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Chapter 949: Only One!

Chapter 949: Only One!
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"You are Brother Ye's successor!" They were in somewhere else. Han Bingxue looked relieved. When he looked at Ye Xiao, he looked nice and amiable.

[Successor of Brother Ye…]

[Brother Ye was such a heroic man. His successor is just as good as he was!]

[I don't know when he got himself a private disciple, but… well… I will give up my life to keep his disciple safe!]

[The name of Xiao Monarch is going to pass on by this young man here.]

He felt happy and satisfied.

In fact, Ye Xiao was speechless and awkward. He looked at this 'enlightened' Frost Sword… He didn't know what to say about it.

[What I did was try to show you who I really am… Now I have shown you whatever you should see to figure out my true identity… Yet… You actually think I am your Brother Ye's successor…]

[What an enlightenment…]

[Look at that weird glow in his eyes… Holy heavens… He has to stop looking at me like that. How can he look at me like that…]

[He is taking advantage of me… He actually wants me to call him uncle…]

[Holy F***. I should be looking at you like that.]

[Don't you remember who saved your life? Didn't I just save you from some really dangerous people?]

Ye Xiao was upset. He spoke moodily, "I mean… Come on. How hard is it to figure out who I truly am?"

That was such an unexpected question. It shocked Han Bingxue. Han Bingxue laughed and answered, "Hahaha… What are you talking about, kiddo? I just figured it out! It's easy. Isn't it? Fine. I am an uncle to you. So I guess I should just try to be forgiving!"

[Kiddo? Did? Uncle?]

[Are tired of being alive? I promise I will kill you if you want to die. How dare you take advantage of me like that?]

Ye Xiao made a long sigh, frowned, and said, "You know, Frost Ninefold Martial Art…"

"I know! I understand. Your master told you about it, right?" Han Bingxue was quite certain. "That's not strange at all… You master knew everything about me. There is no secret between him and me."

In a casual way, he reached out a hand and tapped on Ye Xiao's head. "Not bad, kiddo. You must be improving real fast. Besides, you have those fabulous dan beads… That is something much better than your master. Hmm. Do you have more dan beads like that? Give your fellow master one more. The sooner I am fully recovered, the sooner I will go out and kill them all! I will show you how powerful your master's brother is! I am world-shocking, overwhelming, murderous. and invincible!"

[Okay. Okay. That is too much. Uncle? Fellow master?]

[You are not going to stop taking advantage of me, are you?]

[Fair enough. I won't forget about this. We will get back to this topic soon!]

Ye Xiao's mouth was twisting...

[You believe I am my own disciple… Fine… Where does 'fellow master' come from? We are not disciples to the same master!]

[Fine! Even if I were my disciple, I am still not… You are not my… Fellow master? Really?]

[Holy heavens. That's confusing.]

[Pah! I am puzzling myself into it. He's taking advantage of me, and I am actually helping him think about how I should call him. I must be out of my mind because of anger!]

"It's fine if you don't have any. I know it is not easy to have lots of such great dan beads." Ye Xiao didn't answer, so Han Bingxue thought he had difficulty to give more dan beads. "Hmm. However, you must be careful out there."

He earnestly said to Ye Xiao, "Especially when you want to make friends with somebody, you have to be alerted. Learn from your master. He chose a bunch of real tough pals, brothers like me… You must know what a real friend means…"

Ye Xiao was speechless and embarrassed. He felt awkward!

[Is this Han Bingxue? He will keep nagging only when he stays with me!]

[But he doesn't know I am me! He thinks I am my disciple! Why is he so nagging? This is not right!]

Han Bingxue talked and talked, bragging about how good himself was.

The only thing he forgot to say was, 'I am good! I am super! I am marvelous! I am wonderful…'

[You want to give the young generation a lesson. That's fine. But… Do you have to do it this way? Keep bragging?]

"Sigh…" Ye Xiao made a long sigh. "I always know you are a chatterbox, but I never knew you are such a narcissistic man…"

Most people didn't really know about Han Bingxue. In their eyes, Han Bingxue was as cold as frost, as if he could chill others to death. They believed he would not say one unnecessary word even if he would die because of it!

That was cool!

That was awesome!

However, whoever really knew him, especially people who gave Han Bingxue the feeling of 'free to talk', like Ye Xiao, knew that Han Bingxue was actually a….

That was hard to describe.

What a weirdo! He must be unique in the entire realm.

Peerless in the universe!

Unique to the world!

Ye Xiao made a long sigh and said, "The Frost Ninefold Martial Art, step by step, it gets harder. Frost in the world, far away from heavens. Frost from the sky, freeze the earth. How many times of hardship does one have to overcome? Even saint doesn't know. When you think of such a question again, you have already been through thousands…"

He started to speak out loud.

Han Bingxue's eyes was turning bigger and bigger. He couldn't believe what he heard.

That was the main formula of Frost Ninefold Martial Art.

Only two people in the world should know about it.

Han Bingxue and Ye Xiao, Xiao Monarch!

Nobody else knew it. Han Bingxue was sure.

Even the disciple of Xiao Monarch could never have the chance to know it!

He believed Xiao Monarch would never tell anybody else about this, not even to his son, let alone just a disciple! Xiao Monarch would never do it.

It concerned about his honesty and honor!

A man could never live without honesty!

Xiao Monarch was an honest and honorable man!

Then how did the young man get to know?

[He is skillful in Xiao Monarch's martial arts. He should definitely be his disciple. He has to be!]

[Wait… There is another possibility…]

[There should be one person who also knows about his martial arts. Yes… There is…]

[One more…]