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Chapter 373: A Clue at the Market

Chapter 373: A Clue at the Market

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Ferlin stood behind his wife and smiled gently as he watched her pick out pieces of meat from a stall.

There would always come a certain time when the look in Irene's eyes became extra serious.

"Actually... every piece of meat is priced according to its weight, so you don't have to spend so much time choosing."

"That won't do!" she said in firm rejection. "Although I know that you like lean meat, without the fat, the dish won't have any flavor. A layer of fatty meat for every layer of lean meat will make the best ribs, and is also ideal for slicing and frying. I have to choose carefully."

Ferlin laughed uncontrollably. "Fine, you take your time. I'll go and buy a sack of wheat. The queue is quite long, so when you're done, come and find me.

"Okay," Irene replied without turning her head.

He shook his head helplessly and advanced towards the wheat stall in the Convenience Market.

Ever since snow started falling, Lord Roland had put up wooden sheds, which acted as wind shields, around the market. He also specially posted an announcement that even though it was winter, the sales in the market would not stop.

This implied that during the long Months of the Demons, Border Town would continue to be provided with a stable supply of food.

To the townspeople, this measure effectively granted them peace of mind.

Compared to the meat stall, the wheat stall was much more frequented by customers. A long queue was formed in front of the counter, while surrounding the queue were two patrol members wearing black uniforms whose task was to maintain order. In Border Town, they were given a unique name: "policemen".

Morning Light had already gotten used to seeing all kinds of amazing initiatives by Lord Roland, and a change in name was nothing interesting. He also knew that the name "patrol members" was commonly associated with rogues and ruffians, and therefore changing the name gave a wholly different impression.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Eltek." Someone in the queue recognized him. "You've also come to buy wheat?"

"Stand here with me."

"Let me offer you my position."

"No, that's unnecessary." Ferlin waved his hands and stood at the back of the queue. "Thank you."

"You're so popular," A middle-aged man in front of him laughed and said, "the former First Knight of the Western Region indeed."

Ferlin was slightly stunned. "You know about my past..."

"Haha, of course. This is no secret in Border Town." The man touched his own chin and grinned. "My sons and daughters are highly fond of you. Ever since my eldest son, Nat, heard about your background, he can't stop telling us how much he wants to become a knight too."

"That's all in the past." Ferlin shook his head. "And His Highness no longer needs Knights."

"That's because we have the First Army." The man said casually. "In the past, I wouldn't dare to talk to you like that."

Indeed, while he was still a knight of the Duke, most common folks did not even dare to look straight at him. The rumors about him were filled with words of not only envy and admiration, but more commonly, fear. The only person who dared to make eye contact with him, and who was able to speak straight to him without scruple about status, was Irene. The first time they met at a theatre, his heart found its home.

After being defeated and brought captive to Border Town, Ferlin originally thought that it simply entailed a change of the lord he worked for. He did not expect that he would become a teacher to many people and receive widespread respect.

The form of respect shown towards him was completely different from the old times when he was a knight. People no longer avoided him and instead came close to him. Compared with the respect shown by keeping a distance, it was the latter which made Ferlin feel more comfortable and satisfied.

Perhaps, I'm not suited to be a Knight.


After waiting for more than a quarter of an hour, it was finally Ferlin Eltek's turn.

"Identity card, please." The counterperson said before she got a shock. "Teacher Ferlin?"

"Betty." Ferlin was also a little surprised that the girl standing behind the counter was a student from his first batch of graduates. He soon understood, and said happily, "You're working in the City Hall now?"

"Indeed," she revealed an expression of joy and bowed towards Ferlin as if she was still in school. "I'm now a trainee in the Governing Hall, and I am currently working in the Agriculture Department."

Ferlin did not want to make the people behind him wait, so he hastily presented his identity card together with six silver royals. "I want to buy a medium sack of wheat."

"Sure!" She recorded his name in the daybook and shouted towards the back room. A porter walked out of the warehouse and placed a sack of wheat on the counter. Inspection and selection of goods were prohibited at this stall. Every sack was filled beforehand and classified as large, medium or small according to its weight. A small sack was roughly able to feed two people for a month. The food prices were fixed and fluctuations were very rare. Identity cards had to be presented during purchase, and each customer's purchase volume was limited. Ferlin understood that the purpose of this measure was to prevent a single person from purchasing a large volume of food, which would cause a shortage of food for other people with actual needs.

"Teacher, when you have time, visit me at my house." Betty returned his identity card.

"Sure." Ferlin smiled and replied. He carried the sack and walked off to one side so that the next person could make his purchase. Irene was still nowhere to be seen, and he guessed that it was because she had taken a fancy to other products. He thus thought about finding a prominent and dry spot where he could place the sack and sit down for a rest.

Just then, a faint blue figure flashed across in front of him.

Morning Light flinched and turned his head instinctively, and then felt a full body shiver. It was a beautiful woman with exquisite facial features and a head of blue hair which was rarely seen. She was the type who one would absolutely never forget after the first sight. Ferlin felt the blood throughout his body freeze. This was not because of the person's outstanding beauty, but because... he had seen her before in the family hall.

When he was young, he asked more than once about the person in the portrait that was hung in the most prominent position on one of the hall's walls. Yet, his father always kept silent. The person was undoubtedly a woman, but her portrait was ranked higher than the portraits of his other ancestors. It was only once, when drunk, that his father mentioned the person.

If I remember correctly, the person in the portrait is... the founder of the Eltek Family.

How... is this possible?

"Sorry for making you wait." Irene's voice snapped him out of his confused thoughts. "I went to choose some eggs, and also bought a small sachet of butter. Have you bought the wheat?"

"Yes..." Ferlin replied with his mind elsewhere.

Back home, he continued to see the woman's figure linger in front of his eyes. "Why would I see an ancestor of the Eltek Family when I'm in Border Town?"

After deliberating for a long time, he decided that he would make a trip back to Longsong Stronghold.

When he informed Irene about this plan, she frowned. "Haven't you severed relations with your family? Why do you want to go back?"

"Uh... because," he said hesitantly, "because of some matters."

"Succession rights?" Irene tilted her head and said. "That's not it. Or is it because of... a woman?"

"Ugh," Ferlin replied. "That's impossible!"

"But your eyes tell me that you are lying." She pressed Morning Light against his chair and looked down at him. "You promised me to be my knight, and I believed that you would not break this promise. That's why I'm now feeling so curious... What could it be that you cannot tell me about? Remember that in the farmhouse on the outskirts of Longsong Stronghold, we promised not to hide anything from each other."

He looked into her clear and beautiful eyes. At all times, she would want to share everything good or bad with him. Despite experiencing so many hardships together, Irene never changed.

Ferlin took a deep breath and held her in his arms. In a soft voice, he told her about what he saw.

"So that's what happened." After listening to his story, Irene nodded. "Go."

"You... believe me?" Reasonably speaking, even he himself would not believe such an absurd tale that an ancestor was still alive.

"Of course." She blinked her eyes. "This time, you did not look away."