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Chapter 937: Fully Loaded; Goodbye!

Chapter 937: Fully Loaded; Goodbye!
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

The hawk nodded and waved its wings up and down. It picked up the book with its beak and held it in front of Ye Xiao, as if it had completed some super difficult mission. It was shouting to the sky with pleasure.

Ye Xiao opened the book and there were four words, Sword Art of Stars.

He had just glanced at it, and then the book suddenly turned into a stream of light that entered his head. After that, Ye Xiao suddenly felt a man holding a sword standing in his spiritual mind. That sword was emitting blue lights, the Stars Sword.

The man held the sword in the hand, staring at the point of the sword, and he blandly spoke, "I created the Sword Art of Stars. I want this technique to be like stars shining upon the sky. One sword move could bring peace to the world. One sword move could astonishment the devils. One sword move could change the space!"

"Move No. 1. With the ambition to reach the clouds, to swing the sword and touch the stars!"

The sword slowly moved. It seemed it wanted Ye Xiao to see clearly, so it made the move slowly.

As the sword moved, Ye Xiao was obsessed. He just stood there and couldn't move.

It had been a long time and the first move was finally done…

Ye Xiao woke up and felt his face in great pain before he opened the eyes.

He realized that somebody was slapping him!

[Holy heavens! I have never been humiliated like this ever! This is not going to end easily! I am going to kill whoever slaps me! I swear!]

As opened his eyes, he saw Erhuo sitting before his eyes and kept slapping him with its two cute paws!

Ye Xiao wasn't angry anymore. He couldn't… After a while, he shouted angrily, "You little bastard! Are you going to get me killed?"

He grabbed Erhuo and beat it on the head.

He didn't beat it with real power, but it contained all his anger. That made it quite hurtful. Erhuo took a roll after being beaten. It actually shouted in grief. There was even tear in its big round eyes.

Ye Xiao humphed, "You slapped me! How could you do that to your master? You are a pet! And you feel wronged now?"

Erhuo shouted in anger and grief, making gestures. Ye Xiao finally understood it. He had been standing there lost in the spiritual mind for three whole days, just because of that sword move!

Erhuo couldn't wake him. He just stood there and didn't move a bit. Erhuo was nervous and worried. It was afraid something terrible happened to its master. That was why it decided to slap on his face eventually… However, when it just slapped him a few times, Ye Xiao woke up… That was unfortunate…

It did it for a good purpose, but it was still caught slapping its master…

"I see…" Ye Xiao hurriedly held Erhuo in arms. "Alright. It's my fault. Come on. Put it together. You are the peerless spiritual beast in the universe. Stop being a weak crybaby… That's so disgraceful…"

Erhuo didn't stop accusing him though. [You stupid master. You wronged me badly! Meow… I was being nice to you. I concerned about you. Yet you thought I was doing something bad. You actually beat me so hard. Meow… I treat you with all my heart, yet you… I…]

Its great grief seemed to silence the entire world all of a sudden.

Ye Xiao smiled and gradually poured out energy from his hand. He kept touching Erhuo, and after a while, it was calmed down. He was an expert of this trick now. He said, "You are such a silly little thing. Remember, no matter how worried you are, don't slap me… You were simply asking for that beat-up…"

Erhuo stared at him for a while and couldn't say a word to express its gloomy mood.

[I know. Yes. You are making me feel quite comfortable at the moment. But I can't just let go of this…]

[This is… That…]

The hawk walked over to them and looked at Erhuo with scoff in the eyes. [I told you he was alright. You didn't believe me. You insisted to slap him that hard… What now. You pissed him off…]

Erhuo was angry. [When things are unfortunate for me, anything could come sneer at me. I can't piss my master, but can't I just beat you up instead…]

It then jumped up fast. It was difficult to describe how fast it was. It only left a white shadow while it was moving. Within one second, it was already on the hawk's head. Its two small paws were made into two fists, beating up on the hawk fast and hard.

The hawk exclaimed loudly to beg for forgiveness.

Ye Xiao made a great effort to separate them. However, the two animals were still staring at each other with fury in the eyes.

'Why don't you try to fight me in the sky If you really are that good!' the hawk cooed.

'Don't forget this. One day, I will beat you so hard till you beg for mercy! If not, I will call you my ancestor!' Erhuo gritted its teeth and made a vow. It glared at the hawk and walked away with a waving tail. "Meow…"

The hawk was almost the strongest creature in Qing-Yun Realm. However, when it heard Erhuo's words, it actually felt scared. So it stayed silent!

Ye Xiao had stayed on this mountain for seven days.

The last day when it prepared to leave, the hawk truly didn't want him to go. It walked Ye Xiao out to the foot of the mountain but still didn't want to see Ye Xiao leave.

"If you don't want to say goodbye, why don't you just follow me to the martial world." Ye Xiao touched its head.

That was a daily usual act for Ye Xiao now. The hawk finally didn't mind being touched by Ye Xiao anymore. It actually enjoyed it so much. Erhuo was not feeling good about it. [He only touched me with softness and love. Me alone! He now will touch the stupid hawk too. That's insane!]

"Coo coo… coo…" The hawk seemed quite gloomy. It waved the huge head and reached out three feathers on the wing and waved.

"What does that mean? Time? Three days? Three months? Three years? Thirty years? It can't be three hundred years…" Ye Xiao was speechless. He could only make a guess.

Erhuo was impatient, but it still translated it to Ye Xiao. "Meow, meow, meow, meow, meoooowww…"

It was now the private translator who worked between the hawk and Ye Xiao. Erhuo hated to play such a role, but it was the only way. It had to do it.

Ye Xiao finally understood what the hawk meant. The golden hawks in the old days had left many things for the hawk. It didn't master all of them yet. It was still weak…

It needed three more years to fully grow up.

Before that, it couldn't leave home…

After all, although it was powerful, it couldn't command lightnings to strike on it outside of this area.

That was a skill that concerned its future. It couldn't just leave without accomplishing it.