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Chapter 374: Returning Home

Chapter 374: Returning Home

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Having separated from the family, it seemed inappropriate for Ferlin to return to the domain of the Elteks. However, he was not doing this to address his own doubts, but instead, for the sake of his father.

During that particular banquet, Sir Eltek not only talked about the person in the portrait, but furthermore, in a very emotional speech, he claimed that the Eltek lineage existed only because of her benevolence, which was betrayed by his ancestors. Ferlin did not understand the meaning of the speech at that time, but his father's expression—which showed remorse for his ancestors' behavior—made it memorable.

Since remorse has been shown, is there a chance to remedy the situation? Perhaps, the woman who I saw is the descendant of my family's founder.

After all, he left his family only because he did not want to separate from Irene. As the eldest son, his family could not accept him marrying a commoner. This was only a difference of choice, and he did not have any other problem with his family.

After his marriage, although his father never visited him once, his mother arranged someone to send some daily supplies together with a letter which said that his father had forgiven him.

It was because of these reasons that Ferlin decided to return home and tell them about what he saw.

Due to the impact of the Months of Demons, the number of ships which travelled between the two lands had significantly reduced. He had to wait three days for a merchant ship that came from the Stronghold, and including the time required to unload the cargo, he would arrive at Longsong Stronghold only in a week's time.

When he finally arrived and got off the ship, Ferlin immediately felt the emptiness of the city. The ground snow was up to his ankles, yet he saw that apart from a few lanes which left different depths of footprints, most of the snow on the streets was flat and even, implying that no one had passed through for a long time. Compared with the crowded Border Town, it was hard to believe that this was actually the largest city in Western Region.

The Elteks' estate was to the north of the Stronghold, and included a village of nearly two thousand acres. If even the Stronghold was this empty, it was, needless to say, more empty in the village. As his coach travelled along the road towards his family's mansion, he saw bodies of starved people on the way. Every year, if snow started falling early in autumn, most poor people would be caught unprepared without sufficient food and firewood, and approximately half of these people would not be able to hold out till the next spring. Although what he saw was very common during the Months of Demons, Ferlin could never get used to seeing it.

After passing through several more scattered huts, Ferlin finally returned to the doorsteps of his family home for the first time in many years.

The iron gate in the courtyard was firmly locked, and the front yard was covered with snow. However, the slabs of the walkway were cleared of snow, evidently showing that there was someone in the family who took care of the estate.

He knocked on the iron gate forcefully, and after a short while, two guards walked out of the mansion. One of them quickly identified Ferlin and said surprisedly, "You are... Eldest Master."

"I want to see Sir Eltek," Ferlin said placidly.

Although everyone living in the mansion knew that Morning Light had severed ties with the family, this was after all a matter among the noble family, and hence the guards did not dare to make any decision. The two guards quickly opened the iron gate. One of them led him into the lobby to wait, while the other went to inform the butler.

Ferlin did not expect that the first person to rush over would be his younger brother, Miso Eltek.

"You don't belong here anymore. Why are you back?" He frowned as he sized up his elder brother. "You walked over here? "Where's the squire?"

"I'm no longer a knight." Ferlin laughed. "Naturally, a squire no longer accompanies me."

"Ah, I almost forgot that you were brutally defeated by the prince of Border Town and became his prisoner. Has he released you or what?" Miso snorted. "Is it because you don't have money to tide over winter? I can give you a little, but you'll then have to leave."

His brother's attitude made Ferlin sigh. It was understandable that he would behave this way—Miso Eltek was presently the heir apparent in the family, and naturally did not wish to see him return and cause complications.

"I'm not here for money, and have no intention to fight over heirship." Morning Light said in a low voice. "His Highness appointed me to become a teacher, and I'm very satisfied with my current life."

"Teacher?" Miso looked astonished. "I don't remember you possessing so much knowledge that you can teach other members of the nobility."

"I don't teach nobles, but rather commoners to read and write."

"Teach commoners..." Miso sneered. "The lie you're fabricating is getting more interesting. Did that commoner wife make you lose your mind?"

"Enough!" A low groan was heard from behind, causing Miso to tremble. Ferlin looked towards where the sound came from, only to see his father, Sir Eltek. "Ms. Irene isn't inferior to the nobility. All that she lacks is status. It's rude to continue talking about it."

"Father!" Miso cried.

Sir Eltek did not pay attention to his younger son. "I heard the guard mention that you have information for me."

"Yes." Ferlin bowed and said.

"Come into my study."


Ferlin followed his father up to the study on the second floor of the mansion. When he passed through the hall, he took the opportunity to look towards the portrait wall. The blue-haired woman appeared before him once again, looking exactly like she did in the Convenience Market. Compared with the other portraits, her portrait appeared more vivid and elaborately detailed, such that even the mole on the corner of her eye was clearly visible.

When they entered the study, his father was the first to speak. "During a theatre performance in autumn, I had the chance to see your wife. Her complexion was excellent, and her acting skills didn't pale in comparison to Miss May's. It seems that the two of you are getting along fine."

Ferlin suddenly felt his eyes welling up with tears. He did not expect his father to mention this first. After a brief moment of silence, he nodded and said, "Indeed. We have our own house in Border Town and plan to have a child after the Months of Demons."

"That's great." Eltek took a sip from his cup of tea. "It must be difficult to come over from Border Town now. What's the information?"

Morning Light checked his emotions and said, "I saw a woman while out in the market. She looked exactly like the person in the large portrait in the hall."

The father's hands trembled and nearly overturned his cup of tea. He raised his head with his eyes widened. "What did you say?"

"Her blue hair was rarely seen and her beauty was unmistakable. I'm sure that I didn't see wrongly." Ferlin replied. "Could she be the descendant of the person in the portrait?"

"Impossible! That person was..." He paused and shook his head. "It's impossible for her to have descendants."

"Is... that right?" Ferlin looked downwards. "Then maybe I'm wrong."

"You rushed all the way here just because of this matter?"

"Yes, because I remember that you once... expressed your remorse towards her."

Sir Eltek lowered his head and pondered for a moment. "Did she really look alike?"

"Apart from a slight difference in hair length..." Ferlin recalled. "Everything else was exactly the same." "You know, since I was born, I have only ever seen this hair color in that portrait, hence I paid extra attention."

"She couldn't be a descendant of that person." Sir Eltek said tentatively. "However, she could be the person in the portrait herself."

Ferlin almost could not believe what his father was saying. This idea seemed even more inconceivable than his own imagination. "Herself?" You mean... she has lived for more than four hundred years?"

"I didn't want to tell you about this." Sir Eltek stood up and said. "She is a witch after all, hence anything is possible. Follow me."

"To where?"

"The basement. I have a few things to show you." Sir Eltek said slowly. "Our ancestors' heritage includes a relic that she left behind."