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Chapter 946: Monarch’s Sword!

Chapter 946: Monarch’s Sword!
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The three other men of Saint Sunlight Sect saw that and they were stunned. They couldn't believe what they had just seen.

Han Bingxue was stunned at the beginning, but when he saw Ye Xiao play the footwork the second time, he was more than just shocked! At least his eyes told more than that!

After a while, tears started to fill his eyes with joy and happiness!

He was about to cry!

Deep in his heart, there was a raging tide. [What did I just see? That… That footwork… Isn't it Brother Ye's personal martial art!]

[The footwork of a conqueror!]

[Brother Ye told me once. It is called Supremacy Walk!]

[He gave it the name himself, according to the feeling he had to this footwork. There is no other footwork that can be better than this! Even though there are footworks faster and harder than this, none of them could be so dominating like this!]

[This is… Brother Ye's personal martial art!]

[This young man… Is he connected to Brother Ye somehow?]

Han Bingxue was lost in thoughts.

All that filled his head was his Brother Ye who had died for a long time!

[Finally, I saw the martial art of yours again! I feel it!]

He actually nearly shed tears.

[I have been risking my life, living as Shadowless Assassin, to kill all superior cultivators in the three factions! I am doing it because of you! I do it because I want to avenge you, Brother Ye!]

[I want to do something for you! For my good old Brother Ye!]

[I want everybody in Qing-Yun Realm to know and to see that there are people who still care about Xiao Monarch! There are his brothers who have been trying to avenge him! There are still his brothers living in the world!]

[Even though he is dead, his brothers will still be the ceaseless pain for the three factions!]

[We will risk our lives, we will give up our lives to show them this!]

[My life belongs to Brother Ye! I deserve to die for him!]

[I never knew that two years after he died, I actually saw his personal movements in somebody else. I felt him in this young man when he made the footwork!]

[This young man must be Brother Ye's successor!]

[No wonder he would save me…]

[No wonder he knows my true identity!]

Tears fell down…

At this moment, a change was brought to the battle…

Ye Xiao and the opponent both moved backward fast like shooting stars. The man of Saint Sunlight Sect suddenly shook his body, and suddenly, he made nine faint shadows of himself! The nine figures suddenly all rushed to Ye Xiao from nine different directions. Apparently, he was going to give no space for Ye Xiao to step away. He wanted to kill him with one strike!

Ye Xiao was moving backward at the beginning, and then suddenly, he turned over while moving and attacked one of the figures. He had pushed out his hands and it didn't seem so powerful, but eight of the nine figures vanished! Only that man himself was revealed!

The old man's shadow plays failed, but he didn't slow down his attack. He was still rushing to Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao had removed all fake figures but also restrained his own movement. He couldn't dodge anymore, so he had to take it in a rough way!

That man was level two of Dao Origin Stage already. Ye Xiao was merely level seven of Dream Origin Stage. That was a huge disparity. Even though the man's attack was only in thirty percent power, it was still overwhelmingly much powerful than what Ye Xiao could do. Everybody else knew it!

No matter how stunning it was when Ye Xiao destroyed the eight faint figures, he was losing this after that!

However, when the two of them were about crash, a stream of bright blue light shined like a sudden tide-rise!

At the same time, Ye Xiao suddenly stood up straight, looking forward to the man indifferently! He was where the blue light came from!

No matter the man who was attacking, or the others who were watching, they all felt some special atmosphere.

That blue light was a sword attack, which didn't seem like an attack from a man who was in combat!

It was like a death sentence of a king, with elegance and solemnness!

Swordplay of a King!

The level two Dao Origin stage cultivator felt it in the clearest way. He should have been winning the fight with his overwhelming attack, yet his attack stopped. He suddenly trembled. His face turned pale as if there was no blood in it.

He felt his heart stop and he exclaimed, "Monarch's Sword! It's the Monarch's Sword Move! Ahhhh…"

Be fore he finished, the splendid blue light shined even brighter, rolling up to the sky. The sword breath suddenly expanded to a marvelous level. It overwhelmingly rushed down to the man! Among the bright and beautiful sword lights, there was a blast of cold qi!

- Puff! -

That man's face still looked scared and pale, yet his tall and tough body started to turn soft and fall down the floor.

On his forehead, there was a small wound with blood in it.

However, a bloodstream shed out fast from the back of his head!

One sword strike!

Instant kill!

He could never have seen this happening to him, not even in his dreams!

He was in quite a high level in cultivation already. He wasn't that easy to kill. When he was fighting Ye Xiao at the beginning, he felt that the footwork was more excellent than he expected. He even thought of the footwork of Xiao Monarch for one second.

He was doubtful when he had that thought. That was why he was in a hurry to make his killing strike so soon, which was called Phantom of Eight! It made nine faint figures, including eight fake figures and one true to attack Ye Xiao. He could become any of the eight phantoms and leave a new one as he wish. That was a marvelous move that could perfectly restrain Ye Xiao's footwork. He wanted to surround Ye Xiao with that great move and kill him with one strike!

He thought he would at least create an opportunity to fight Ye Xiao and suppress him. He was right though. Ye Xiao noticed the secret of the move, and he even broke it. However, unavoidably, he had to fight the man in a tough way afterwards!

However, the man didn't think of the coming part of what would happen. He could never know that the young man would actually play a Monarch's Sword at the end!

Monarch's Sword of Xiao Monarch!

Xiao Monarch was the most powerful and dangerous enemy the three factions had ever met in about three thousand years. Even though in their hearts, he was long gone, the terror of Xiao Monarch was still haunting them all! In fact, it was getting stronger and stronger during the two years!

Because there was Jun Yinglian!

Because there was Shadowless Assassin…

Because there seemed to be a lot more…