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Chapter 985: Is She Ugly?

Chapter 985: Is She Ugly?
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Ye Xiao spoke in a low voice, "Miss Xuan, you must know much more than I do about Qing-Yun Realm. Maybe you can make a conjecture. In this world, who is powerful enough to run such a big organization?"

Xuan Bing bitterly smiled. "This is a hard one. In fact, the top-class sects in the world all have the power to do this. In fact, I am afraid nobody wants to pay the price for such a thing…"

Ye Xiao smiled too.

That was right. To run an organization that was able to make such perfect plans, it must be difficult for almost all forces, no matter how many resources they had. Anybody who wanted to do this must pay lots of time in it. Besides, this was going against people's will on the world. If they made any tiny mistake, it might expose them. Once they were exposed, they could easily be destroyed.

However, they did it so perfectly that nobody knew about it at all.

There must be some world shocking secrets behind this organization.

"However, since they have started to do the attacks, it won't be too long before they appear in front of the public." Xuan Bing's voice contained heavy murderous qi. "Before they did anything, nobody noticed them. That is normal. However, as long as they frequently do such things soon, there will be a thread that can lead to truth!"

"Such organization, the day when it is exposed, is definitely the day it ends!" Xuan Bing spoke in a love voice, "When that day comes, I will surely be one of the people who will get together to sweep them!"

After three days.

They were finally close to the Oracle District.

Nothing special happened in the three days, except Xuan Bing beat Han Bingxue up again on the road.

He truly had a big mouth that was so annoying. She had to beat him up and made him shut up to bring peace!

Han Bingxue was curious about why Xuan Bing had to keep being so mysterious.

One afternoon, he went to talk to Ye Xiao again. "Ah. Boss. Is Miss Xuan too ugly to show her face to others? What do you think?"

Ye Xiao was speechless. He didn't want to answer that.

Han Bingxue asked him a few more times. Ye Xiao hadn't given him any response. Han Bingxue couldn't help but say it out loud, "Is she really that ugly?"

That was right. He said it out loud, not talked to Ye Xiao in mind connection.

That was the reason why things suddenly changed so abruptly!

Before he finished the last word, a tragedy happened to him.

When he said that, he was having a fish soup. After he said it, his head was pushed into the bowl of soup, his butt got kicked hard, and he was kicked out of the restaurant with the soup dripping on his face!

That was just the beginning!

Xuan Bing didn't just go easy on that. She followed him out and gave him a big fight!

At this moment, Xuan Bing's anger had reached a most horrible level! Ye Xiao could only stay silent watching them. He didn't dare to stop her.

For a woman, it was most unacceptable to be called ugly! She felt fine if somebody said she was poor, weak, or anything else.

A woman hated people calling her ugly!

She hated people calling her fat!

No matter who called her either of these two, no matter how soft and gentle she usually was, she would rage up and become a tyrannosaurus!

Han Bingxue was unlucky.

He offended a woman on something she cared the most.

The most!

So he deserved this! He shouldn't complain at all!

He was swollen so bad that he looked three times bigger than he should be after that buffet!

Ye Xiao just kept quiet. He didn't even think about stopping it. In fact, he was gloating… [Good!]

[Bastard! You should get a hard one!]

[You really have an… annoying mouth!]

[You just didn't listen when I tried to teach you. Now you get a tough one. You deserve it!]

[Let's see if you will keep this in mind and watch your mouth! You know what? This is retribution. It always comes. It's just a matter of time!]

The next day when they got back on the road, Han Bingxue was groaning. He was nearly unable to walk.

Xuan Bing had done something rough on him. She made his bones, and Jing and Mai ache till the next day. No matter what he did, he just couldn't make it feel better. Who was Xuan Bing? A powerful cultivator! She wanted him to suffer so that he could remember this. Of course, it wasn't easy for him to ease it…

Han Bingxue was suffering the pain, but didn't dare to be left behind… That was… so miserable… When Ye Xiao saw him like that, he really felt… like laughing out loud…

Maybe Han Bingxue should truly be careful on choosing friends… In fact, everybody should choose a friend like Ye Xiao!

"Can we… take a break…" Han Bingxue was begging.

He kept walking with pain but realized the other two didn't care for him at all. He eventually asked for help!

"No!" Xuan Bing turned it down. "We have found something that concerns the future of the entire realm. Time flies. Why should I take a break now? Do you think you are the fragile one? Haven't little Brother Ye kept staying with us all along? Why doesn't he ask for a break?"

Han Bingxue nearly shed tears.

[Sister, please… Just say it if you want to torture me… Don't put such a sin on me… It's true we found something about that secret organization… It concerns the future of the realm… But… Why are we in a hurry? What for? What's the plan?]

[I am not fragile, okay? Not at all. I don't look like injured, but… I really feel bad. I can't take it anymore. I am suffering unbearable pain here.]

Xuan Bing was apparently an expert in torturing. She had truly given Han Bingxue a hard one, yet she didn't leave any excuse for him. He wasn't injured. There was no wound on him. He could still run his spiritual power.

However… there was just one thing special.

His Jing and Mai were thirty percent locked by Xuan Bing.

It wouldn't show any difference if he just did something normal. However, if he walked for a long time, and it tired his Jing and Mai, he would get muscle aches. If it was just pain, it might be okay to endure it, but it was muscle aches and soreness together. That was something truly unbearable!

It wasn't easy to do that 'thirty percent' though. Ye Xiao watched her do it. He was an expert too.

He knew that it was a marvelous skill, the Bones Interlaced Art. To make it a perfect torturing skill, she lowered the destructive effect level but added ten times more control level. That made it perfect.

It only made him suffer, but it wouldn't hurt his body.

Ye Xiao had seen through it, but he was sure he was unable to do it. Even when he was Xiao Monarch in his prime, he was still unable to do it. It required a top-level cultivation, best skill, and optimal control to do it!

That was what she had done on Han Bingxue to make him suffer so bad. He was totally walking with tears in his eyes all along.