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Chapter 935: Tempest-thunder Golden Hawk!

Chapter 935: Tempest-thunder Golden Hawk!
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- Hoooh! - Ye Xiao rushed through the clouds on the hawk. The hawk waved its long wings boosting forward. It was getting faster and faster as if there was no limit on its speed. The hawk hadn't moved this fast since it was hurt. Now that it was all cured, it felt so thrilled, so it boosted up in full power to enjoy the pleasure.

The hawk was enjoying it, but Ye Xiao, who was sitting on its back, couldn't last any longer. He kept hiding his head deep inside the feathers behind the wings, only exposing a small part of his back outside the feather. However, it felt like his back was being cut by the wind, as if it was being slashed again and again.

When the hawk finally had enough fun and stopped. Ye Xiao staggeringly got down the back of the hawk. He felt his two legs were powerless. He was feeling dizzy…

"Why did you fly so fast?" Ye Xiao knocked on the hawk's head twice angrily. "If I were any weaker in physical strength and cultivation, I would have died on your back! Do you understand? Are you trying kill your savior?"

Ye Xiao shouted at the hawk. He claimed to be the savior of the hawk. Although it sounded quite close to the truth, he was quite shameless saying that!

The hawk cooed and looked at Ye Xiao with innocence in its eyes. It tiled its head and touched Ye Xiao with its head again. In its voice, there was full of apology.

"Fine. Alright." Ye Xiao couldn't help smiling. "Don't play cute on me. It won't work."

The hawk cooed and then stood up straight. It waved its wings and looked around. [Look! This is my house!]

[This is my home!]

Ye Xiao looked around and was shocked. This place… Somebody must have lived in this place. A hawk could never decorate a place like that.

What he saw was a row of wooden houses in a fancy shape.

From its structure, he knew that the hawk could never be able to build such house. No matter how smart and cognitive the hawk was, it was never able to make these!

In fact, even Ye Xiao himself could not make such an outstanding architecture. Only professionals could do this!

It there was anything that looked absolutely related to the hawk… it must be… the huge nest on the other side!

The hawk was walking to the nest.

That must be its home…

The nest was over a hundred meters wide. That was such a waste. The hawk obviously didn't need that much space!

In the center of the nest, there was a stone. It was dark. There seemed to be some words written on it.

Ye Xiao took a close look and saw the words.

'Man from the sky plays in the world.'

'One sword in the hand. Two hawks are a couple.'

'Conquer the realm, command the world.'

'Invincible in the world, disappear in vain.'

'Forty-eight thousand meters, the peak of the realm!'

Ye Xiao took a deep breath.

[Who the fxck is this guy?]

[What an arrogant prick.]

There were some smaller words after that.

'Pregnant golden hawk; an ascending man. Stay for fifteen years until the hawk's egg is laid. Tempest-thunder golden hawk, species from the outer world. Only lightnings can make it hatch. The day of birth only depends heaven's will. Life or death, god will plan.'

No signature or anything else in the end.

Just a text without any clue directing the person who wrote it.

Ye Xiao thought for a long time and then suddenly thought of something.

Three thousand years earlier, there was a supreme master cultivator in Qing-Yun Realm. He was called Peerless Man. He was like a shooting star, shining in the realm for a short time, splendid but short-lived.

Peerless Man had only showed himself in the martial world for three years.

However, in the three years, he defeated every cultivator in the realm. The recognized No. 1 cultivator at the time was defeated by him with only three moves.

After three years, he just disappeared. Nobody knew where he went.

In the entire Qing-Yun Realm, nobody knew this man's name. However, they all knew that wherever Peerless Man went, there were always two huge golden hawks following him.

Every time when the golden hawks showed up, there would be thunder and wind!

Golden hawks bring tempest-thunder!

There was records about this in the history book in Cold Moon Palace.

It must be that Peerless Man who wrote the words on the rock!

[The great man didn't die after defeating everybody in the realm. He lived on this mountain that nobody knew about.]

[This mountain is forty-eight thousand meters high… It should be the highest mountain in Qing-Yun Realm indeed…]

[The two golden hawks that followed the great man must be Tempest-thunder Golden Hawks. This one here must be their child…]

Ye Xiao thought, [However, something is wrong. The time. It doesn't make sense. The great man lived three thousand years ago. It says he stayed in this place for fifteen years until they laid the egg of the child hawk… Why is this silly hawk just seventeen years old?]

That was so unreasonable.

Ye Xiao couldn't think through it. So he read the latter part of the text again. 'Tempest-thunder golden hawk, species from the outer world. Only lightnings can make it hatch. The day of birth only depends on heaven's will.' He thought for a long time and finally arrived to a somehow ridiculous but in fact quite reasonable conclusion.

That was…

This golden hawk wasn't hatched by the two golden hawks in the old days. After they laid the egg… they put the egg somewhere. In that special place, lightnings would strike on the egg frequently.

It absorbed the power from the lightning. After a long long time, the egg hatched…

If the child hawk was only seventeen years old, then it must have been left in the world for about three thousand years as an egg!

[The hawk was hatched after being stricken by lightnings for three thousand years?]


Ye Xiao's eyes started to twist.

[That Peerless Man was so reckless. He actually left a golden hawk egg in the world and that's it? Wouldn't he be afraid that maybe the egg could roll off the cliff or something?]

[What about the weather? What if it was too cold for it to hatch?]

[What if some beast ate it?]

[Okay. It hatched. But what was the baby hawk supposed to eat when it was just hatched? How did it live?]

[He actually didn't care about all these. He just lived his casual and beautiful life and cared about nothing.]

"'Life and death, god will plan'. I see why he wrote this." Ye Xiao looked at the hawk in pity.

[You poor little thing. You don't know you were abandoned, do you?]

[Look at you. I know you want to show me something good about you, but you are showing your poor childhood to me… Do you know that…]