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Chapter 943: Han Bingxue!

Chapter 943: Han Bingxue!
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Ye Xiao nodded. Shadowless Assassin was seriously injured. He had even run out of energy. He was totally exhausted. The dan beads Ye Xiao fed him with could only benefit him this far. Shadowless Assassin had a powerful cultivation foundation. Otherwise, he wouldn't recover so well.

To be fully recovered, it all depended on his own effort afterwards.

Shadowless Assassin in fifty percent power was already quite terrible. He stood up and looked at Bu Tianfei, who was in a coma. Slowly and slowly, there was a wicked and vicious smile that showed up on his assassin's face. That was scary.

Ye Xiao wasn't scared, but he made a sigh.

[As usual, you still love retaliation this much. Bu Tianfei is going to get through something real nasty!]

However, things didn't go as Ye Xiao expected. The next moment, Shadowless Assassin drew out his sword and directly stabbed in Bu Tianfei's heart. Bu Tianfei died right away, without feeling any pain. He was gone in peace.

"Hmm?" Ye Xiao was surprised. He looked at the assassin and asked, "Why?"

Shadowless Assassin smiled and said, "I do hate this man… But… I don't think it is worth my effort to torture him. I guess I should just kill him."

Ye Xiao was showing a big smile. "Well, this… is not your style."

Shadowless Assassin stared at Ye Xiao. "It seems you know me rather well. You even know what I would do. You even predicted my next move. I just can't think of your name. You said it wasn't a good time to ask, but what about now? It's the same question. Who are you?"

Ye Xiao smiled gently. "I do know you quite well. You are such a powerful cultivator. How come you ended up in this miserable situation? You shouldn't be!"

He tried to change the topic.

Shadowless Assassin stared at Ye Xiao. He knew Ye Xiao didn't want to tell him the truth, so he stopped asking. He humphed and said, "I fell into their trap this time. That was my mistake…"

Then he told Ye Xiao everything about it. Ye Xiao finally got to know the truth.

Han Bingxue had been wandering around the territory of the three factions, appearing as Shadowless Assassin. He would seize every chance to kill people in the three factions.

He was quite a strong cultivator, besides, he was doing this secretly, so he always succeeded.

This time, he had known there were several men from Saint Sunlight Sect who would go on a secret mission, so he hid around in advance, waiting for an opportunity.

As expected, there were three men from Saint Sunlight Sect. None of them were as strong as Han Bingxue. That was why he was so confident. He made a reckless attack and killed one of them. However, when the fight was done, he realized he had been ambushed. People from Saint Sunlight Sect had surrounded him from all directions…

Over twenty level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators were surrounding him.

Apparently, it was a trap. Saint Sunlight Sect made this look like an opportunity for Shadowless Assassin!

Finally, Shadowless Assassin got ambushed!

He fought so hard to get out the encirclement of the enemy. He had been fighting while escaping. However, he kept getting hurt after so many fights. After running for thousands of miles, he was exhausted.

Saint Sunlight Sect had been calling for more and more disciples to join the hunt. At this moment, there were thousands of them.

Shadowless Assassin exposed himself after a tough fight, so he encountered Bu Tianfei.

Bu Tianfei realized the assassin was too weak to fight back, so he wanted to take the credit himself. He drove away his company and got to the assassin on his own. In fact, if Ye Xiao didn't coincidentally show up, Bu Tianfei might have done what he wanted.

"If not for you, I may be delivered to Saint Sunlight Sect, or die in that bastard's hands." Shadowless Assassin looked touched. "No matter who you are, I appreciate this. Thank you."

Ye Xiao stayed silent and then spoke in a low voice, "The three factions are incredibly strong. You may get to kill some of them on your own, but you won't truly hurt them. Even though you are safe now, you will be caught sooner or later.

"They have so many people and they are so powerful. It is easy for them to put you down."

"Why don't you take a break since you are injured. After some time, maybe it will be a better opportunity for you to show up again." Ye Xiao said, "If you recklessly lose your life for nothing, wouldn't it be…"

Han Bingxue interrupted. He blandly said, "I know. I know I will die someday. I know I am too weak to destroy the three factions."

"So what? I just want to kill as many as I can. I will kill as many as possible until I die." He took a deep breath. "This time, the trap, the fights… They sent so many people out this time. This is an opportunity. Let me rest for a little longer and I will go sweep them off hard!"

"I mean… Look at yourself. You actually still want to go out and kill them? Are you going to kill someone or get yourself killed?" Ye Xiao twisted his mouth.

He felt rather upset and disappointed about that.

This reckless Shadowless Assassin was exactly Isolated Sword, Han Bingxue!

He was most known as Frost Sword in the realm!

However, Ye Xiao didn't want to tell him the truth. Once he told Han Bingxue that he was Xiao Monarch, Han Bingxue would definitely rush out to stir some huge disturbances in the world until the world was turned upside down…

When he acted alone without support, he had already made such troubles. If he had somebody behind him, he would definitely stir it even harder!

Ye Xiao knew him so well.

He looked icy, cold, and indifferent. People felt like he wouldn't even say a word to anybody, not even if he was killed.

In fact, he was a typical chatterbox.

The reason why he didn't talk to most of the people he met was that he didn't like them!