Erhuo half-closed its eyes while the hawk tilted its head a bit. Erhuo showed the hawk a disdainful look, and the hawk shouted with arrogance. Erhuo walked over to the hawk in elegant pace. It raised up two paws and waved in the air. The hawk seemed hesitating. It didn't move.

Erhuo waved again. The hawk shouted sadly and then lowered its head.

Erhuo jumped up on the hawk in a vigorous and arrogant look.

Ye Xiao felt that something serious had just happened.

However, he didn't know what the two animals were talking about.

"Meow, meow?" Erhuo said. 'Little thing, how old are you? I mean how many years has it been since you were born? I mean how long have you been living?'

"Coo, coo, coo…" The hawk. 'I am seventeen. How about you? May I ask with respect, how old are you?'

"Meow, meow, meow…" Erhuo was acting arrogant. 'Well, you are lucky to have a good manner! I am old enough to be your ancestor!'

"Coo, coo…" The hawk. 'Well, hello! Ancestor!'

"Meow…" Erhuo fell down and showed the hawk a pair of embarrassed eyes.

[Holy heavens. This little thing is absolutely genuine and naive… How can you believe whatever others say to you… It sucks to take advantage of such a silly bird!]

Erhuo was walking on the hawk. From time to time, it would find some big lice and it would pinch them to death. Ye Xiao was surprised. He couldn't believe there were so many lice on the hawk's body. It was such an elegant and strong golden hawk after all…

For Erhuo, it was unbearable to see so many lice living on the hawk's body. It was a neat freak cat after all.

"Meow…" Erhuo stared at the hawk disdainfully. 'How could you be so dirty? How can you carry so many lice on you? I can't imagine how you survived that. I am so looking down upon you…'

"Coo, coo…" The hawk lowered its head humbly. 'I am helpless with that… My beak can't reach those places…'

"Meow, meow, meow, meow…" Erhuo. 'Don't find yourself excuses for your impurity. That is so low. I can't even talk to you!'

"Coo, coo…" The hawk shouted. 'What? Impurity? Low? Can't talk to me? What do you mean? I can't understand! But they sound so exclusive!'

Ye Xiao could feel that the hawk was incredibly powerful in strength. However, it was too naive, as if it had never been living in the world.