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Rebirth How A Loser Became A Prince Charming

Author:Rrbao Angel

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Updates:Chapter 418: Enough Profit

Qin Guan was reborn and sent back to his final semester in High School 18 years ago. Getting a second chance at life, he works hard to turn things around and eventually become a Prince Charming. What will his life be like the second time around? What will he have to go through? How will he succeed in turning from a loser into a Prince Charming? 重生之抠脚大汉变男神
《Rebirth How A Loser Became A Prince Charming》 Text
Chapter 1: Eighteen Again
Chapter 2: Crushing on Cong Nianwei
Chapter 3: The Days Before the College Entrance Examination
Chapter 4: Graduation Party
Chapter 5: The Moneymaking Barbecue Stand
Chapter 6: A Prince Charming With A Choppy Hairstyle
Chapter 7: Buying A House in Beijing
Chapter 8: Military Training
Chapter 9: The Troublesome Student
Chapter 10: Cong Nianwei’s Suitor at Tsinghua University
Chapter 11: Landai Club
Chapter 12: The Dance Competition and The Fight
Chapter 13: A Fight Between Rough Men
Chapter 14: Eggs Laid by the Red Flag
Chapter 15: The Bateau Interview
Chapter 16: Big Plate Chicken at the China World Mall
Chapter 17: Vinexpo China
Chapter 18: Huang Jiajia Vs. Cong Nianwei
Chapter 19: CET 4 and the Computer
Chapter 20: Abacus Level 5 and the First Pot of Old City
Chapter 21: Holding Her Soft Hand
Chapter 22: The 1998 Snowfall
Chapter 23: The First Photo Shoot
Chapter 24: Barbeque on Principal Filter
Chapter 25: The Driving License Exam
Chapter 26: Niu Street and the Zhang Yiyuan Tea Shop
Chapter 27: A Kind of Successful Confession
Chapter 28: The Long Train Ride Home
Chapter 29: A Martial Artist Among Ordinary People
Chapter 30: Business in the Morning Market
Chapter 31: The Urban Management Officer
Chapter 32: The Big Deal
Chapter 33: The Carrefour Poster
Chapter 34: Three Small Gigs
Chapter 35: Liu Xiaoyang’s Gigot
Chapter 36: Huan Jiajia’s First Test
Chapter 37: Professor Li's Training Courses
Chapter 38: Business with J Boss
Chapter 39: The Friend-Making Party
Chapter 40: The Red Star Bar
Chapter 41: A Successful Meeting
Chapter 42: Photo Studio Models
Chapter 43: The Cathedral Church
Chapter 44: Nations of Mi and Cowboy 【1】
Chapter 45: Eldest Brother’s Day
Chapter 46: The Automobile Accessories Market
Chapter 47: The Contract Plan
Chapter 48: The Prince of the Ball
Chapter 49: Love Rival
Chapter 50: Zhongguancun in 1999
Chapter 51: The Special Disk
Chapter 52: Watching A Movie Together
Chapter 53: Hello Animal World, Farewell Animal World
Chapter 54: Formal Contract
Chapter 55: 10,000 Yuan
Chapter 56: The Tyrant's Feast and the Wet Shirt
Chapter 57: The Photo Exhibition
Chapter 58: Model Business Photos
Chapter 59: The High School General Examination
Chapter 60: Super Cheater
Chapter 61: Two Dependent People
Chapter 62: Business on the Beach
Chapter 63: Wholesale Market
Chapter 64: Recalling Fang Pingping (Bingbing)
Chapter 65: Everything Is Ready
Chapter 66: Business on the Beach and Delicious Dishes
Chapter 67: The First Date
Chapter 68: Heartbeat
Chapter 69: Swimming in the Sea
Chapter 70: Dog Paddling for the Win
Chapter 71: The New Face Model Competition
Chapter 72: The Preliminary Competition
Chapter 73: Arch Enemies
Chapter 74: Oh! Powerful!
Chapter 75: The Underestimated Military Uniform
Chapter 76: The Talent Show
Chapter 77: The Winners of the Local Final
Chapter 78: Shabby Rewards
Chapter 79: The Pessimistic T Stage Show
Chapter 80: Bathing with an Enemy
Chapter 81: The End of the Competition
Chapter 82: An Honourable Sophomore
Chapter 83: A Strong Girl
Chapter 84: The Hapless Duo
Chapter 85: Misfortunes Come in Pairs
Chapter 86: The Troublesome Girl
Chapter 87: The Sleeping Teacher
Chapter 88: The Fun Journey to the Grassland
Chapter 89: A Horse Called Troublemaker
Chapter 90: Threatening But Not Dangerous
Chapter 91: The End
Chapter 92: A Short Interview
Chapter 93: Legend of Ghost Street
Chapter 94: Mysterious Light Spots
Chapter 95: Emergency
Chapter 96: Gratitude and Resentment
Chapter 97: The Playful Shirt
Chapter 98: The Girlfriend Present
Chapter 99: The Haunting Love Rival
Chapter 100: A Sworn Follower with Low EQ
Chapter 101: Final Rejection
Chapter 102: The Suicide Farce
Chapter 103: Cheating for Mercy
Chapter 104: Thief!
