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Chapter 936: Stars Sword!

Chapter 936: Stars Sword!
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In fact, Ye Xiao was ignorant on this. The Tempest-thunder Golden Hawk was a special species in the world. It wasn't hatched by the female hawk. The golden hawk egg would have to get through countless lightning strikes to finally hatch.

If the two golden hawks three thousand years ago stayed with the egg, they could only watch it and do nothing. They just couldn't do anything, except expecting more lightnings would strike on the egg. There was nothing else they could do.

Ye Xiao figured out how the baby hawk survived the brutal world now!

When he was still thinking about it, he heard the hawk scream with a long sound. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck down like a snake. That was so fast.

The lightning bolt was moving so fast, but the hawk didn't move away. It actually rushed up and faced the lightning in an even faster speed!

- Puff! - The bolt crashed on the hawk. The hawk screamed but it didn't sound painful. Instead, the hawk seemed so happy about it. The feathers on its body suddenly became brighter somehow.

The bolts didn't slow down because of that. More and more thunderbolts struck the hawk. The hawk kept flying around to catch the bolts. Countless bolts hit it, but it didn't hurt it a bit. The hawk acted like having a great feast. It was getting more and more spirited after absorbing more and more power from the bolts.

"I see. What a marvelous creature. It actually eats thunderbolts. The fiercest thing in the world turns out to be its food…" Ye Xiao looked at the hawk in the sky and murmured, "I guess it doesn't only use the coldness to suppress the needle from Wu Fa. Maybe the thunder worked a bigger role in it…"

After a while, the bolts moved far.

The hawk had just finished a feast. It walked over to Ye Xiao and cooed. 'Sorry. I forgot to share with you guys. I was just so enjoying that. Next time I will bring you some!'

Erhuo stayed on the shoulder of Ye Xiao and turned its back to the hawk disdainfully and meowed indifferently.

[Pah. Big deal! When my blood completely wakes up, I will make a true enormous feast to open your stupid eyes…]

The hawk was so innocent. It thought Erhuo was being humble to turn over. The hawk was so happy and it just couldn't stop shouting and waving its wings.

Ye Xiao walked into the wooden houses immediately.

This place had been stricken by thunderbolts so frequently, but the wooden houses remained standing tall. These must be something extraordinary.

Ye Xiao touched the wood and it was hard like steel. Besides, it smelled so good, as if it could refresh his mind. Ye Xiao took out a sword from the Space and struck on the wood.

- Sinh… -

It only made a slight sound… Ye Xiao was stunned.

The sword only got into the wood one inch deep. He couldn't cut any deeper.

Ye Xiao had never seen such a tough wood ever.

He was in low cultivation level, level four of Dream Origin Stage, but he was strong enough to cut through a piece of wood. If he wanted to cut an iron board apart with the precious sword that was made by the Space with some special metals, that iron board would be cut through as if he was cutting a pile of mud. However…

Ye Xiao touched the wood and confirmed that it was a material that he had never seen before.

It was light and solid.

After fighting against his own greediness, he decided to give up tearing the houses down. These houses were made by some historical figure thousands of years before. He should let them stay the same… Besides, he truly didn't know what he could do with such a thing.

He couldn't just make them into a cudgel as a weapon, could he?

The hawk was walking after him, with an attitude of 'I am the owner! This is my place!' Ye Xiao picked up something and it would make a long 'talk' to introduce it…

The hawk kept talking. Ye Xiao just did what he was doing as if the hawk wasn't there. That's harmony!

Erhuo rolled up its eyes disdainfully. It truly felt unpleasant to see the hawk like this. [What the hell are you shouting for? Do you think he can understand you? Do you think you are me?]

[Stupid bird!] Erhuo wasn't being polite in its heart.

Eventually, the hawk had introduced everything in its home. Ye Xiao left the house, but the hawk didn't follow. After staying in the house, the hawk slowly walked out. In its mouth, there was a sword and a book.

It walked to Ye Xiao and cooed, waving its wings. It seemed very happy and excited.

"What is this?" Ye Xiao picked up a sword that was quite heavy. The sword must be at least fifty kilograms. It seemed very light but turned out to be so heavy.

One should never judge a person by the appearance, and not judge a sword with its appearance!

- Clang! -

Ye Xiao drew out the sword and a stream of bright blue light shined up. A sword in his hand shined with a strong glow that brightened the world.

The sword wasn't moved, yet the blue glow on the blade was rolling like water in the sea.

"Nice sword!"

Ye Xiao commended.

On the handle of the sword, there was a word, Stars.

Ye Xiao turned over the sword and the blue lights shined even brighter. There were some star lights glowing among the blue light. Splendid!

"So that's why it says stars…" Ye Xiao took a deep breath and used the sword he took out from the Space to clash with the Stars Sword.

- Clang… -

That was a small sound. Ye Xiao felt less weight in the hand. The precious sword only had half of it left in his hand. The other half was cut off by the Stars Sword!

It was more like cutting a piece of paper… The sword just broke. There was barely sound of metals cracking.

[This is…]

Ye Xiao's eyeballs nearly popped out of the eye frames. [How sharp is this sword?]

He was sure he didn't particularly strengthen any side. The sword he took out from the Space was something special and valuable. It was made from the metal essence from the Gold Space. That should be something extraordinary!

However, under the strike of the divine Stars Sword, it was so weak and broken so easily!

Ye Xiao truly liked this Stars Sword! He decided to be shameless on this, so he asked, "I guess I should take it as a gift from you?"