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Chapter 934: Speed of the Hawk!

Chapter 934: Speed of the Hawk!
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As it was said that once a person was hit by the Flaming Needle, one's blood would boil and eventually burn the flesh and blood into nothing. There was nothing that could cure it.

It was a certain-kill hidden weapon! However, unexpectedly, Ye Xiao found that needle in a bird's body!

More unexpectedly, the hawk had actually lived for such a long time after being hit by Wu Fa's Flaming Needle. According to the wound… it had been at least half a year since the hawk was hit by the needle. Ye Xiao couldn't see the hole when he first checked the lump.

"That is amazing!" Ye Xiao took a deep breath.

He wasn't praising Wu Fa. He praised the hawk.

The hawk barely knew anything. It just hid in this place, so as to prevent the wound from getting worse with the coldness in this place. It followed its instinct to use the coldness to suppress the flame of the needle…

It actually lasted for such a long time!

In fact, if not for the hot water, it could very possibly last for a lot longer. Ye Xiao thought he was overestimating the hawk to Xiao Monarch, his previous life. However, since it survived the attack from Wu Fa, it must be strong enough to defeat any Dao Origin Stage cultivators in the realm!

"Take this." Ye Xiao took out the needle and cut off the rotten meat around the lump. He applied some medical materials on the wound and took out a supreme Detoxication Dan bead. He thought for a while and then took out one more, and then put them both into the hawk's mouth.

The hawk swallowed the supreme dan beads much faster than swallowing the blood beads.

It absolutely could tell what was better by smelling it. The supreme dan beads were making marvelous qi. How could it just stare at it!

[This is something given by heavens to me to ease my pain!] The hawk was shouting excitedly in the heart.

After it took the dan beads, it fell asleep fast.

It tilted its head and then fell asleep in the hot water. If Ye Xiao didn't hold it a little bit, it would very likely drown in the hot water!

Ye Xiao carried up the hawk and got out the water.

Erhuo meowed. It was so overjoyed. As a human being, Ye Xiao was tall. However, as he was carrying the hawk… it was like a frog carrying a swan… That was it.

It was a hilarious scene. Erhuo felt so satisfied that it could see such a funny picture in its life.

It started to snow again. Ye Xiao was wearing only tattered clothes. That was awkward. After bathing in the hot water, he hurriedly took out a robe from inside the Space. He even held Erhuo in his arms.

Erhuo was moved. It meowed and then cuddled Ye Xiao with happiness.

[My master is the best. He cares for me…]

[I don't feel cold, but I can't turn it down. He is being kind to me. Besides, the feeling of being cared and concerned for is so exclusive and comfy…]

After a while, Erhuo realized… Ye Xiao held it in his arms, not because he wanted to warm Erhuo, but he wanted to be warmed… He felt cold!

It was like holding a heater in the arms to hold Erhuo in arms… That was better than wearing a cotton-padded jacket…

Erhuo was extremely upset. [Meow… That's so sad. I thought he cared for me. It turns out he just treats me like a hot-water bag… That truly makes me look stupid and low-class…]

It had all rights to have such a feeling though. Ye Xiao was too much. He didn't just hold it. In fact, he kept moving it to wherever he felt cold on his body…

He put it near the chest first. When he felt warm there, he put it on the neck. When he felt warm on the neck, he put it on the back… In the end, he just held it between his two legs… He was only wearing a robe. Nothing else… Erhuo was awkwardly too close to his private something…

Erhuo had shouted to protest, but it didn't work. Ye Xiao ignored it.

Finally, when Ye Xiao was going to move Erhuo to warm his butt, Erhuo raged up in fury.

[Fxck! This is humiliating a divine beast!]

[You want to warm your hands, your chest, fine! You actually used me to warm your private part and even want to use me on your butt…] Erhuo fast disappeared. - Shoot! - It quit!

It was back to the Boundless Space…

Ye Xiao humphed. He just wanted to grab it out from the Space and put it on his butt, but something happened on the hawk. - Bang! - The hawk emitted a huge wave of rolling qi, which actually broke the snow in the air into pieces.

The next moment, it stretched its iron-like feathers. Its huge body suddenly stood up. It screamed to the sky, which shook the heavens. It kept swinging its wings. It was so excited!

The wound was finally cured! After so many years!

The hawk was showing an aura which was more than twice stronger than earlier!

Ye Xiao didn't see this happening. Suddenly, the snow flew over to him and covered his entire face. He nearly choked. "Easy!"

Ye Xiao shouted.

The hawk hurriedly stopped screaming. It made a few sounds from the throat instead. It walked to Ye Xiao and rubbed him with its head. In its eyes, there was excitement and greasiness.

[You are such a nice man! I knew it… I am lucky to have you here.]

What happened next was that Ye Xiao felt like he was racing with clouds.

In fact, he was speeding in the clouds.

The hawk was fully cured, so it directly picked up Ye Xiao and put him on its back. It started to wave its wings and then flew up into the clouds!

Ye Xiao was shocked and scared! He hurriedly held onto the hawk's neck.

Even though he was such a bodacious person, when he looked down from high in the sky, he felt frightened and dizzy in the head.

Suddenly, something moved in his clothes. It was Erhuo. It seemed quite excited too. It grabbed on the hawk's feather on its head and looked down to the ground.

The hawk was speeding up gradually. It stretched out its feathers and kept Ye Xiao on the back steadily. - Shoot! -

Ye Xiao looked at the black hole behind the hawk's tail… He was frightened.

[Holy heavens! This is too fast!]

In fact, they were still speeding up.

[Till how fast are you going to stop speeding?]

When Erhuo caught the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish, Ye Xiao thought that the cat's speed was the fastest he had ever seen. However, Ye Xiao couldn't tell which was faster between Erhuo and the hawk. Erhuo was fast, but it just moved for one second. The hawk was flying and boosting! It seemed the hawk was doing better than Erhuo in speed!