Chapter 105: Catching the Thief
Chapter 106: Short Work Notice
Chapter 107: An Unexpected Friendship
Chapter 108: Opportunity
Chapter 109: Picked by the Designer
Chapter 110: The Beer Bear
Chapter 111: Beer Sales Girls
Chapter 112: Changing Situation
Chapter 113: A Lost Opportunity
Chapter 114: The First Show
Chapter 115: A Strong Look is Power
Chapter 116: Unreasonable Hostility
Chapter 117: Hypocrite
Chapter 118: Focusing on College
Chapter 119: Never Played Basketball
Chapter 120: Mighty Liu Xiaoyang
Chapter 121: Using Temporary Knowledge
Chapter 122: Youth Without Tears
Chapter 123: A Charming Prince
Chapter 124: A Mysterious First Glance
Chapter 125: Arch Enemies Always Get Together
Chapter 126: Thanks for the Support
Chapter 127: I Love My Grandma The Most
Chapter 128: Love in the Old Times
Chapter 129: The Five Star Wholesale Market
Chapter 130: Busted by the Staff of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau
Chapter 131: John the Bisexual
Chapter 132: Three Girls and One Man
Chapter 133: Oh, No! They Are All Martial Artists!
Chapter 134: The Four Accountants
Chapter 135: The Brand Endorsement Contract
Chapter 136: Shooting An Advertisement
Chapter 137: The First Car
Chapter 138: House, Car, Bills
Chapter 139: The Great Director
Chapter 140: Just Shut Up and Kiss Me!
Chapter 141: Are You Serious?
Chapter 142: Forgive Me, Grandma Rong!
Chapter 143: A Careless Man Hugs A Princess
Chapter 144: Taking Off The Costume
Chapter 145: Kissing and Cuddling?
Chapter 146: Let Me Go! It's Indecent!
Chapter 147: Fighting Back
Chapter 148: The Path Winds Through High Peaks
Chapter 149: The DV Film
Chapter 150: Sunflowers
Chapter 151: The CCTV Hit Show Daming Palace
Chapter 152: Learning About the Buddha Doctrine
Chapter 153: Bianji in a Grey Frock
Chapter 154: Success and Failure
Chapter 155: Let’s Build A Love Nest Together
Chapter 156: The Legendary Swordsman Yang Lianting
Chapter 157: Hierarch’s Secret Garden
Chapter 158: The Wire is Nothing
Chapter 159: I Love You
Chapter 160: Gunpowder Smoke at Fashion Week
Chapter 161: Dirty Tricks
Chapter 162: John's Promotion
Chapter 163: Shao Xiaobing's Dirty Trick
Chapter 164: An Admirer From a Foreign Land
Chapter 165: Huang Jiajia's Confession
Chapter 166: Job Hunting
Chapter 167: Past Life Acquaintance
Chapter 168: In the Bandits’ Nest
Chapter 169: A Warm and Quiet Life
Chapter 170: Farce at the Annual Gala
Chapter 171: The Lolita Fan
Chapter 172: “The Legendary Swordsman” Is On
Chapter 173: The Beijing Film Academy
Chapter 174: Will You Go to the US, Qin Guan?
Chapter 175: Qin Guan Seized the Opportunity!
Chapter 176: Afrodyn!
Chapter 177: The Nearly Forgotten Money
Chapter 178: A Dog Called Egg
Chapter 179: Feelings Need a Foundation
Chapter 180: The Charming Smile of a Villain
Chapter 181: Romance Across Time and Space
Chapter 182: Several Slaps on the Face
Chapter 183: Fire!
Chapter 184: The Human Rights of a Tortoise
Chapter 185: The Manservant
Chapter 186: So Funny!
Chapter 187: Accepting the Younger Brother
Chapter 188: Becoming Famous
Chapter 189: Negotiation
Chapter 190: Dedicating Oneself to the Motherland
Chapter 191: Different Ways of Life
Chapter 192: A Group Visit to the Studio
Chapter 193: Luring Glances
Chapter 194: Drinking the Strongest Liquor and Marrying the Most Beautiful Woman
Chapter 195: You Are Jealous of Me
Chapter 196: Tangled
Chapter 197: Arousing Enthusiasm
Chapter 198: What A Shame!
