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Chapter 953: Coincidence

Chapter 953: Coincidence
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Han Bingxue was definitely pretentious to a professional level. If he was an actor, he would be a superstar.

He was facing the enemies who had been hunting him, who wanted to kill him, yet he was so casual, acting like he was somebody else. He just kept pretending… Ye Xiao had to admit he was impressed!

However, he was not just good at acting, but also good at writing his own lines. Those men had just said they were from Saint Sunlight Sect, and before they finished, Han Bingxue actually interrupted and mentioned Wu Huitian… He even added the line 'is he still Prime Disciple of your sect'…

That was bravo. Ye Xiao nearly got sick because he had been trying so hard not to laugh.

[I mean… Wu Huitian has taken the place of being the head of their sect for over eighty years… You actually talk like you are from nearly a hundred years ago…]

[You definitely proved one truth. That is, pretentiousness is a serious business!]

[There is no limit! There is no end!]

Han Bingxue was showing his profession on being pretentious. He was the great grand master in pretentiousness. He was just so great at it! He did it so casually!

He was calm, steady, and casual. He shocked the men of Saint Sunlight Sect at once.

After a while, one of them said, "Well… Urh… You there… You mean you know… our Prime Master?"

"Mind your language!" Han Bingxue slightly frowned and said, "Are disciples in Saint Sunlight Sect all behave like this? You know I am senior, then why don't you use honorific? You there… Can't you call me master or something? Do you really think you can talk to me like that?"

The Saint Sunlight Sect people all turned pale in the face.

[Who are you… We don't know who you are… Who knows you are a senior or what… How can you just scold us like this.]

Han Bingxue blandly continued, "Prime Master… Oh… That's interesting. I never thought he would become your Prime Master… Not bad."

'Not Bad.'

Ye Xiao was living a second life now. He had been through all the difficulties down the lower realm and finally returned to this world. However, he nearly fainted when he heard Han Bingxue say the last few words. He had to submit to the excellent pretentiousness of Han Bingxue from the bottom of his heart.

'Not bad'. That was a compliment indeed. But that was usually said by a person in a higher position to the other in lower!

Wu Huitian was the head of Saint Sunlight Sect, the strongest of the seven great sects in the realm. Han Bingxue just talked like he was just a young man in his eyes?

Not bad?

It was just 'not bad' to be the Prime Master of such a great sect. What should be bad then? What should be good?

Should Wu Huitian become a match to Wu Fa, even able to defeat Wu Fa, to be good enough?

Ye Xiao nearly failed to endure this. The men of Saint Sunlight Sect were shocked.

They looked at each other. [Who is this guy? Where does he come from?]

[Why does he talk like that?]

[That seems to be impolite even to the elders of our sect!]

Han Bingxue was still acting casual and calm. He smiled and said, "Hmm. I can still feel all kinds of tastes in my heart when thinking of the old days… Well, I am old. I guess that's why I can't remember the exact time… Wu Huitian, the kid… He was good. Potential. He loved a girl like crazy. The girl, Ning. Hahaha… A man who is true to his heart. I always like to see how two persons in love can be together. So I helped a little… Well, I had something else to do, so I left before he told me the good news. I wonder if he married that young lady at the end? Is she your Prime Master's wife now?"

When he finished talking, the men from Saint Sunlight Sect suddenly became solemn and respectful.

The story of Wu Huitian courting Fairy Ning, the younger female disciple in Saint Sunlight Sect, was known to everybody in the sect. Everybody knew it as a beautiful love story. Everybody knew their Prime Master had been suffering a lot for the love from his wife when he was young…

However, after he became the Prime Master, nobody dared to talk about this story.

However… gossip never died. Nobody talked in public, but the story still kept spreading in the set. Every disciple knew it.

"Master, you are a friend to our Prime Master and his wife…" One of the disciples of Saint Sunlight Sect said with respect, "Please forgive our recklessness and ignorance. May I have your name please, Master?"

Han Bingxue looked so proud as if he was born in a higher position than anybody else. He blandly said, "What? After all that I said… you actually still don't know who I am?"

He shook and sighed. "Disciples in Saint Sunlight Sect are getting worse in common sense. You are lucky that I have been improving my endurance all these years. Otherwise, I will teach you in a tough way… Heh, heh… Anyway, Saint Sunlight Sect is in danger…"

Then he sighed.

"Could it be…" The man from Saint Sunlight Sect looked at Han Bingxue's clothes and felt his coldness and casualness. He was suddenly enlightened. He was even more respectful. He said, "Master, may I recklessly have a guess that you… maybe you are the Mortal Ice, the Unique Star of North… Master Han?"

Han Bingxue blandly smiled and then nodded, as if he felt that the young man was still hopeful. He said, "You do have a pair of sharper eyes than the others…"

That young man was thrilled. He even felt flattered. He said, "That's flattering! I happen to know about your name by coincidence That's all…"

Han Bingxue spoke blandly, "Oh? Coincidence? Wu Huitian doesn't seem to be a man without gratitude. At least… At least he remembers what I have done for him in the old days and he let somebody else know about it too. Hmm. I am glad."

In fact, none of the disciples knew about anything about him helping their Prime Master at all.

That young man just made a blind guess according to the clothes and posture of Han Bingxue.

He knew nothing about how the senior master helped their Prime master in a difficult courting.

The disciple knew something totally different from what Han Bingxue was telling! He didn't know that Master Han from Wu Huitian.

However, Han Bingxue said 'Wu Huitian doesn't seem to be a man without gratitude', so the young man dared not to deny it.

Well, he decided to just let it be this way!