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Chapter 940: One Sword Move; Problem Solved!

Chapter 940: One Sword Move; Problem Solved!
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

The indifferent voice sounded again, "That is why you, Bu Tianfei, never have a chance to truly rise up in Saint Sunlight Sect. They always hate you and look down upon you. You are and will always be a useless figure. You know what. You don't have a heart of admiration for strength. You don't understand the pride of a powerful man! No matter how long you can live, you are just a human-shaped dross!"

Bu Tianfei's voice sounded sharply, "You know nothing! I do that because I know about powerful people! You know nothing about that joy and pleasure! You know nothing about the feeling of controlling everything, ruling everything… That fascinating feeling… You never will understand unless you try it for once!"

"I love to put down the high-standing powerful man down to the mug in the ground and humiliate him like a slave. I love to do anything I want on him! It feels so good!"

Bu Tianfei laughed.

"That is the propulsion of me. I want to have that pleasure, so I work so hard to become stronger! Otherwise, why should I? A man should only obey his true heart in the world. We live for what we feel good! Don't we? I guess I should stop teaching you now. You are in my hands no matter what you say. I get to do whatever I want on you!

"Shadowless Assassin, with your sword in hand, you could kill whoever you want. You should be such a powerful figure in the realm, a level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivator. However, now you are in my hands, what do you think you can do? You can only accept whatever I arrange for you. When a high-standing powerful figure fell to the bottom of hell, he totally becomes a toy. Truth has proved me right! Hahahaha…"

Then he took out a bottle of liquid, smiled wickedly, and said, "Alright. Enough talking. I should really go check your real face now! I am sure this will bring me more rewards in the sect!"

The man on the ground made a long sigh and closed his eyes. He couldn't do anything.

He was powerless now. He didn't even have a bit energy. He could easily kill those men with a slap in ordinary days, but now he could only let them do whatever they want.

They were like butchers and he was like a piece of meat.

He could only accept it as his fate and let the useless scourings become in power!

[It won't be worse than just death. There are over a thousand men who died under my sword this year. It's worth it…] He thought, [However, I haven't torn the three factions down yet. What a regret in my life…]

[I can't avenge Brother Ye… What a regret in life!]

[Fine… What's left of me is nothing but a walking flesh. I guess I should just let his life end.]

He quietly closed his eyes.

That liquid was about to drop on his face.

The liquid was not so special. Its only efficacy was to remove all disguise of a person!

He couldn't stop it anymore.

On his face, he felt something chilling… Suddenly, a voice sounded, "Bu Tianfei!"

That was a cold and loud shout.

When the voice was still resounding, an enormous bright sword light suddenly descended like a shooting star from the outerworld.

Bu Tianfei hadn't stopped laughing yet, but he always felt the fatal danger getting closer to him. He felt like being aimed at by an ancient giant beast. He felt scared and started to sweat.

He exclaimed. When he was about to get away, he was suddenly enlightened. [It must be somebody who wants to save Shadowless Assassin! That means I can use him to protect my life!]

He forcibly turned around and grabbed the man on the ground.

That was a good plan, but reality was cruel for him. The man who came to attack surely knew Bu Tianfei would do this. That sword light wasn't just scarring him. It was actually aiming at the place around Shadowless Assassin!

- Puff! -

The splendid sword light shined and approached fast. Blood splashed.

Bu Tianfei's right hand had been cut off!

At the same time, somebody kicked on his chest hard. He was kicked out dozens of meters away and then crashed on a big tree.

A slim figure showed up between Bu Tianfei and Shadowless Assassin.

That was exactly Ye Xiao.

Shadowless Assassin, who had been powerless and exhausted, suddenly had a sense of security. He looked at the back of Ye Xiao and said, "Who are you, my friend?"

Ye Xiao's long sword was shaking in his hand. That was Stars Sword.

He made that sword strike under the guidance of Sword Art of Stars. It turned out to be rather powerful!

In his eyes, there was killing intent! He glared at Bu Tianfei, who was covered by blood. He walked over to Bu Tianfei step by step.

Bu Tianfei was only level six of Dream Origin Stage. For Ye Xiao, he was weak. In fact, even level nine of Dream Origin Stage cultivator couldn't defeat Ye Xiao now.

The aura of strength on Ye Xiao was powerful enough to freeze Bu Tianfei!

"Bingxue, how do you want this guy to die? How about we cut him into pieces? Or should we disable him and throw him to the beasts?" Ye Xiao asked gently, without turning around.

Shadowless Assassin was stunned.


[He knows my name!]

[He didn't even look at me, but he knows who I am? He knows my real identity!]

[Who is he?]

His heart was full of questions, but he was finally calmed down. He faintly smiled and said, "To cut him into pieces or to make him the animals' food are both too much merciful for him. Seize him! Let me deal with him!"

In his eyes, there was some frightening glow.

He had been traveling the world and never ever been treated like that!

How could he let such small figures humiliate him like that and then just die in an easy way…

He definitely would take revenge!


Ye Xiao moved away with his long cyan robe fluttering in the air.

Bu Tianfei was exclaiming because of the pain. He actually lost one hand all of a sudden.

[Where the fxck did that powerful man come from?]

[One sword strike? And I couldn't even draw out my sword to fight?]

[Isn't Shadowless Assassin always on his own? He has been fighting the three factions on his own, hasn't he? How come…]

When he was feeling confused, the sword light shined again. Ye Xiao had arrived over his head.