Chapter 199: The Strict Chief Editor
Chapter 200: Black and White
Chapter 201: The Girlfriend's Supervision
Chapter 202: The Mighty Queen
Chapter 203: A Handsome Boy and a Fortunate Girl
Chapter 204: A Shrewd Merchant
Chapter 205: Hot Sales
Chapter 206: Trouble in Business
Chapter 207: A Girl Named Mou
Chapter 208: The Quiet Before the Storm
Chapter 209: Artists in the 798 Plant [1]
Chapter 210: A Clash of Emotion and Reality
Chapter 211: A Gaffer Named Wenwen
Chapter 212: Girls
Chapter 213: The Green Tea Bitch and White Pond Lily
Chapter 214: Shareholder
Chapter 215: A Porch Light
Chapter 216: The Mystery Woman
Chapter 217: Nothing About Romance
Chapter 218: My New Awesome Friend
Chapter 219: Weirdos Are Everywhere
Chapter 220: Outburst
Chapter 221: A Seductive Test
Chapter 222: Raising One’s Status
Chapter 223: Sister Xue's Cold Reception
Chapter 224: Profound Historical Accumulation
Chapter 225: Who Said the City Was not Literary?
Chapter 226: Making A Decision
Chapter 227: The Meritorious People Backstage
Chapter 228: Project Decided
Chapter 229: The Photo Album
Chapter 230: The Girlfriend's Visit
Chapter 231: Jealousy
Chapter 232: Dramatic Acting Skills
Chapter 233: Entertainment Circle Reporters
Chapter 234: The Affair
Chapter 235: A Battle
Chapter 236: The Citizen Launch Event
Chapter 237: Rejected Affection
Chapter 238: The Estee Lauder Pen
Chapter 239: Thief!
Chapter 240: A Small World
Chapter 241: Questioning
Chapter 242: Opportunity
Chapter 243: A Big Deal
Chapter 244: Everything Is Ready
Chapter 245: Drunk Without Wine
Chapter 246: A Professional Agent
Chapter 247: Poaching
Chapter 248: Preliminary Discussion
Chapter 249: The Photo Album Release
Chapter 250: Hot News
Chapter 251: Adding Fuel to the Fire
Chapter 252: Endless Strange Affairs
Chapter 253: Chaos
Chapter 254: A Female Companion on the Red Carpet
Chapter 255: The 18th Line
Chapter 256: My Savior
Chapter 257: An Eagle Falling from the Altar
Chapter 258: Interesting
Chapter 259: Silence
Chapter 260: The Bid Opening
Chapter 261: I’m Sick
Chapter 262: Injections and Buttocks
Chapter 263: An Abundance of Scripts
Chapter 264: Choice
Chapter 265: Qualifying for an Autographed Copy
Chapter 266: Qualification
Chapter 267: Chaos
Chapter 268: The Offer
Chapter 269: Can I Still Love You?
Chapter 270: Qin Guan's Fan Club
Chapter 271: The Most Beautiful Student
Chapter 272: The Screen Test
Chapter 273: Displaying and Hiding
Chapter 274: The Possibility of Becoming a Meat Pie
Chapter 275: You Are Mine
Chapter 276: Amazing
Chapter 277: No Problem, Director Zhang
Chapter 278: Taking Action
Chapter 279: The Horn of Battle
Chapter 280: Parents Meeting
Chapter 281: Heroes
Chapter 282: Sorry, Qin Guan
Chapter 283: Thank God I Covered My Face
Chapter 284: Hiding
Chapter 285: The Award Ceremony in Tokyo
Chapter 286: On Site
Chapter 287: Tangled Romance
Chapter 288: Vicious Intentions
Chapter 289: A Plan Backfiring
Chapter 290: Spicy Girls!
Chapter 291: Fighting Over Qin Guan's Chastity
Chapter 292: A Cold Porcelain Doll
Chapter 293: The Cozy Soya Sauce Ramen
Chapter 294: A Fierce Black Dragon
Chapter 295: The Influence of Asian Models
Chapter 296: The Interesting Industry of Shinjuku
Chapter 297: Who Sent You Here?
Chapter 298: The Meaning of Colorful Flags
Chapter 299: The Greatest Punishment Is Indifference
Chapter 300: The Final Job
Chapter 301: A Young Monk On A Cloud
Chapter 302: Wang Yuyan at 16
Chapter 303: Lin Zhiying Is A Gentleman
Chapter 304: The Beauty of Zhejiang Province
Chapter 305: It’s My Battlefield
Chapter 306: INITIAL D
Chapter 307: Chen Hao Was Beautiful Those Days
Chapter 308: Men Also Like Gossip
Chapter 309: A National Affair
Chapter 310: Calm Down, Princess!
