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Chapter 758: The Investment

Chapter 758: The Investment
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The edges of the pages looked worn, which indicated that the scriptwriter had polished the script repeatedly.

The large characters on the cover spelled "Crazy Stone".

In Qin Guan's past life, the outstanding film had suffered until Liu Dehua had founded a film company that had collected scripts from all over the country.

Qin Guan looked through the precious notebook. The man in the pajamas and the man in the suit looked perfectly harmonious under the dim lamplight.

The two of them burst into laughter when the gate opened again and a shivering man walked in. The cold wind made his hair stand on end.

"Brother Qin! You are here!"

Huang Bo looked stunned as he held on to a bag of cold food.

Qin Guan pointed to the greasy table. "Is that the dinner Director Ning intends to treat me to? I hear that the studio will be releasing a record for you. Why are you still idling around? I should be giving you a lesson."

Huang looked unhappy as he rushed to the table and threw the bag on it.

"Who is slandering me behind my back? Sister Xue has found a lot of work for me, but you know how the market is. A good script is hard to find, so I'm working for the directors here in the meantime. Ask Ning Hao! I'm at his command!"

Qin Guan shot a disdainful look at him. His jacket was full of static electricity and his fluffy hair stood on end once again.

"No time like the present. Let's deal with this script. Qin Guan will play the top thief from Hong Kong."

He was right. No one could beat a top model.

"The budget is definitely sufficient. Don't worry, Qin Guan's firm will fill any gaps."

As he looked at the shameless guy, Qin Guan finally lost control and kicked Huang's butt.

"Thank you, Huang Bo! Just go ahead and make decisions on my behalf!"

"Ouch!" Huang, who was caught off guard, fell down on the dirty ground with a scream.

Qin Guan got scared, but Huang bounced up from the ground like a gymnast and started dusting his butt off like crazy.

Ning Hao finished his tea soup calmly and smiled at Huang. "Hey! Your pants are clean. Don't start crying!"

His words were like the most beautiful music for Huang, who calmed down immediately, opened the bag and handed Qin Guan a pair of chopsticks.

"That careless guy always gets his clothes dirty. He's been making some money lately, so he took his wife away from the countryside to take care of her."

"It's the other way around. She comes to work every day to take care of him! She is tired of washing his clothes."

"One day, he came here only in his underwear and asked me for some pants. All his pants had disappeared overnight. He had to promise to keep all his clothes clean to get them back."

Ning and Qin Guan burst into laughter, nearly falling off their chairs. Huang, who was not ashamed, returned to his own seat and took a glass jar from under the table.

He filled the porcelain mugs with a transparent liquid and handed it to Qin Guan.

"It's a good film. You won't suffer a loss."

Qin Guan looked up from his mug to the two men across from him. The desire was obvious on their faces. It seemed like they wouldn't be able to sleep at night unless they got a clear answer.

Qin Guan had actually made a decision. He would invest in the film to ease their nervousness. People said that eating under stress could lead to gastric spasms after all.

Huang and Ning got the answer they had expected.

"Business is business. I will not bother you about the actors, the crew or the shooting locations. That's the director's job. I'm an investor though, so I have to get my share. This is not about the paycheck. My lawyer Chen Kang will be contacting you tomorrow. As for you, Huang Bo, you will be working with us!"