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Chapter 913: Massive Absorption

Chapter 913: Massive Absorption
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Ye Xiao was speechless and enlightened.

He was generous to Erhuo for once. In fact, he didn't know what to do with the clouds himself, even though he knew it was a marvelous energy. Erhuo was actually surprised.

"What are you waiting for? Go do it!"

Erhuo made sure Ye Xiao truly approved it. It was so happy and couldn't stop meowing. It ran round and round behind Ye Xiao for a while and rubbed Ye Xiao's clothes with its fur. It must be so happy about this.

"Meow!" Then it rushed into the red and white clouds.

"You stupid cat… Are you going to get yourself killed? What if you fall from there…" Before Ye Xiao finished, Erhuo started to float in the clouds. It didn't fall down, instead, it was enjoying it.

The clouds were actually firm like a piece of land. It held Erhuo perfectly.

Erhuo was moving among the clouds, its small body rolling up and down. It was running loose around the clouds.

After a while, the red and white clouds that used to look so firm and steady gradually became a mass of vortex.

Erhuo was right in the middle of it. Its four paws kept grabbing the air. As it grabbed, the vortex expanded. The center of the vortex gradually hollowed down and the clouds eventually became a huge funnel.

After the funnel was formed, all the red and white clouds started to run over to the funnel like crazy. It was like a vortex in the ocean, with ea water running to it rapidly. As the red and white clouds were coming fast, Erhuo opened its mouth and took a huge breath in. The countless red and white clouds became one huge long dragon running and rolling into its mouth.

Ye Xiao was completely stunned. He couldn't believe what he saw. Such a little cat, with such a small mouth, actually swallowed such an enormous amount of red and white clouds like that.

Even though the clouds were loose, it still was a marvelous scene. That red and white clouds were not just some ordinary clouds. The energy of it was strong enough to kill so many super powerful cultivators. He had nearly died in this place. He couldn't believe Erhuo just swallowed the clouds like that.

The peerless No. 1 beast in the universe was not just a title. Erhuo was so shockingly awesome!

After a while, Erhuo made a burp. It surely had a great meal. It was too full to take anymore. However, there were still lots of clouds there. What Erhuo had swallowed was just about twenty percent.

Ye Xiao, however, was more than satisfied already. Twenty percent at once, that meant it would only take Erhuo four or five more times to finish all the clouds.

However, Erhuo didn't seem to stop even though it was full. It started to grab the air more industriously. The clouds below started to run up to it too…

[Holy heavens! What is it doing? You are full! You burped! You can't take more clouds! Why did you still stir the clouds? Where do you want to keep the clouds?]

Ye Xiao was confused, but then he felt something strange.

He found that the East-rising Purple Qi inside him was affected as the clouds were stirred.

After a while, he was hit by a thought. 'Something is happening in Boundless Space!' Erhuo could freely enter Boundless Space. It could open the entrance to the Boundless Space too. Did it keep the red and white clouds in the Boundless Space?

[Holy heavens! You are a spiritual beast of the universe. Of course, you can handle the clouds in your stomach. Are you sure Boundless Space could handle that? Even if you can keep all the clouds in Boundless Space, are you sure it won't hurt the Space? It can even affect East-rising Purple Qi!]

Ye Xiao hurriedly checked the Space, and then he was frightened. The Boundless Space was filled with lots of red and white clouds. More and more clouds were getting in. After a while, the Space was full.

The next moment, masses of purple qi showed up from the walls of the Space and started to crash the clouds.

Purple qi and the clouds hit each other and made small sounds. Unexpectedly, as the two masses of energy crashed, the red and white clouds disappeared.

Ye Xiao was surprised. How come the terrifying clouds would disappear after being hit by the purple qi in the Space? The purple qi was losing when he operated it out there!

Ye Xiao was an experienced cultivator. He was soon enlightened. The purple qi that was losing out before was based on his own weak strength. It was too weak. Even so, that purple qi still defended him for a while from the invasion of the clouds. It turned out the purple qi was actually stronger than the clouds.

When the clouds entered the Boundless Space, the purple qi inside was much stronger than the purple qi Ye Xiao could operate. The purple qi was the purest and heaviest in the Space. That was why the purple qi in the Space was overwhelming the red and white clouds thoroughly!

The red and white clouds didn't bring threats to the Space. However, because of the sudden situation, more and more purple qi appeared inside the Space…

Apparently, Boundless Space converted the soul power in red and white clouds into purple qi. Ye Xiao could feel the joyfulness of the Space.

[What? Was that my illusion? How could Boundless Space have an emotion…]

While he was thinking, the purple qi from the Space started to rush into his Jing and Mai like crazy. After the purple qi rushed over every corner of his Jing and Mai, it returned to the Space. However, there was a part of it that stayed in his dantian.

That was extremely pure purple qi. Even a little bit of it was good for him!

Besides, that was only the first wave. There was lots of purple qi coming up after that… It kept rushing into Ye Xiao's Jing and Mai again and again…

The red and white clouds were destroyed and converted when they just entered the Space. The clouds kept pouring in because Erhuo didn't stop stirring the clouds. The red and white clouds outside were like a rolling ocean. The clouds kept rushing into Boundless Space, and more and more purple qi showed up. That kept the purple qi rush over his Jing and Mai.

Ye Xiao was down in the precipice. He could see the clouds reducing fast. He was moving down again. He stopped feeling dizzy anymore now.