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Chapter 950: Brother, It’s Me!

Chapter 950: Brother, It’s Me!
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

Han Bingxue was enlightened. He looked at Ye Xiao and he was solemn. He still couldn't believe it.

[Could it be…]

Ye Xiao looked straight into Han Bingxue's eyes and spoke in a low voice, "Brother, it's me!"

Brother, it's me.

As simple as that. A few words revealed the truth!

Han Bingxue was shocked. He slowly turned over and stared at Ye Xiao. He couldn't believe it. His face turned red and then pale. His lips started to tremble. "You… Are you real?"

He started to quiver. He looked at Ye Xiao and murmured, "Is this real?"

Ye Xiao sighed and nodded, and then gently said, "Brother, it's me. For real."

And he added, "It's me, Ye Xiao!"

Han Bingxue still couldn't believe this. He looked at Ye Xiao and quivered, "Boss?"

Then he abruptly closed his eyes as two lines of tears fell down on his cheeks. He murmured, "Boss… You are my savior. I never forget what you did for me. Now that you are dead. I swear I will avenge you! Trust me!

"I know you came back. You want to see me, and you actually saved me one more time. I am grateful! I know you never ask anything in return, but I will avenge you, even if I will have to walk through fire and blades, even if I get myself smashed. I promise I will! No matter what, I will root up all the three factions, so as to ease the grudge in your heart! Rest in peace, Boss!"

He kept closing his eyes and gritted his teeth while speaking.

Ye Xiao was quite touched at the beginning, but when Han Bingxue said the latter part… Ye Xiao freaked out.

[Holy mother cracking heavens and hell…]

[I can't be franker now. How come he sees me as a ghost?]

[What part of me looks like a ghost? Why on earth are you so sure that I never ask anything in return?]

[Hmm… Indeed I never want you to return the favor… Well, I am not a ghost! I am not dead! To what end do you want me to rest in peace!!!]

Ye Xiao just wanted to beat Han Bingxue's head to a pulp and check what was inside his head that made him so stupid…

[Isn't it more possible that I took another body to reincarnate, considering what has happened? Yet the only idea you have in your mind is that I showed up as a ghost? What? Are you insane? What a stupid man!]

"You are… unbelievable…" Ye Xiao looked at Han Bingxue, "I am not dead! What are you doing here? Mourn? I am standing right in front of you, alive! What? What else should I do? Do you really want me to die that much? Do you want to let me die?"

Han Bingxue was stunned. He opened his eyes and stared at Ye Xiao like waking up from a bad dream. He seemed unable to accept the truth yet. After a while, he blinked and said, "What… What did you just say?"

"What did I say? I said I am alive! How did you live these days? Can't you understand human language now?"

Ye Xiao answered. He was speechless.

"Alive…" Han Bingxue blinked. He was trying to accept what Ye Xiao said. It seemed it was too difficult to understand what was going on yet.

After a while, he suddenly jumped up high and exclaimed loudly in excitement, "Alive!"

Ye Xiao awkwardly looked at the man who ran crazy in front of him.

"Holy heavens!" Han Bingxue grabbed his own hair and kept shouting, "You are not dead! You are alive! How? How can you still be alive?"

He grabbed his own hair and kept shouting, jumping, and staring.

"What do you mean how can I still be alive? Don't you want me to live?" Ye Xiao shouted.

"Hmm… Yes, of course, I want you to be alive. I mean… Urh… I mean how is this possible…" Han Bingxue was scared. He suddenly calmed down!

"Holy fxck…" Ye Xiao wanted to mourn for himself really. "I am alive! Do you understand? I am not dead yet! What kind of stupid question, possible or not… Just shut up or I will beat you up till you can't take care of yourself for the rest of your goddamn life!"

He couldn't endure this anymore. He was actually ready to start punching Han Bingxue. He didn't know what more to say to explain everything.

[I am not dead yet. Such a simple fact, yet he is so over-shocked and astonished. He actually asked how I could still be live? What?]

Ye Xiao was pissed. He didn't know what to say about it anymore. The only thing he could think of was to beat Han Bingxue up hard!

Nobody should blame Ye Xiao for being narrow-minded. Han Bingxue was being too stupid. Ye Xiao surely understood that his brother was being stupid because he was too surprised. However, it sounded like he didn't want Ye Xiao to be back from death.

Han Bingxue kept jumping and shouting. In fact, even he himself didn't know what he was saying. He just kept saying nonsense loudly.

"Can't you just stop? The only reason I am still not beating you is that I am too weak at the moment, and I may be beaten up by you instead. Otherwise, you will not be able to get off the floor now!" Ye Xiao frowned and said, "Do you forget what place we are staying now… You… You are drawing attention from our enemies! Can't you stop? Before anybody finds us?"

"That's right…" Han Bingxue suddenly calmed down and said, "I mean… Let's go. We should find somewhere else to stay."

Then he dragged Ye Xiao's arm and jumped out nearly a hundred meters. In fact, when he was in the air, he suddenly turned over like a psychopath and shouted, "Holy shxt! You are not dead! You are alive! What a surprise!"

[Holy fxck!]

Ye Xiao was totally about to freak out. He could feel it himself.

[Are you serious? Do you want me to die so hard? What are you…]

However, there was nothing he could do. He had to let Han Bingxue grab him and drag him ahead fast. Even though Han Bingxue was like a fool, he was still a powerful cultivator. Although he was only half recovered, he was still too powerful for Ye Xiao. The only thing Ye Xiao could do was to accept whatever Han Bingxue did to him!

After four hours, they had already left that area. They arrived at a forest.

Han Bingxue was finally sober after the cold wind slapped on his face all the way along. When they finally got to the safe place, he held Ye Xiao's arms and said in excitement, "Boss, is this really you? Are you real?"