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Chapter 942: Who Are You?

Chapter 942: Who Are You?
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While they were on the way, Ye Xiao put a few more dan beads into Shadowless Assassin's mouth. While they were riding fast on Darky, he kept pushing Shadowless Assassin on the back to pour energy into him and help him digest the dan beads.

However, that truly caused big trouble for Shadowless Assassin… They were riding the horse. Darky was running quite reposefully, but for a man who was in fatal illness, that was still too bumpy.

He knew he had to endure it though.

If they stopped to do the treatment, they might be caught by the enemies. That would get them killed.

He was a little recovered at the moment. He operated his own martial art and glanced at Ye Xiao secretly. He couldn't help thinking, [Who is this man?]

[He saved me. His fought decisively. No hesitation. He kills like chopping vegetable. When he decided to leave, he just did it without any hesitation. He must be an experienced cultivator in the martial world!]

[Enemies came from everywhere, yet he made a long shout to call his horse. The path he chose was the only way that could lead us to survival! Every decision was right.]

[He must be extremely calm. His mind power must be strong. He did things barely with any hesitation.]

[He is a sophisticate in martial world!]

[He has been hunted for a long time. That was why he was so experienced and wise.]

[But… why is he so young?]

[According to his cultivation power, he shouldn't be any older. But… It just feels strange. It doesn't seem… logical!]

[He called my name at the beginning. He should be somebody who knows me very well. A friend of mine.]

[However… I don't recognize him. I don't even have an image of him. I am sure he isn't disguised. I am an expert of disguise!]

[Who is he?]

He was sure he had never told anybody about his real identity since he disguised as Shadowless Assassin. Nobody, not even his best friend, knew about this secret.

He just couldn't understand why this young man recognized him the in the first sight!

His heart was filled with countless questions at the moment.

Darky was running so fast carrying them. Suddenly, it took a turn and entered a valley.

Ye Xiao carried the two men and jumped up, flying into the valley. Darky was still running as if nobody had gotten off its back. It kept running over the entrance of the valley.

Within seconds, it was gone.

Nobody knew where it went.

Ye Xiao and Shadowless Assassin had disappeared in the bushes.

There was a hill with a depression.

Ye Xiao happened to land in the depression. He put down Shadowless Assassin and then threw Bu Tianfei to the ground.

- Pah! -

Bu Tianfei had lost one hand and his two legs were smashed. He hit the floor hard. He was in a coma, but the extreme pain woke him up. He didn't have time to exclaim because Ye Xiao covered his mouth fiercely before he did. He just made a silent shout in the mouth and then passed out again.

Ye Xiao calmed down and listened carefully.

After a while, sounds of clothes flicking the air sounded and disappeared at the entrance of the valley.

"Over there! Quick!"

"That is such a fast horse!"

"Tell me about it. Otherwise, how could he escape us?"

"No matter how fast the horse is, it won't last forever. All we need to do is to catch up with the horse!"


"Let's go!"

"May I ask who are you? I know I shouldn't ask. You saved my life. I can't stop thinking about it… Nobody knows my true identity… Who are you…"

Shadowless Assassin was so good at killing. He was a master of human body. He knew he was dying and couldn't operate his own martial art himself when Ye Xiao showed up. Ye Xiao was weak in cultivation. Even though he had tried to pour energy into Shadowless Assassin's body, it didn't really work well. However, Ye Xiao kept feeding him supreme dan beads. Every dan bead was marvelous. A raging mass of spiritual qi was bursting inside his dantian. His dantian should be dry and powerless, but now it was energetic. During the time on the horse back, he had been recovered five percent.

That was five percent of the power of a level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivator. Besides, the dan beads hadn't fully released the effect on him yet.

That stunned Shadowless Assassin.

[What are these dan beads?]

[It actually saved me from death, brought me life energy, and recovered my cultivation power!]

Even though he was such a powerful assassin in the realm, he couldn't understand it!

Those were dan beads that were rare in even Qing-Yun Realm!

[Who is he?]

[Is he somebody I know for a long time?]

[I don't recognize him! He is a strange young man to me!]

"Who am I… I guess it is a long story…" Ye Xiao smiled bitterly and said, "Let's focus on your treatment first. What did you do? Why did you make such a disturbance? I am afraid there are lots of people who want to kill you out there… If you don't get yourself better soon, I am afraid we both are going to be in danger. The better you become, the bigger the chance we will survive."

Shadowless Assassin stayed silent for a while and then he said, "I get it."

He stopped talking anymore. He sat in meditation and operated his martial art. Suddenly, tiny streams of spiritual qi started to gather over him from the world.

Ye Xiao moved and got to the entrance of the valley. He was alerted. At the same time, he spread out his spiritual mind force.

Darky had been running so fast earlier. They had run over ten miles already. Ye Xiao had discovered about six group of enemies on the way. They were all searching for somebody. Ye Xiao got a pair of sharp eyes. He was sure they were from the three factions. They were indeed in a great danger. There were still other groups enemies who hadn't shown themselves yet.

Some of them had run after Darky passed the entrance of the valley.

There should be several hundred people of the three factions who were out to hunt Shadowless Assassin.

After the time of a meal, Shadowless Assassin suddenly stood up and blandly said, "Thanks for the dan beads. I am fifty percent recovered. It should be enough to survive this."