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Chapter 951: Strong Brotherhood!

Chapter 951: Strong Brotherhood!
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

Ye Xiao nodded. He was a bit frustrated. "Yes…"

He was annoyed by the hours long mental torture from Han Bingxue. He was quite happy to see Han Bingxue at the beginning after the two years. However, after the several hours, the happiness in his heart was almost gone…

"How did you become like this?" Han Bingxue was confused. He stared at Ye Xiao and asked.

"You are a Dao Origin Stage cultivator, brother. How could you ask me such a stupid question? Well… It's kind of like a walk-in situation… but not really… Anyway, let me start from the beginning…" Ye Xiao showed a bitter face and explained everything.

Han Bingxue kept staying close to Ye Xiao and said, "Hmm. I see. I understand. Okay, I get it. Why don't you punch me? You said you wanted to punch me earlier. Come on. Let's do it. Use your special technique. Quick. Come beat me. Full power Laughing Eight Blast!"

"God damn it! Are you insane?" Ye Xiao was pissed. "It's a footstep technique! How do I attack you with a footstep technique? You idiot! You want me to be an idiot like you?"

Han Bingxue raised up his head and looked at Ye Xiao. Finally, he was surprised. "Boss… You are real…"

[Damn! He's trying to test me! He still doesn't believe I am Ye Xiao!]

He decided to do something. He turned over one hand and then a word showed up in the air, moving over and hitting Han Bingxue's face.

He couldn't endure it anymore, so he just showed Han Bingxue the strongest evidence to make him stop nagging!

As he expected, Han Bingxue suddenly fell back to the floor like a rotten wood stick after being hit by that word, 'Xiao'!

Then he hurriedly got up off the ground with tears on his face. He was so happy. "Boss… It is you… It really is you…"

He actually rushed over to Ye Xiao and held him tight in the arms. He kept laughing, jumping, and crying. "I can't even dream about this. Boss. I can't believe you are still alive… You have no idea how it felt for me when I learned you died… I have almost gone insane… There has been nothing I care about except to avenge you. There is no Xiao Monarch in the world anymore, and there won't be Han Bingxue either. Without you, there is no me…"

Ye Xiao sighed and spoke gently, "Brother… Brother…"

After a while, Han Bingxue finally calmed down. He wiped the tears on his face and said embarrassedly, "Oh. I look like a joke. I am just being…"

"You are showing me your true heart! If I ever even think of it as something to be ashamed of, I must be a joke!" Ye Xiao said, "Brother, thanks! Thank you, for everything you have done for me! You have been through too much in the two years."

Han Bingxue nearly shed tears again. "As long as I can have you back, there is nothing too much for me to do!"

He suddenly stood straight up and laughed. "The three factions are the joke! They believe they have killed the great Xiao Monarch! What a joke! Hahaha… That is the biggest joke in the universe!"

Ye Xiao nodded and smiled. He said, "I guess there are more than just one joke. Li is alive too."

"Li Wuliang?" Han Bingxue couldn't believe it. He was surprised. "Li Wuliang is alive too? He is actually alive? How could he…"

"Stop! Stop it right now… Are you out of your mind? Do not keep questioning things that you shouldn't. I say he is alive. That means he is not dead yet. He is alive! Do not ask any questions about it anymore!" Ye Xiao had to stop him. He couldn't stand Han Bingxue's nagging anymore. That was terrible!

"I mean nothing bad! Truly! It is a great thing that you both are alive. A wonderful thing… Hmm… How is Li Wuliang doing? Is he alright? The three factions told everybody that Li Wuliang fell off the cliff and died. Nobody could have thought that he is still alive. Heavens do bless good people!" Han Dongxue said.

"He is alright. Just like me. After that fight, he survived but his power is wrecked. He hasn't recovered to Dao Origin Stage yet. It will take quite some time for him to fully recover to his prime condition." Ye Xiao sighed.

"That's not a big deal." Han Bingxue was still happy. "As long as you are alive, it is not a problem to recover. Just take the time. When you are ready, we will go wipe out the three factions once and for all!"

Ye Xiao nodded. In fact, he was having a different thought.

He couldn't let go of Cold Moon Palace.

And the people in it.

He made a long sigh.

The three factions were powerful. It wouldn't be easy to defeat them all. It would surely take a long time. Other than that, could he truly do it, when he had to fight against Cold Moon Palace?

He didn't have the answer. He was troubled!

"Bingxue, I am alive, so is Li. I think you should hold your revenge plan now." Ye Xiao said, "You can't do it on your own anymore. That's reckless. You are lucky that I went by earlier today. Nobody can always be lucky. If something like this happens again, you will die for nothing."

"Just wait till we are both recovered."

"It's your call." Han Bingxue laughed and said, "Brother Ye is alive. Of course, he is the boss. I will only obey whatever instruction you give to me. We will march out when we are ready. Let's strike them with a surprise and powerful attack. I don't have any reason to give up my life anymore. I won't act any reckless. I am not a fool."

"Hmm." Ye Xiao smiled and said, "Well, no more Shadowless Assassin."

"No more!" Han Bingxue smiled and said, "Xiao Monarch is back. So is Frost Sword."

They looked at each other and then started to laugh.

After a while, Ye Xiao walked out of the forest. Han Bingxue walked behind.

He had a pair of eyes that shined like stars and sharp eyebrows like swords. He was wearing all white clothes. His face looked a bit like ice. He was showing an aura of 'do-not-get-close' that might even freeze the entire world.

To look into his eyes, one would feel a chilling coldness from deep inside the bones.

That was the coldness of a hundreds of thousands of meters high snow mountain.

That was him, Han Bingxue.

He had removed his disguise and showed his true face now!

He was wearing all white from head to toe. Only his sword was black color. The handle of the sword was right behind his shoulder.

He looked handsome and inexorable.

He walked slowly, step by step, emitting the cold qi all around him. He was unique! He was a swan among a bunch of chickens in the world.