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Chapter 939: Shadowless Assassin!

Chapter 939: Shadowless Assassin!
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"You mean… The soul power that I absorbed down there has been boosting my cultivation?"


"The power in that Ghost Ganoderma that you pulled out from Li Wuliang's body has been digested in the Space?"


"When I was running from the hawk and bursting in speed with my life energy, it didn't actually hurt me, but only activated all the energy I suppressed inside me?"


"Well… The ganoderma can make Li Wuliang invincible in the realm in ten years… How about me? What am I now?"


"East-rising Purple Qi requires a much higher power level from me, so I am weakened by it… Otherwise, I can be much stronger… However, it is better this way!"

Ye Xiao asked Erhuo for a long time. Erhuo was quite excited at the beginning, but then it was unanimated. However, it gave him all the answers. When Ye Xiao asked more questions, Erhuo felt embarrassed even more…

[I feel like being humiliated. What you asked are certain things! Why do you have to ask me every detail… Do you really have to…]

After a long series of questions, Ye Xiao finally understood it.

When the hawk was chasing him, he felt threatened, so he got himself over-loaded to run beyond his limitation. He thought he would get hurt because of it, however, because he had accumulated so much energy recently, not to mention he had the marvelous soul power and the power in the ganoderma inside him, he didn't hurt himself with that over-loaded situation. In fact, that eruption activated the power inside him… and eventually changed him a great deal…

Besides, he learned the Sword Art of Stars. It was only one move, but it successfully enhanced his cultivation, so that he had a much stronger power to activate the true force of the swordplay…

To fully unleash the power of the sword and the sword art, Ye Xiao needed to operate all his cultivation power.

He had been suppressing himself in order to make himself stay in the same level. However, during the three days when he was learning the Sword Art of Stars, he released it unknowingly…

First, he made an eruption of his power to reach his own limitation, and then he released the power that had been restrained inside him while learning the sword art. That was how it happened. It happened when he was lost in the spiritual mind space, so he didn't feel it at all, even though that was such a great boost…

It was hard to believe, but it was reasonable!

The biggest reason for this was that he had accumulated too much power in the earlier days. Since he got through the special training, and also after those fights, he was enlightened on the edge of life and death, and then… the soul power from the old heroes, the ganoderma… the golden hawk… the highest mountain in the realm…

When he was on that ice mountain, he was somehow pushed up two levels by that place. That place was far from the martial world and filled with spiritual atmosphere… He couldn't automatically break through in cultivation yet, but that place really did help him in a certain way…

What stopped the upgrading was the limitation of the energy in Ye Xiao. He had run out of the energy he had been accumulating.

The Boundless Space was full of energy, but the energy in Ye Xiao's Jing and Mai was all used. He had to collect more before doing another upgrade…

"Holy heavens. This is eye-opening truly! I actually got upgraded?" Ye Xiao felt it quite unbelievable.

[Forget it. In these days, there have been too many unbelievable things that happened to me. I think I should give up digging on it!]

He basically had figured out how he was upgraded so greatly. However, the question about the golden hawk was still in his heart. When he realized it, they were already on the road.

Suddenly, a vicious voice sounded, "Where do you want to go? Why run so fast? Humph! You have killed so many people of ours. I guess you should stop now, shouldn't you?"

A weak but indifferent voice answered, "Run? I have never even thought of running away. I am just in a negative moment of my life as though a tiger has come down to the plain. You small people are just taking advantage of me by luck. If I have at least ten percent of my energy remaining, do you think you would ever have this chance to talk to me like this?"

He was definitely a desperate person who was currently in an extremely difficult situation. He sounded so weak, but still talked arrogantly.

He talked just like a high-standing man talking to an ant.

Ye Xiao shook his head. [Well, dude, if you are still as powerful as you want to be, it may still be okay to talk like that. But… You are not even ten percent as powerful as you should be… Aren't you asking for humiliation speaking like that?]

As he expected.

"B*llshit!" The vicious voice sounded again. - Pah! - He slapped on the other man.

"Pah! Yes, I see. The best weapon you have is your stinky mouth! I don't care how powerful you used to be. You are now in my hands. You are my prisoner! Talk like that one more time and I will torture you with everything I can think of! I may play you to death! So what? Do you think you can do something about it?"

That indifferent voice sounded again. The man humphed and spoke disdainfully, "Since I stepped out the Northern Lands, I never thought of going back alive. There is still regret in my heart, but I guess this is my fate. I think I should just let it go and stop being regretful anymore. However, there is one thing I truly can't forgive myself about. I actually got myself captured by a bunch of stupid animals. That's out of my expectation really! I guess there is no justice anymore. People like you actually can still live like normal."

That vicious voice sounded again. He gloated and spoke vigorously, "Shadowless Assassin, hahaha… I never knew there would actually be one day, that I, Pu Feitian, could actually rise in the world. All I need to do is to take you back to the sect. The leadership will definitely reward me with much more resources… Hahaha…"

The weak and indifferent voice spoke disdainfully, "Well, congratulations."

Pu Feitian laughed and said, "Do you think it is too late to flatter me now? You have been making troubles for us for about one year, Shadowless Assassin. We are three factions, yet none of us was able to know your true identity. Now, let me have a look. I wonder what your face looks like, Shadowless Assassin."

The indifferent voice answered blandly, "Pu Feitian, you are a disciple of the three factions. You should know that it is worse to humiliate a man than killing him!"

Pu Feitian laughed and said, "What? You mean I can humiliate you? Well, just so you know. I have three hobbies in my life. One of them is to humiliate. Do you understand? I like to humiliate people! What I like the most is to capture a chaste virgin, rape her and make her a sluttish whore. That makes me feel successful! That is the most pleasant thing to do in the world!

"The second is to humiliate powerful cultivators just like you, a strong figure I can only look up to in my life!" He spoke fiercely, "To beat up a super powerful cultivator who should be standing high beyond the clouds and humiliate him as I like… Oh, relax. I won't do that to you, will I? No. I will leave the powerful man to the most indecent hooligans. They will curse him, beat him, spat on him, torture him… I just love to see how they humiliate him! Do you understand?"