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Chapter 938: Cultivation Boost!

Chapter 938: Cultivation Boost!
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

Ye Xiao nodded as if he could understand the hawk. "You should go back. I will come back when available. Or maybe you can come see me when you grow up."

The hawk rubbed Ye Xiao's hand with its head. It truly didn't want Ye Xiao to go. It nodded to Erhuo to show its gratitude for being their translator. It stepped back a few steps and then made a long roar. It waved its huge wings and then shot up, disappearing in the sky like a flying arrow.

Erhuo covered its mouth with one paw and giggled gloatingly.

Ye Xiao was confused. He looked at Erhuo. Erhuo put down the paw and acted like nothing had happened just now.

Ye Xiao didn't know that Erhuo actually didn't truly tell Ye Xiao what the hawk had said. It just translated a part of it.

The hawk reached out three feathers and waved, because it wanted to tell Ye Xiao it would be fully prepared after three months.

However, Erhuo made it three years when it told Ye Xiao…

Ye Xiao had no idea what the cunning cat did. He couldn't understand any hawk language at all. He thought Erhuo was doing a good job… In fact, it never did.

It was better to offend a gentleman than a bigot. In fact, it was better to offend a bigot than Erhuo!

[Meow… Humph. This stupid bird is truly something. It is a special beast which is not included in the thirteen spirits. If it followed us earlier, the stuff in the Space would not be mine alone… I have to make use of the things in the Space as many as I can during the coming days. Every day matters. Translation could be wrong sometimes. At least it is never perfectly accurate…] Erhuo rolled its eyes up and sat still on Ye Xiao's shoulder. It was making one vile plan after another…

Ye Xiao walked down from the mountain and looked at the green forest. He felt like in dreams.

What happened to him was like an amazing dream.

No. Several strange but incredible dreams!

When he thought deeper in it, he realized the Sky Soul Mountain was all green with lives. There were plants everywhere.

When he fell off the Sky Soul Precipice, he fell to a place where there was filled with dead bodies. After that, he found a tunnel which connected to a snow ice world…

It confused Ye Xiao.

He felt like…

Those were different worlds! He had been travelled among different worlds!

That cold ice world… He had been to Sky Soul Mountain for many times. He had never noticed any ice and snow around that mountain.

He just couldn't stop feeling strange about it, so he went to the top of Sky Soul Mountain in the same route. He jumped over the cliff and got to the opposite side. Then he looked around… but what he saw confused him more.

[Where is the snow?]

[Where is the ice?]

[There is nothing out there!]

What he could see were all normal images. That was absolutely a different world than that ice snow mountain!

What was going on?

He saw the snow mountain, saw Li Wuliang, saw the hawk… Was it just a dream?

Ye Xiao couldn't stop thinking this way. After a long time, he finally came up with a possible guess.

That was…

He walked down the Sky Soul Mountain and called Darky. He rode on Darky and thought about that question… At this moment, he found…

Somebody was shouting from thousands of meters away. It sounded weak, but he could hear it… He could even hear weapons clank, but it just sounded for seconds.

When he realized it and tried to hear it clearer, he couldn't hear it anymore.

Ye Xiao recalled the feeling a while earlier. He was shocked.

[Thousands of meters away? How is that possible?] He stared at his hand.

"Before this, although I am better in spiritual sensitivity than before, I could only hear the sound from hundreds of meters away. I even need to focus so hard. How come I just heard something from thousands of meters away while I wasn't even paying attention to it? That was not my imagination!"

That was about three thousand meters away.

It was a weak sound from further than three thousand meters away…

Ye Xiao was shocked. He hurriedly rode Darky to it.

He wanted to confirm it.

He wanted to check if there was such a sound thousands of meters away.

Unexpectedly, within a blink, the spiritual qi inside his body started to rise and roll up from deep in the dantian. Suddenly, it had already run inside his body for a few rounds. During this time, Darky barely felt its master on the back at all…

Ye Xiao was stunned by that.

That's right. He realized he was in an imponderable status. More than that…

He could move up to the clouds within a breath. He could rush up to the stars with a jump. He was weightless as if he was not real, like he was a god!

Only people above level seven of Dream Origin Stage could be like that. Before he got to Sky Soul Mountain, he was only level five of Dream Origin Stage. Did he just upgrade two levels?

He had been trying not to improve fast!

He didn't even feel it when he broke through twice…

It happened all of a sudden, without any trace, leaving him no feelings! It was just so weird!

It was so strange!

What happened to him was marvelous and amazing!

East-rising Purple Qi was activated instantly and its power ran over his body. He was covered by purple qi. To look at him from a distance, he was like a conqueror of the universe, looking down upon the world!

With the great purple qi, there came a conquerer!

He had reached the top of Purple Qi Descends, the second level of East-rising Purple Qi!

That was perfection of Purple Qi Descends!

One step ahead, he would reach the third level of East-rising Purple Qi.

Ye Xiao was totally shocked.

[What… What is going on?]

[It is good to improve in cultivation… But… I… I don't want to upgrade so fast.]

Erhuo was in his clothes. It reached out half of its head, rolling its eyes, waving its tail and then got back in. He meowed and in its voice, there was gloating.

"Erhuo, speak! What is going on?" Ye Xiao grabbed Erhuo out.

"Meow, meow… meow, meow, meow… Meow, meow, meow, meow…" Erhuo didn't hesitate. It immediately talked and made postures.

"So, because I have been suppressing the power inside me, during the past few days, it suddenly erupted? So I was boosted up to higher levels?"