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Chapter 948: Terrified!

Chapter 948: Terrified!
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Han Bingxue made a full power strike, not even trying to hide the trace of himself. The Frost Ninefold Heaven's Art was his signature. If somebody saw it, somebody who just needed to know a little about the martial world would immediately know him. It was obviously Frost Sword who made that strike.

Han Bingxue laughed and reached out his hand. A pumping power started to gather the frost qi back to him. - Shoot! - It was all collected to Han Bingxue's hands.

He raised his hands and everything was returned to normal. There were no traces of a slaughter except the four dead bodies.

[He actually knows that I can withdraw my frost qi… Not a simple young man…] He thought as he was doing it.

"Let's go!"

The two of them flew out fast one after the other and disappeared into the forest.

After a while, where the fight had taken place was in a disturbance already.

More people from Saint Sunlight Sect arrived. They all shouted in anger and shock.

More and more people came.

They all couldn't believe what they saw. A man who was dying, who they thought would die at any second, actually… killed four Dao Origin Stage cultivators at the same time and casually fled away…

The scene was well cleaned. There were no traces of him. Nobody knew where he went.

They could think of only one possibility. Shadowless Assassin was way stronger than the four men who died. Besides, he could perfectly hide his traces and let nobody notice where he went.

He could actually hide the smell of his body, his spiritual mind power, and his killing intent!

They knew Shadowless Assassin could absolutely do that. He had killed lots of their men before this. They knew he must be in the top level of Dao Origin Stage!

However, they just couldn't understand. He shouldn't be well enough to do so!

They believed he was dying… They believed he would die at any second!

[The elders who badly hurt him promised that he was dying!]

[Then how could he possibly hide so well?]

[He is able to hide himself this well. Doesn't it mean he is still able to fight?]

[Maybe he can't fight the top cultivators in our sect, but to fight us…]

They were not stupid. They knew how powerful and horrible a top-level Dao Origin Stage cultivator could be!

Everybody wanted the credit, but it was a different story if they had to risk their lives for it!

Suddenly, they were all terrified. Their hearts were filled with fear.

Shadowless Assassin might be able to kill them all… even if he was just recovered partly…

If he was fully recovered, he could even swallow the thousands of men they had at the moment, one by one, bite after bite.

"Send a message to the sect! We need help! Tell them… Shadowless Assassin is fully recovered!"

A middle-aged man with dark beard gave the order.


The middle-aged man made a deep sigh when he looked at the carrier hawk fly up to the sky.

This was the most large-scale action of Saint Sunlight Sect in the two years. They actually assigned over twenty elder level cultivators at a time.

However, it caused them a loss. All the superior cultivators who were assigned to this got injured in different extents. Some of them were too seriously hurt to recover. After they made sure Shadowless Assassin was injured to the point of death, they decided to let others chase him and they could go back to the sect and try to heal themselves…

The younger generation was doing the searching mission.

Surely, it was a great training project for the young generation.

"We don't fear death. We don't need people who fears for death," the elders told the disciples. That represented the attitude of the sect.

"It is certainly a safe hunt. Why don't we just let the young generations join this mission. It could be a boost for them!"

"Even though the Shadowless Assassin can barely move, he is still has that overwhelming aura. I guess after our men get through this, they will be enhanced both mentally and physically!"

"It can make them feel the strength of soul. They can also learn to know that a level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivator can still be killed, even by lower level cultivators, after torturing. That will warn them of the cruelness of the true martial world."

"It is benefiting the sect in a long term."

"The death of a super powerful cultivator is a warning to the entire Qing-Yun Realm, let alone they are all young lads!"

That was Saint Sunlight Sect's decision.

They all recognized it as a perfect plan.

That was the cruel martial world. That was the rule!

The stronger ones survived!

Saint Sunlight Sect wanted their young disciples to learn more about that.

However, things went wrong. Their younger generation could complete the mission and pass the trial only when Shadowless Assassin was truly unable to fight anymore.

What if he was still able to? What if he reserved the power? What if he was fully recovered?

They sent out so many young disciples like they had sent out lots of sheep, no, rabbits, into a forest where a huge tiger lived!

That was feeding the tiger!

It was such a serious situation…

"All disciples, stick together! Do not move alone!"

"Stay on our range. Dao Origin Stage disciples. You are on guard. When you notice something wrong, do not start a fight. Get away and warn the others!"

The dark-bearded middle-aged man gave an order with a solemn face.

That was the only strategy he could think of. It was not so positive, but it could more or less save their own men.

If the thousands of young disciples died out there, he would be suffering something more terrible than death when he returned.

He could do nothing but pray in the heart. [Elders, great elders… Please come to help…]

[What if the Shadowless Assassin shows up. I am level seven of Dao Origin Stage. I may not be able to stop him.]