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Chapter 947: Frost Heaven!

Chapter 947: Frost Heaven!
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In the two years, ninety-five percent of the people who died in Saint Sunlight Sect was because of the horrible Xiao Monarch!

Everyone in Saint Sunlight Sect felt it lucky that Xiao Monarch was dead. If he was alive, what consequence would that lead them to?

[Luckily, Xiao Monarch was being reckless because of anger. Luckily, he jumped out and fought us all face to face. Luckily, he couldn't control his sorrow and started that stupid fight. Luckily, he died…]

[If he chose to stay low for sometime and kill us secretly like Shadowless Assassin…]

[That would be a disaster for us.]

They thought.

They were right. Individuals, no matter how powerful they were, could never make any real influence, because they didn't have a backbone.

If Ye Xiao was alive—well, he was alive, but nobody knew—his people would become an army…

They could even contend against the three factions!

Xiao Monarch was a horrible name that kept frightening the disciples in the three factions.

As the man of Saint Sunlight Sect who was just killed by Ye Xiao saw the sword move, he freaked out. That was why he suddenly stopped the attack.

He died within one second because he stopped.

That got himself killed!

In a combat, every second could decide the end. He was fighting the world-shocking Monarch's Sword Move!

Monarch's Sword ruled the world!

It was not a sword attack that the Saint Sunlight Sect disciple could deal with. Even though the man was in level two of Dao Origin Stage, even though he was five levels higher than the man who played that sword move, he lost!

The true overwhelming aura of Xiao Monarch, the Monarch's Sword and the peerless Stars Sword, all of them together became irresistible! In fact, even if the man was concentrated in the fight, he could only end up dead under the sword strike, let alone he already panicked before the sword approached his head. He had lost faith. He was sure he lost!

The two words he said before he died had astonished the four men who were watching.

The other three men of Saint Sunlight Sect was going to attack Shadowless Assassin when the other one was fighting Ye Xiao. They just wanted to get it done as soon as possible. However, before they did it, they heard the three words the man who died. They exclaimed at the same time. They were frightened and didn't even make any move.

In fact, Han Bingxue could kill them all easily while they were stunned, but he didn't!

He was also stunned. His eyes were shining with bright lights, staring at the young man. He was thrilled. Luckily, the three men of Saint Sunlight Sect didn't attack him, otherwise, he would have died!

Apparently, Han Bingxue couldn't have anything in mind except the two words!

Monarch's Sword!

[That's… Monarch's Sword The long lost Monarch's Sword!]

[I saw it again… for real once, I saw it again!]

[He must be… the successor….]

The three men of Saint Sunlight Sect were in disarray. Han Bingxue was also lost in thoughts. Only one person at present was acting normal! Apparently, it was Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao killed that man with one attack, but he didn't stop. He ran fast with his sword ahead like a rushing tide. At the same time, he shouted, "What the hell are you waiting for? Can't you do something? Do you want them to go back and tell everyone else?"

Before he finished, he had already attacked the three Dao Origin Stage cultivators of Saint Sunlight Sect dozens of times!

The three men were still in shock. They could only defend themselves with instinct and couldn't fight back at all!

Three level two Dao Origin Stage cultivators were actually being suppressed by a level seven Dream Origin Stage young man.

- Clang, clang, clang… -

After a few times of sword clank, the three men hurriedly drew out their long sword, but got cut into halves by Ye Xiao's Stars Sword!

Most of the weapons in the world were just like trash in front of the sharpness of Stars Sword! It could basically cut everything apart!

That was easy.

The three swords were broken. Blood came next.

Somebody was wounded.

They didn't expect the young man's sword could be so sharp!

Han Bingxue was enlightened by Ye Xiao's shout.

[He is right! What am I doing? I should better get on doing the serious things now!]

[No matter who he is to Brother Ye, I can't let these men go back and report to Saint Sunlight Sect!]

He made a decision. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. He drew out the sword and the cold ice qi filled the entire valley instantly.


The sword lights covered the three men all of a sudden, like storms in the ocean!

In order to keep the secret of 'Xiao Monarch's successor', Han Bingxue made his killing strikes directly.

Frost Heaven!

He hadn't used it even when he was facing the enemies' hunt!

He didn't want to expose himself by showing them his personal skill…

He himself didn't fear death, but he had families. He could die for his Brother Ye, but he wouldn't get his families involved.

He could die in the realm, but he must leave his families safe and sound!

However, at this moment, in order to kill the three men, he made that strike without hesitation.

He saw hope.

[Brother Ye… He had a successor…]

"You… You are… Han…"

"Han Bingxue… You… Shadowless Assassin…"

"Arhhh…" With an exclamation, the man who seemed to be the oldest of the three stepped back staggeringly. There was a hole of blood in his chest. He stepped back slowly and looked at Han Bingxue. He couldn't believe it… "You should be… badly injured… How come…"

Before he could finish it, he fell back on the floor and then never moved again.

The other two actually died before him. They were peeled off by Han Bingxue already, leaving two skeletons. In the valley, it smelled only blood.

Han Bingxue was still showing a cold face. - Clang! - He put the sword back into the scabbard, stared at the three cold dead bodies, and spoke blandly, "I could get injured. I could get cured too."

Nobody knew for whom his answer was.

The three men… Well… Three dead bodies surely wouldn't be able to hear it…

"Hide your frost qi. Do not get yourself exposed." Ye Xiao called his attention.