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Chapter 945: Monarch’s Footwork!

Chapter 945: Monarch’s Footwork!
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Ye Xiao was a little too weak to defeat the four of them indeed. He was, after all, one stage lower than them. However, he wasn't an ordinary cultivator. Besides, this seemed to be a life and death moment. He had lots of things that he could use in a fight. He was free to use any of them now. In fact, it was that difficult for Ye Xiao to defeat those four.

"You?" The four of them turned over their head and looked at Ye Xiao, as if they had just realized he was there. They glanced at him and then just ignored him. In their eyes, there was disdain.

"Who do you think you are?" the only one who spoke was the man who first saw Shadowless Assassin. He was enjoying the moment. He had seen how terribly injured Shadowless Assassin was by his own eyes.

When Han Bingxue escaped from the enemies' entrapment, he spat out blood with small pieces of viscera. The man saw it himself. He believed Shadowless Assassin was definitely dying. Besides, he was hit by the Scorching Palm Strike, which would stay deep in his body and continue to hurt him.

Now that he was caught up by the four of them, they all thought he would never be able to win the fight!

They simply believed he was unable to fight back!

What surprised them was that a young man actually stood out to play the hero… Hero and… somebody?

Wait. They didn't know Shadowless Assassin's real identity, but they were pretty sure he was a man. It could be a hero saving a beauty though… However, It should be better to put it a hero saving a somebody!

Ye Xiao actually told them they could fight him instead of Shadowless Assassin.

That seemed quite stupid!

For them, what Ye Xiao said was like, 'Shadowless Assassin cannot move anymore. You can do whatever you want, but you should get over my dead body…'

Well, that was a typical rookie in the martial world.

[You? A rookie? You want to save him? Are you insane…]

[Let us show you what reality is like so that you can learn how cruel the martial world is sooner!]

Han Bingxue half-closed his eyes. He was speechless.

[Is he willfully showing weakness to the enemy? To make them lose alert?]

[Come on… Isn't it too obvious?]

"Who… do I… think I am?" Ye Xiao heard what they said and he looked a bit scared. But then he spoke in a loud voice, "I am the boss in my family!"

'I am the boss!'

He was an enemy to the four men of Saint Sunlight Sect, but they were still amused when they heard what Ye Xiao said.

They had never met someone like him before. [What a weirdo!] They thought.

He was their enemy, otherwise, they would like to give him more time to amuse them…

"Hmm. After we kill you, we may go to your family." A man blandly smiled. "I am sure your families will be surprised and glad that you are actually a friend of some evils. How lucky you are!"

Another man looked impatient. He said, "Chief, come on, let's just do it. Stop that useless talk. No matter how funny that stupid young man is, he means nothing to us. If somebody else come and snatch the chance, we won't be able to have the reward ourselves! Let's do it quickly."

The leader of them suddenly turned solemn. He said, "That's true. Let's do it now! Take that young man too!"

The one who was urged by the leader suddenly got excited. He dashed over to Ye Xiao with a full face of fierceness. He suddenly waved one hand in the air and a mass of raging heat shot over from the sky!

He didn't make a killing strike because he wanted to capture him alive!

Shadowless Assassin raised up his hands. He was prepared to take that strike.

He was a level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivator, whose eyes were so sharp. He had seen the cultivation status of Ye Xiao much earlier than the four men. He knew Ye Xiao was too weak. He was sure Ye Xiao would fail in a fight against Dao Origin Stage cultivators. Besides, he was facing four Dao Origin Stage cultivators at the same time.

He was able to fight now. Even if he wasn't, he would never sit there watching the young man being beaten or killed!

However, when he was about to make his move, before he could do anything, his eyes suddenly opened widely. His big eyes nearly popped out the eye frames. His mouth was wide opened for quite a while.

What he saw was too astonishing! That was the reason.

He even sweated because of it!

He saw the young man standing there like a god, with his clothes floating in the air. The young man casually stepped left a bit and then right, stepped forward with a stride, and in the end, took a turn and move to somewhere outside the attack range of the man from Saint Sunlight Sect.

Han Bignxue was an expert in cultivation. He knew how difficult it was when he saw it. When Ye Xiao stepped left, he broke the fierce assaulting qi; then he stepped right, it slowed down the speed of the attack further; by stepping ahead, he got away from the area under attack. When he took the turn at the end, it was just showing off. He was just doing all of the moves so casually.

The young man was only level seven of Dream Origin Stage, yet he was able to dodge the attack from a level two Dao Origin Stage. He even did it so casually?

Han Bingxue was totally shocked. Besides… he felt that the footwork of the young man seemed quite familiar!

Not only the other three men of Saint Sunlight Sect, but also Han Bingxue was shocked and confused.

The man who attacked failed to hurt Ye Xiao. His face suddenly turned dark. He started to attack faster and faster. Suddenly, energy flows filled the entire place.

He was obviously making area attacks, trying to hit Ye Xiao!

However, Ye Xiao just kept making those casual steps. Left, right, forward, backward, turn-over, and turn-over…

He just dodged so easily, no matter how fierce and powerful the opponent was attacking. He looked so casual. The attacks were like a rainstorm, which could not even get his sleeve wet.

He kept dodging as if he was losing. However, the others felt like he was a king, taking a walk in his own garden, with elegance.

He stepped and stepped, smiling, as if he was born a king who had just descended to the world of mortals!

He was giving people such a feeling, exactly because of the special footwork he was using!