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Chapter 952: Limitless Boldness

Chapter 952: Limitless Boldness
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When Ye Xiao was Xiao Monarch, he would love to hang out with Li Wuliang and all the other brothers, except Han Bingxue, because Han was too good-looking. He was so handsome that it was hard for a man to like him!

What made people feel pissed was that he was always bold… That was quite difficult to endure…

Ye Xiao looked much better than Han Bingxue in this life, but he still didn't really like to stay show up with Han Bingxue. He was not being sentimental. He just couldn't stop thinking about how Han was nagging in front of him. He always freaked out listening to his nonsense. Every time when he thought about it, he couldn't help but want to kick Han Binxue hard in the ass and punch him again and again on the face! Otherwise, he would feel depressed!

Ye Xiao whistled to the sky. Before the whistle stopped resounding, horse steps suddenly resounded.

"Boss, your horse looks great." Han Bingxue looked at Darky. It was running fast from far away. He praised and said, "I have lived for many years in the martial world, yet I have never seen any horses that could compare to this one."

"That's reasonable!" Ye Xiao spoke blandly, "My Darky is the king of horses. Extraordinary!"

When he started the conversation, Darky was thousands of meters away. When Ye Xiao said 'extraordinary', Darky was already before their eyes, like a dark dragon riding in clouds.

It waved its tail and neighed, and then it placed its head to Ye Xiao's arms. That was quite a warm scene.

Ye Xiao checked on Darky and found that it was completely fine. Apparently, even though it had been chased by hundreds of people of Saint Sunlight Sect, it didn't get hurt at all.

Ye Xiao got on the horse and looked at Han Bingxue.

Without that stare, he was asking if Han Bingxue wanted to ride with him. However, he was also quite unwilling to share one horse with him! That was obvious in his eyes!

Han Bingxue proudly shook his head and said, "Boss, you ride the horse and I am fine on foot. Just don't ask me to wait for it."

Then he started to fly ahead. Honestly, he was running in quite a beautiful way.

Frost Sword shined in the world. That was not just kidding. If not for One Laughter in Skyline, which was the movement martial art of Xiao Monarch, Han Bingxue's Snow Flow could be the best and fastest movement skill in the realm!

Not long earlier, when they had been resting for a few hours, Ye Xiao let Han Bingxue swallow a few supreme dan beads. After that, Han Bingxue was ninety percent recovered. That was close to his prime.

He was so confident that he thought he could defeat anyone in anything.


He thought that running on foot could show his greatness… not on a horse.

Besides, it was not a beautiful thing to ride on one pony with a man!

[Well, you can be shameless. You are Xiao Monarch. I can't. I care about my reputation. What if people think that you and me… we… I will want to kill myself.]


[When I am alone…]

[The mountain is full of fallen leaves… Mountains were lying there in the distance. The forest is dense and dark. I am a beautiful man wearing white clothes like snow, with my dark shiny sword on the back, walking step by step.]

[I look cold.]

[My sleeves are flowing…]

[In the breeze, yellow leaves fall in the air, and I walk through…]

[My face, my gesture, my appearance…]

[That was…]

He was obsessed by the scene that he imagined in his head…

[That must be beautiful…]

[I have been staying low for over a year, because I had to stay low to avenge my brother…]

[Such a pretty man, staying behind the scene for such a long time, it must be the loss of the world!]

[Now that he is alive, and he is back. I guess the world shocking, well known, extraordinary Frost Sword should shine up bright again to make it up!]

[I never asked to be a handsome man, but since I am, shouldn't I show it to the world? I have no choice!]

He was walking quite slowly in front of the horse, lost in his own imagination. Staring at him, Ye Xiao was speechless.

He knew Han Bingxue too well.

He just felt so speechless and embarrassed.

However, when Han Bingxue and Darky stayed together, it made a beautiful image… The man was beautiful like jade, while the horse was pretty like a dragon. A man and a horse, white and black, a perfect match. That was taking the limelight from Ye Xiao!

Suddenly, over a dozen men showed up in front of them, but Ye Xiao didn't notice in advance.


Before the owner of the horse, Ye Xiao, Han Bingxue stepped forward and stopped it in advance, with a gentle, long resounding, and pretty voice.

That made him look like a man who cared for nothing but only traveling the world.

[Bloody heavens and hell… You bold bastard… You just can't let go of any chance. That can't be more pretentious…] Ye Xiao was speechless.

He couldn't stop being speechless and awkward since he reunited with Han Bingxue!

The men who suddenly showed up were all wearing blue clothes. On the chest, there was a sign of a scorching sun. That was the sign of Saint Sunlight Sect. The men were all surprised while looking at Ye Xiao and Han Bingxue.

One was riding on a horse, while the other was walking, both handsome and casual.

These men, they had a problem now… According to the message they received, Shadowless Assassin and the young man had sent a horse away as a bait, drawing their attention away. That was a dark horse. What they were looking at now was exactly two men and a black horse…

The question was, did they get the right men?

What confused them was that the two men were so calm and steady.

Han Bingxue stepped forward and spoke blandly, "Who are you? Why do you stop us? What do you want?"

He sounded calm, cold, and indifferent.

He looked like a sage. To look at him, it felt like… he would never be shocked by anything… Flowers blossomed and died… He just didn't care about anything…

That was something that could only be felt on some very special figures…

The men of Saint Sunlight Sect suddenly didn't know what to do while looking at Han Bingxue—they felt his coldness… "Urh… We are disciples of Saint Sunlight Sect… We are here to…"

Before that man finished, Han Bingxue nodded and casually asked, "Oh, you are from Saint Sunlight Sect. No wonder. I haven't left this Snow Storm Mountain for decades. I wonder how my brother, Wu Hui, is doing. How is he? Is he still the Prime Disciple of your sect?"

Ye Xiao nearly laughed.