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Chapter 565: A Delay

Chapter 565: A Delay

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The welcome reception did not start until dusk.

The guests were warmly received at the palace hall by Deegan Moya, the first son of King of Dawn.

It was Yorko's first time to attend such an exquisite banquet. The entire hall, bright as day, was lit by numerous candles and oil lamps that dazzled like stars. There was a wide-open skylight window next to each of the chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling, which drove away the sultriness from the room.

Tables covered with white draperies were arranged in the shape of staircases that were littered with all sorts of glassware. There were red wines which glistened in the candlelight and glowed like rubies. The hall was so extravagantly lavished with silver mirrors and goldware that it looked as magnificent as the palace of the Kingdom of Graycastle.

Nevertheless, what drew Yorko's attention most was those noble ladies wandering among gentlemen.

Some of them were young and innocent, while some corpulent and mature. Each of the ladies, whether they put their hair up or not, had a strand of highlight hidden underneath the accessories. Yorko thought of Denise and realized it was a style currently in fashion among nobles of the Kingdom of Dawn.

In addition to their hair, most of the ladies were wearing tight silk dresses that perfectly showcased their graceful bodies. Glints of fleeting light twinkled when they strolled across the room. Unlike the gowns girls normally wore in the Kingdom of Graycastle, these dresses were off-shoulder and cut above knees, beguiling and seductive.

Yorko was overjoyed. "It was indeed the right choice to come here."

Compared with reserved noble ladies in the Kingdom of Graycastle, the ones in the Kingdom of Dawn were exceptionally cordial.

Nonetheless, they showed affections only to good-looking young men and knights rather than plain nobles like him. Yet this was never a problem for Yorko, for he never relied on his appearance to attract women.

"Welcome to the Kingdom of Dawn." A slightly pale young man escorted by a large crowd came up to him. "I've read the introduction letter from Roland Wimbledon and the document issued by him. So, he has now unified the whole Kingdom of Graycastle?"

Needless to say, this man was the host of the banquet, Prince Appen Moya.

Yorko placed his hand on the chest. Since he represented the royal family of the Kingdom of Graycastle, he was not required to kneel. Yorko was a little surprised as he bowed. It was understandable that the king asked his eldest son to host the event since he might be caught up in some political affairs. However, it was kind of uncivil to let his son directly read the letter from His Majesty Roland. On a more serious note, it could be even considered as a diplomatic mischief.

Yorko answered Prince Appen's question and then asked pretty reluctantly, "Well, how is your father... "

"He's ill, very ill." Appen sighed. "That's why he couldn't receive you in person."

"I, I'm very sorry to hear that."

"No worries... Everybody in the City of Glow knows the king's been ill. He collapsed during a banquet one and a half month ago and has been sick ever since. He's only conscious for two or three hours per day and insensible for the rest of the time."

One and half a month ago... That was around the same time he set out from the king's city. "I'm sure His Majesty will be better. Please don't worry about it too much." Yorko comforted.

"Thank you." The prince managed to summon up a smile. "Enjoy yourself. I'll ask the ceremonial officer to arrange accommodation for you later."

"Thank you." While Appen was about to leave, Yorko suddenly thought of the real purpose of his trip. He ventured hastily. "Your Highness, what about the alliance between the Kingdom of Dawn and the Kingdom of Graycastle?"

"I've heard about this matter too. But my father is currently too frail to deal with political affairs. Let's hold off on that until he's better."

Yorko was slightly relieved after the prince and his fellows walked off.

It appeared that he was quite a competent ambassador by nature. He did not make noticeable mistakes during his first meeting with a royal family member of high rank, although things did not go as well as he had expected. However, it did not really bother him, because he would live in the city for a pretty long time regardless and Moya IV could not remain sick for the next few years.

He should, instead, take this opportunity to pay more attention to the beauties in the hall.

"We've met again, Mr. Ambassador." While Yorko was pondering, he heard a familiar voice coming from behind.

Startled, he turned around abruptly and found Denise Payton, the businesswoman with whom he had spent a great deal of time with on the way here.

"How come..."

"I told you that we'd meet again." She smiled while raising a glass of red wine. "Cheers, to our reunion."

Yorko hurriedly glanced about to make sure no noble was staring in this direction.

"Are you looking for my husband?" Denise raised her brows. "Relax. He's not entitled to attend this reception."

"Are you saying..."

"I'm the one who manages the Payton Family, not him," Denise said bluntly, "and there're more than enough housemaids for him to indulge in. He's not allowed to seek pleasure outside without my permission."

[That's the reason...] Yorko's heart lightened. It seemed that Denise was the real heir of the Payton Family. In order to inherit the family, the daughter would normally seek a partner, often a diminished noble, to live with her. Due to the huge difference in their status, it was usually the male partner that changed his name.

"You should have told me earlier." Yorko put on a relieved look. "I don't want to split up such an affectionate couple and interfere with your special relationship."

"Really?" Denise smiled. "It wasn't special when you held out your hand to me." She paused for a moment and then asked, "Do you have any plans after the banquet?"

"Well, I guess no," Yorko answered while winding an arm around her dainty waist, "if you invite me."

"Then I know a good place."

"All up to you, darling."


After the banquet, Otto pulled Prince Appen aside, looking quite confused. "I don't understand, Your Highness. Even if His Majesty is ill, you can still enter into an alliance with the Kingdom of Graycastle, as this is also what your father intends to do. Why do you want to set the matter aside? With the church putting pressure on us, it isn't a good idea to fight alone."

"I've heard that father asked you to meet with Timothy Wimbledon rather than Roland Wimbledon?"

"We're allying with the King of Graycastle. The ambassador has also confirmed that Roland is the new king of our neighbor."

Appen Moya nodded. "You did a great job on the confidential trip to the Kingdom of Graycastle. But I have my own thoughts on the alliance. Leave it to me."

"Your Highness!"

"You don't understand." Appen interrupted. "I'm, for the sake of the Kingdom of Dawn..."

"It's for the safety of the Kingdom that we need someone to help us stop the attacks from the church!"

"I said leave it to me!"

Appen could not help raising his voice.

"I'm sorry. I lost my composure."

As the prince insisted, he had no choice but acquiesce. Just as he turned around, Appen suddenly questioned him. "We're friends, aren't we?"

Otto was silent for a moment and then answered, "Yes. Andrea, Belinda, Oro and me... all of us are your friends."

"If father can't make it," Appen spoke slowly, "you'll help me to the throne, right?"