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Chapter 941: Break Out

Chapter 941: Break Out
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Bu Tianfei exclaimed and then moved aside fast in an awkward way. He shouted, "Who are you? How dare you put your hands in other's business! Do you know who he is? What you are doing will make you an enemy to the three factions… You will be our sworn enemy… Stop! Have you lost your mind! Stop… Please… It's a mistake… Mistake…"


Ye Xiao waved the sword before his eyes as he smiled in a vicious way. Ye Xiao casually asked, "Is this really a mistake? What mistake?"

"My… My friend… Listen to me… You don't know what is going on. Look. You hurt me just now, but I guess you didn't know the truth. I won't blame you!"

Bu Tianfei's skinny face was covered by tears and snot. He looked quite scared. "My friend… There is something you need to know… I am a disciple of Saint Sunlight Sect. That man is our sworn enemy! I kindly suggest that you don't lay your hands into this business. I am an important disciple… Look, I am a generous man. I won't blame you for what you just did…"

He was talking incoherently, repeatedly telling Ye Xiao how important he was for the great sect and how generous he was, so as to make Ye Xiao give up the idea of killing him. He actually felt quite regretful though.

[Why would I do this alone? I sent the others away when I realized Shadowless Assassin was powerless, so that I can get all the credits of this and enjoy torturing a powerful figure…]

Shame on him. He was now in a helpless situation.

"Disciple of Saint Sunlight Sect? Important disciple? Oh. That must be quite noble. So you are going to forgive me for what I did to you, aren't you? Really? I have cut off your hand…" Ye Xiao frowned.

Bu Tianfei thought that there was an opportunity to survive this. He hurriedly added, "Don't worry, my friend. A hand means nothing to me. In our sect, the great sect, there are plenty of ways to put the hand back on me. You and I, we don't have any serious problem. If you help me this time, you will always be my friend in my heart. Our sect will see you as a friend. Give our enemy to us is a big credit.

"Besides, whenever you come to our sect, Saint Sunlight Sect, you will be the most honorable guest!"

Ye Xiao answered while rubbing his lower jaw, "Really? You don't hate me? After I cut off your hand, you are still so nice to me?"

[No? As long as I can return to the sect, I will show you what the real taste of pain is! I swear! I will make you exclaim for seven full days! I will make you beg for death!]

[I will let you know what it means to beg for death! I will make you regret being born to the world.]

Bu Tianfei could only think fiercely in the heart. On his face which was covered by blood, he was showing an expression of kindness. He praised, "No! I swear! I won't hate you! You are just like a good friend of mine when I saw you for the first time. I won't be mad even if you cut off two hands of mine!"

Ye Xiao nodded and then suddenly slapped Bu Tianfei hard. He blandly spoke, "The first time? I would rather die than become a friend of yours! You won't blame me. Fine. I don't care. I am definitely blaming you!"

"Swear? Really? Do you think your words mean anything?"

- Pah! -

Bu Tianfei had just found hope in his heart, so he wasn't prepared in face of the sudden attack. That hard slap was right on his face. He suddenly felt dizzy. A full sky of stars showed in his sight…

He was stricken out…

Ye Xiao rushed over to catch him and stamped hard on his leg. - Crack! - Bu Tianfei made a monster-like exclamation as he trembled for a second and then passed out.

HIs leg was broken!

Ye Xiao coldly said, "Two hands huh? What about two legs? Maybe you won't blame me on this too!"

He then grabbed Bu Tianfei, who was in a coma. He carried him back to where Shadowless Assassin stayed, like carrying a tattered bag. Shadowless Assassin looked at him in confusion. Ye Xiao said, "This is not a good place to talk. You need to be cleaned and cured. Come with me."

He put a dan bead into Shadowless Assassin's mouth. - Pa! Pa! Pa! - He tapped on Shadowless Assassin's back on several spots to help him digest the dan bead.

That was skillful. Shadowless Assassin knew about what Ye Xiao did very well. He knew Ye Xiao was being nice to him. However, even though Ye Xiao was skillful, he didn't have enough time and cultivation power, so the dan bead wasn't completely digested yet!

There were sounds of people coming from distance. People shouted in confusion, "I heard an exclamation out there…"

Sounds of clothes flicking the air came from everywhere.

People of Saint Sunlight Sect were coming over from all direction.

Ye Xiao didn't hesitate. He held up Shadowless Assassin and then ran into the forest fast. He was carrying two men now, but when he dashed, he dashed as far as seven meters. While he was moving, he was moving higher and higher. After a while, he was already moving on the trees. And then he made a long shout.

Before he stopped, the sound of horse steps was rumbling from distance. Ye Xiao dashed forward to where the horse steps sounded like a shooting arrow.

Darky was moving in the forest like a shooting arrow. Ye Xiao jumped over and landed on its back accurately. They didn't slow down a bit. Ye Xiao on the horse moved forward and disappeared fast.

After a while, some people showed up. They were wearing blue robes. They checked the ground and somebody said, "We heard the sound here… Bu Tianfei should be searching for the enemy in this place. How come we can't find him anymore? Was he ambushed by the enemy?"

"Blood! There is blood here!" somebody shouted.

Soon after that, they found Bu Tianfei's hand.

"This is Bu Tianfei's hand. I can recognize the scars on the hand. Look at the bones. Its bigger than normal people. I am certain…"

"Bu Tianfei's hand got cut off… It seems he has encountered an ambush here… But where is he?"

"That long shout… Was it a demonstration…"

"Whoever did this must be powerful. They disappeared in such a short time, leaving no traces behind…"

"No matter what, we should go get them!"

"There are horse steps sounding over there…"

"Move! Quick!"

Ye Xiao rode on Darky's back, running so fast like a windstorm. Before the men from the Saint Sunlight Sect could surround him, he had broken out like a wild windstorm and disappeared in the forest and mountains.