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Chapter 401: Winter in the Fjords

Chapter 401: Winter in the Fjords

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In the sea of the Fjords lies Sleeping Island.

The skyline turned a pale yellow as the last of the highrise buildings was finally completed. Although the setting sun was not visible, one could still see a streak of golden light reflected on the sea's surface by the sunset glow that passed through the clouds. Only the harsh cold gusts of wind, which blew directly at one's face, gave away the fact that it was no longer autumn.

"And it's done." Lotus lifted up the scarf around her neck until her ears were also covered by the soft cotton. "This will be our new home once the furniture and beds are moved in."

"Fantastic!" Durat Kimshoe clapped and said. "That's a lot of houses built in half a month. And I thought Lady Tilly was exaggerating."

"Lady Tilly doesn't lie," Breeze added.

"Indeed," Durat stroked his thick double chin and said. "If that's the case, I'm reassured about resettling my citizens over here. Oh, what's this?"

The merchant who came from the Crescent Moon Bay analyzed the groove-shaped parapet that was in the house. Bending his body, he even stuck his head in the hole to take a look inside.

"This is a warming device that I learnt about in the Western Region. It's called a heated brick bed." Lotus explained. "It's connected to the kitchen, and hence when a fire is started in the kitchen, this bed will also turn warm. "Add a wooden plank on top and cover it with linen or straw, and you can use it as a bench or a bed. It'll be more comfortable than your typical furniture, especially in the current season."

"Interesting design," Durat said and glanced squarely at Lotus. "If I wanted to hire you for the long term, how many gold royals would it cost?"

"What... do you mean?" Lotus was slightly astonished.

"Follow me to work in the Crescent Moon Bay. There remain several wastelands which have yet to be developed in my territory. Your abilities will prove extremely useful." Durat rubbed his hands and said. "How many gold royals do I have to pay the 'Sleeping Spell' in order for Lady Tilly to authorize you to follow me?"

"Sorry, I've never thought of leaving..."

"Your life over there will be much better than it is here," Durat interrupted quickly. "You'll get to live in the same large compound as me, enjoy fine wine and cuisine from the Four Kingdoms every day, and have attendants accompanying you wherever you go. That's the ideal life that many people envision, and I'm giving it to you as long as you work for me. Besides, Lady Tilly has said that the requests of the 'Sleeping Spell' must be fulfilled, and I'm able to afford your recruitment fees no matter how high it is."

Lotus frowned. She was not unfamiliar with his kind of attitude. Although verbally, he said that he was hiring her, it felt to her more as though she was being bought. Just as she was about to bawl out a few sentences, Breeze gently tugged on her hand. "Even though the requests must be fulfilled, it doesn't mean that it'll be accepted. There are some things that even witches can't do. Besides, all parties have to approve before an agreement can be made."

"You mean that money alone isn't enough? I've never seen a deal like this," Durat spoke with displeasure. "Was what you said when you cast the 'Sleeping Island' mere rhetoric to make fun of us? "No one will believe or be interested in you if this goes on."

"I doubt so," someone responded from behind. "There's only one witches' guild that offers rewards, whether it be in the Fjords or the Four Kingdoms. If you don't come, there will be others."

"Who speaks?" The merchant turned his head and received a rude shock. "Y... Your Highness Thunder!"

"I came up with some of the ideas for the regulations of the 'Sleeping Spell'. Before a contract is signed, the consent of the employee has to take into consideration the possible risks associated with the tasks. They'll not be forced to venture into grave danger," Thunder said in a clear voice and laughed. "Do you have an issue with this?"

"No... this is definitely reasonable." Durat's facial expression restored to normal. "Then... I'll still have to trouble you in the future, Miss Lotus."

"Phew." Lotus watched the merchant and his entourage make their departure, and sighed in relief. "Thanks."

"No problem, I was just passing through." Thunder laughed. "Didn't you follow Lady Tilly to the Western Region?"

"Yes, but I came back early together with Honey and Breeze, because Sleeping Island needed to prepare supplies and houses for winter." She gave him a simple account of the matter. "Have you completed your expedition?"

"Hahaha, yes... it was an incredible and unimaginable trip." Thunder's eyes lit up as soon as she mentioned his expedition. "This was the first time I saw different sea levels occurring at the same time. Our ship seemed as though it was flying. We didn't 'fall' into the sea when we advanced past the cliffs that were formed by the waves! If I hadn't seen it myself, I absolutely wouldn't believe that such a strange sight could be real."

"Different... sea levels?" Lotus murmured. "How could it be? The sea water ain't rocks. Wouldn't it flow downwards?"

"Hmm, I named it the 'Sealine', and it's located to the northeast of the Shadow Islands. When we reached the top of a cliff, it would appear like a long line which we couldn't see the ends of, and the sea would seem to be divided into two distinct sections." He patted his chest excitedly. "I can't wait to venture even further next time!"

It was indeed worthy of the most prominent explorer in the Fjords that the first thing he talked about upon his return was regarding his adventures, and not regarding his daughter who was far away in the Western Region. Lotus shook her head helplessly as she watched him talk on and on.

Before darkness fell and the temperature outdoors plunged, Lotus had already climbed early into the heated brick bed. This was the most relaxing moment of her day. For more than a month, she not only constructed a new batch of houses but also renovated the creaking houses of other witches. Crowding on to the heated brick bed with everyone else and chatting about her experiences in Border Town, the questions from her companions - which were borne out of a mix of curiosity and envy - ensured that she did not get any sleep for half of the night.

The conversation topic shifted to the Bird Beak Mushrooms.

Her companions started to salivate when she mentioned how she prepared them. She would place the mushrooms in some butter and flip them a few times, then fry until both sides of the mushrooms were golden brown in color, and finally sprinkle a bit of salt on top to create a most delicious dish.

"Mmm... I feel like eating this," Shadow exclaimed. "After eating dried fish onboard for a month, my mouth is full of a salty and fishy smell."

"Great," Molly could not help interrupting Lotus. " If only I was the one whom Lady Tilly's elder brother invited."

"Hey, there are even more amazing things you haven't heard." Someone giggled. "In the showers of Border Town, the water comes straight out of the wall, and the scented soap makes your whole body smell great after showering."

"There's really something like this?" Shadow asked curiosly.

"Of course, and I even brought one back." Lotus curled her lips upwards. "But it has been used up."

"Don't talk about it. At least they got to experience it. I followed Lady Tilly to the Western Region and then immediately brought these girls back here. I didn't get to enjoy anything!" Breeze bemoaned.

As she listened to the witches' gabbling discussions, Lotus suddenly had a thought.

If it was instead His Highness Roland Wimbledon who wanted to hire her long term, would she have agreed?

After contemplating for a while, she realized that she would not be able to refuse if it was indeed Roland.

What an embarrassment!

Lotus tucked herself inside her quilt and glanced left and right. Luckily, the lamp was already extinguished, or else someone might have realized what she was thinking about.

However, when would Lady Tilly finally be able to accept His Highness Roland?

It would be great if they could stay together forever. Lotus held the cloth tightly in her arms. If so, it would be good for me and the other witches, as we would all be able to live happily in Border Town.