Chapter 311: I’m Cold, Hug Me
Chapter 312: Notice From Overseas
Chapter 313: When We Were Nobodies
Chapter 314: Melancholy
Chapter 315: We Wish You A Happy Future!
Chapter 316: Elapsed Love
Chapter 317: New York, New York
Chapter 318: Start of A New Life
Chapter 319: Strange Neighbours
Chapter 320: The Eight-Nation Alliance
Chapter 321: Heavy Metal Rock
Chapter 322: The German Sun
Chapter 323: Applause
Chapter 324: Schools Open
Chapter 325: Throwing Herself at Him
Chapter 326: The Hero Saved the Beauty
Chapter 327: Luxurious Columbia University
Chapter 328: Class Has Begun!
Chapter 329: Chinatown
Chapter 330: Are you Kidding?
Chapter 331: The Quintessence of Chinese Culture
Chapter 332: Homework at Night
Chapter 333: Racial Segregation
Chapter 334: Theatre Club
Chapter 335: Part-Time
Chapter 336: Resume Delivery
Chapter 337: Not That Simple
Chapter 338: Second Rate Model
Chapter 339: The Italian Festival
Chapter 340: The Difference Between F and B+
Chapter 341: A Difficult Interview
Chapter 342: Military Style
Chapter 343: Saving A Beauty
Chapter 344: The Final Test
Chapter 345: Appreciation From An Old Manager
Chapter 346: Slow Down, Grampa
Chapter 347: Chinese Freemasons
Chapter 348: Robbery
Chapter 349: Hands Up
Chapter 350: The Russian Tearoom
Chapter 351: A Scream During the Show
Chapter 352: The Director
Chapter 353: J Clothing Is Coming
Chapter 354: The World Is My Stage
Chapter 355: An Order From Broadway
Chapter 356: Midterms
Chapter 357: Stop Jabbering, Rongzhi!
Chapter 358: Welcoming Party at Columbia
Chapter 359: Together Again
Chapter 360: Impressing the Whole Audience
Chapter 361: Is the Crown Valuable?
Chapter 362: An Influential Man on Campus
Chapter 363: Freelance Photographer
Chapter 364: Hello, New York Fashion Week!
Chapter 365: Giorgio Armani
Chapter 366: Similar Concepts
Chapter 367: Getting Noticed
Chapter 368: Good Graces
Chapter 369: New York Times
Chapter 370: Three Invitations
Chapter 371: The Armani Product
Chapter 372: The Armani Advertisement
Chapter 373: Unblessed Love
Chapter 374: To Forge Iron One Must Be Strong
Chapter 375: Roar
Chapter 376: You Are the Boss
Chapter 377: Invitations From Everyone
Chapter 378: Carmine Cong Nianwei
Chapter 379: Will You Run for Chairman?
Chapter 380: The Party Shooting
Chapter 381: Treating the Wounded and Rescuing the Dying
Chapter 382: Underground Doctor
Chapter 383: I’m not Gay!
Chapter 384: The First Film
Chapter 385: I Can Play Piano
Chapter 386: Forbidden Kiss Between Boys
Chapter 387: Adoration
Chapter 388: Massacre
Chapter 389: The Real Demon
Chapter 390: Battles Among the Ivy League
Chapter 391: Escaping From Trouble
Chapter 392: The New York Chinese Yacht Club
Chapter 393: Careers
Chapter 394: The Intelligence of Actors
Chapter 395: Sister Xue's Idol
Chapter 396: Quick Shooter
Chapter 397: Ambiguous Attitude
Chapter 398: Sister Xue’s Success
Chapter 399: Julia Roberts
Chapter 400: The Wide-Mouthed Beauty
Chapter 401: Resisting External Temptation
Chapter 402: A Woman's Heart is the Worst Thing in the World
Chapter 403: The Affair
Chapter 404: Open for Business
Chapter 405: The Art Dealer
Chapter 406: Chinese Treasure
Chapter 407: One of the Most Valuable Certificates in the US
Chapter 408: Christmas Shopping Guidance
Chapter 409: Uninvited Christmas Guests
Chapter 410: Top Brands
Chapter 411: A Promotional Conference
Chapter 412: The CPA Exams
Chapter 413: The Real Prince
Chapter 414: The First Client
Chapter 415: The Old Accounting Firm
Chapter 416: Latent Rules
Chapter 417: Qu Xuemei Is Coming
Chapter 418: Enough Profit