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Chapter 933: Flaming Needle

Chapter 933: Flaming Needle
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If only considering the hawk's pure strength, even in Ye Xiao's previous life, Xiao Monarch couldn't defeat the hawk. It was so powerful! However, it was like a four years old kid!

At the moment, after being told by Erhuo, he realized the hawk was just seventeen years old!

For normal hawks, seventeen was old enough. It should be an adult hawk or even an old hawk. However, for a golden hawk, such a special species, it was long before growing up. It was just a little older than a baby… It was totally immature…

It was naive and babyish in all aspects. It just did things that it felt happy to do. That was why it would be restrained by Ye Xiao with the use of some blood beads.

If it was an adult hawk, it would just kill Ye Xiao and snatch the beads… Ye Xiao would have been killed earlier… and become a pile of feces…

Hot spring!

It was steaming.

After communicating with the hawk for some time, they became close. In the end., the hawk held Ye Xiao's arm with its beak, like a child who had found a good friend and had received a gift from him. It decided to show him kindness as a return, so it kept dragging Ye Xiao to its home…

Ye Xiao couldn't turn it down. He didn't quite dare to turn it down… so he came…

After walking for a while, he found that there was a hot spring on top of the cold ice mountain!

What surprised him most was that the water was truly so hot.

Erhuo immediately suggested they should take a hot bath in it.

Oh, Erhuo didn't mean Ye Xiao should take a bath. It just wanted the hawk to clean itself carefully in the hot water!

For Erhuo, the priority was to make the hawk become purely clean!

Even after finding and killing so many big lice on the hawk's body, Erhuo still couldn't bear it. It decided not to let the hawk go since the hot spring water was just before their eyes.

Poor hawk. Since it was born, it hadn't had a bath ever. Now it was pushed down in the hot water and got cleaned toughly.

In the beginning, when it first got pushed down to the water, it screamed with grief. Unavoidably, it choked with a full mouth of water.

Perhaps birds that didn't fear water didn't exist. After all, water was the natural enemy of their feathers. The hawk was pushed so hard in the water. It couldn't resist the fear that rose up in the heart. When it was about to rage up with fury, it realized that it was quite comfortable staying in the hot water… [Oh? It turns out to be quite good…]

With a man carefully cleaning every feather on its body, it felt so great. It used to feel permanently itchy on the body since quite a long time before this, but now, it didn't anymore. Instead, it only felt comforted and relaxed…

[This is so good!]

[This is great!]

[This man must be the nicest man in the world!]

After cleaning the hawk, Ye Xiao was ready to leave the hot water. However, he found the hawk was lying in the water and wouldn't get up…

Its round golden eyes stared at Ye Xiao in the eyes with innocence. It was begging him in such childish way. It just wouldn't get out.

[This is so good… I am not leaving this comfortable place…]

Ye Xiao was surprised. [What? Don't you fear water anymore? What? Now you love it?]

The hawk was quite upset about it too. [I have been flying over, watching this bubbling hot spring for thousands of times. I just never knew it could be so good to stay in the water… I have wasted a hell lot of days!]

[My feathers will get wet. So what? Can't I just let it dry? What harm does it do? Look at me now. Clean and clear. No more itch… So good…]

Ye Xiao apparently didn't know how to get it out, so he just stayed with it at the spring for a while. He even fed the hawk two blood beads. However, when the hawk ate the second bead, something was wrong.

The hawk suddenly spirited up dramatically and then froze.

After a while, a fishy and stinky smell started to spread from inside its body…

"Meow…" Erhuo shouted. It immediately ran off the water, covering its nose. It actually shot out far in distance. [That is so fxcking stinky! That stinks the shxt out of me! Holy heavens!]

The hawk seemed suffering badly. It could be seen in its two eyes.

"Are you bearing wounds?" Ye Xiao nearly passed out because of the stink. However, when he saw how painful the hawk was, he realized what it might be.

"Coo, coo…" The hawk painfully looked at Ye Xiao.

As he expected, it was hurt. It had been staying in this place, because it wanted to use the coldness this place to suppress the pain. That was its instinct.

However, it couldn't cure the wound.

It stayed in the hot water. That comforted it very much, but it also activated its wound.

Ye Xiao was shocked. He hurriedly walked over to the hawk and checked its body. The hawk knew that he was checking it, so even though it was extremely painful, it didn't move away. It even pointed somewhere on its back with its own wing.

That made it easier for Ye Xiao to find the wound. On the back of the hawk, there was a place which was different from the others. It didn't have enough feathers!

He checked on it carefully and found there was a dark purple lump. In the center of the lump, there was a tiny needle hole.

"I don't think it had this lump earlier…" Ye Xiao frowned, "Is it the temperature change? Is it the reason why it became worse? But… it must have been hit by a human's hidden weapon… How come this wound looks so familiar…"

As he already found the wound, it wouldn't be such a difficult work to take care of it.

The hawk was powerful, but there was nothing it could do to deal with the wound on its back. It could only use the surroundings to suppress it. Ye Xiao was definitely much weaker, but it was a piece of cake for him to cure such a wound!

Ye Xiao carefully cut the lump. The hawk was shaking because of pain. It cooed in pain. However, it tried not to move. It even stuck its beak deep into the rocks…

It apparently knew Ye Xiao was curing it. What a cognitive bird!

"Needle!" After a while, Ye Xiao finally figured out what the weapon was. It was a red narrow needle. When he took out the needle from inside the hawk's body and looked at it carefully, he was shocked. "Flaming Needle! Wu Fa!"

The Flaming Needle was exactly the well known exclusive hidden weapon of the No. 1 cultivator in Qing-Yun Realm, Wu Fa.