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Chapter 944: Fortunate

Chapter 944: Fortunate
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If Han Bingxue disliked somebody, he wouldn't say a word to him.

However, if he liked somebody, for example Ye Xiao, Xiao Monarch…

He would not stop talking until Ye Xiao wanted to and eventually did punch him on the face!

If he knew that Ye Xiao was still alive, he would definitely go to tell Black Calvary Alliance and Grey Wolf Group and stir up a much bigger disturbance.

Ye Xiao didn't believe it was the right time to do so.

It might get his good brothers all killed!

That was why he was quite troubled by the current situation. Han Bingxue was apparently going to lose his mind. He was too stubborn and paranoid.

He couldn't convince Han Bingxue with any reasonable facts!

Maybe only Xiao Monarch could make him truly listen.

He wouldn't listen to anybody else!

Even if Li Wuliang was here and told him, 'Let's stop taking revenge for Ye Xiao for now. We should make a plan.'

Han Bingxue might draw out his sword to fight Li Wuliang!

"I know you don't want to tell me, but I am curious. How do you know my true identity?" Han Bingxue said, "I am sure we haven't met ever before today."

He turned around looking at Ye Xiao.

His eyes were full of doubts.

Ye Xiao decided to look into his eyes. He smiled and said, "Brother, if you die, the Frost Ninefold Heaven's Art will be lost in the world forever. It is fine that Han Bingxue is gone, but do you really want your intimate martial art to become just a name in the history?"

Frost Ninefold Heaven's Art!

Han Bingxue abruptly stood up. He stared at Ye Xiao and said, "You! You are…"

At this moment, something happened. - Shoot! - Something flicked the air. Somebody landed on the ground of the valley from the sky.

The person stared at both of them with cold and sharpness in the eyes.

The person sneered, "Shadowless Assassin? Heaven's vengeance is slow but sure. You may escape for some time, but not long. Haha… I am surprised. You are known to be a lone assassin. However, I see your partner now. Good. I can catch you both at the same time. That saves me lots of time."

The person was wearing cyan robe, with a long sword on his back. That was the typical dressing style of Saint Sunlight Sect.

Before he finished talking, the sounds of people flying sounded again. Three more men got down to the ground. "Disciple Brother Zhou… This place… Wait! Shadowless Assassin?"

The four disciples of Saint Sunlight Sect had found them.

They looked at each other. In their eyes, there was surprise and delight!

That was a huge credit.

Shadowless Assassin was meant to be a nightmare to them. However, the Shadowless Assassin now…

They saw Han Bingxue's miserable look, covered in blood, full of wounds, dying at any second… Ye Xiao was quite healthy, but he was quite weak in cultivation. That unexpected to them…

They could tell Ye Xiao was no higher than level eight of Dream Origin Stage.

And he was so young.

Ye Xiao should be one of the most talented cultivators because he had reached such a level in his teens. However, the four old cultivators wouldn't think any highly of him.

They were sure Ye Xiao must be ignorant like any other young cultivators, no matter how powerful he was in cultivation. They believed it wouldn't be difficult to put Ye Xiao down, as long as they fought carefully! They were certain that Ye Xiao was like all other young generations!

The four of them all had the same conclusion. It was a piece of cake to kill Shadowless Assassin and his young friend at the same time!

Han Bingxue took a deep breath and looked at the four men. He was a bit pissed.

He thought Ye Xiao was going to tell him his true identity and the truth about other things that confused him. He was going to get the answers to the questions in his heart. However, the four stupid disciples of Saint Sunlight Sect interrupted.

They even acted arrogantly as if they were surely going to win the fight!

Han Bingxue wondered what gave them such courage!

He was freaking out. He had freaked out.

[You fxcking bastards. Even if you want to die so badly, can't you show up one minute later? Is it so difficult for you to live just a bit longer?]

Ye Xiao turned to the four men. He saw how happy the four of them were, so he smiled. He said, "I guess we should stop this conversation until next time."

Han Bingxue looked cold on the face. He nodded and said, "It won't be long. It won't take me long to kill them all."

The strongest of the four was only level two of Dao Origin Stage. It should be easy for Han Bingxue to kill them all, even though he had just recovered fifty percent!

A level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivator with fifty percent power was still incredibly powerful. It was as powerful as level seven, even early level eight!

The difference between two levels was always existent!

Before Ye Xiao reached Dream Origin Stage, he was bullied by a bunch of Dream Origin Stage disciples in early levels. He was totally full of wounds. He won at last, but he was definitely much weaker in cultivation!

However, after he reached Dream Origin Stage, even though it was only level one, he could defeat all disciples in the same stage! That was the huge gap between two stages!

Han Bingxue was recovered fifty percent. That meant he was a horrible opponent at the moment!

The four men were still feeling delighted. They couldn't even wait to fight Han Bingxue as soon as it could be!

However, they would get to know how wrong they were. They would have to give in their lives to learn the truth! They would definitely be surprised, but not in a good way!

"Shadowless Assassin. Look at you. You are seriously hurt. Don't fight. Just give up," the oldest of the four men spoke. He looked fierce and brutal. In his eyes, it could be told that he was rather happy about what was happening. [Finally! I got the opportunity of my life!]

"By the way, you actually escaped our grand elders that day. What a good luck. However, you were hit by the Scorching Palm Strike. The power of the scorching energy will destroy every bit of your ice qi. If you think you still have such good luck, you can still keep fighting back. We don't mind. After all, we all want a chance to beat up a powerful cultivator with our own fists."


Ye Xiao was totally ignored. That was obvious. He rubbed his nose and thought, "Come on. Are you blind? We are two people here. He is too weak to fight you at the moment, but I am here to fight, am I not?"