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Chapter 606: Father and Daughter

Chapter 606: Father and Daughter

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Edith had already waited in the hall when Duke Calvin walked into the Castle of Jadeforest.

"My dear daughter..."

She interrupted him ruthlessly. "Why are you so late? I wrote to you a month ago, telling you to cooperate with the First Army in assembling and war preparation. We need to meet all their requirements as much as we can."

"Yes, I notified Earl Haier in Deepvalley Town immediately, and then sent our butler to supervise the matter. Isn't it enough?" the duke said with his open arms poised in mid-air.

"Of course," folding her arms across her chest, Edith said disagreeably, "it can show our sincerity better if you come here in person. Besides, the war against the church is very important. We can't take it more seriously."

"But after all it's Earl Haier's domain..."

"Come on father, the nobles are going to disappear, and you're still fussy about the issues of domains and feudatory. I thought you'll be more decisive after the rebellion of Hawes and Lista families."

Duke Calvin was embarrassed and said, "I thought my daughter would at least give me a hug and say she missed me, instead of talking about the business before we sit down."

"Really?" Edith laughed. "So you didn't lose your temper in the study, calling me a bastard, and said I was an ungrateful bastard who bit the hand that fed her. If I'm right, you must want to smash something but stopped because it's too expensive."

The duke choked. "I..."

"Damn it, who told her?" thought the duke.

Before he figured out how to respond, Edith had already walked toward him and wrapped around him with her arms. "Welcome to Deepvalley Town, father. Satisfied?"

His anger dissipated instantly. A mixed feeling struck him when he stroked his daughter's hair.

Sometimes he just did not know how Edith became such a talented, beautiful lady today. She was his first wife's daughter, but Edith's personality was quite different from her biological mother's and his. He almost doubted if Edith was his own daughter if it was not the resemblance she bore to his late wife.

When they hugged, however, the duke again felt that they were related by blood. She was still the Pearl of the Northern Region who was raised by himself.

After a while, Edith dreadfully pushed him away, saying, "You stink. I suggest you should go to get a shower first. I bring some scented soaps from City of Neverwinter. Try one. It's better than cassias."

"There's no hurry about that." Calvin looked around. "Right, where's Earl Haier. Why didn't he greet me in the hall?"

"I told him to go back to his mansion in the suburb."

"What?" The duke looked at his daughter in shock.

Edith shrugged and said, "He cares nothing about His Majesty's will or your orders. If I didn't arrive there in time, he might have pissed the advanced troops off. Not everyone can see clearly their present situation. Some of them may not even have the nerve to open their eyes or minds. For them, I won't waste a second. The wiser option is to drive him away."

"But he just handed over the castle and towns obediently?"

"Of course not, but I have the First Army." She smiled. "And it conquered King's City in one day, so what do you think a dozen of knights can do about them?"

"I don't know whether it's an illusion or not, Edith has changed a lot in the last two months. Her smile is more sincere, not the kind of the noble's fake smile which she puts on in public. And there's a glow in her eyes, which I haven't seen it for many years since she grew up," Calvin thought.

He realized that she loved her life now. At least she was happier here than in the Northern Region.

The change made him a little envious, accompanied with complicated feelings.

Maybe just like what his daughter had said, they did lose some of their rights after being deprived of their status as nobles, but it also freed them from their territories.

Now there was a great future in front of her. She could go to places other than the Northern Region and experience a different life.

After returning to the study, Calvin drank up two cups of black tea and let out his breath. "So now we should stay here and wait for His Majesty?"

Edith opened her notebook and said, "Not exactly, there's a lot we need to do. We need to deliver all the materials, such as food, horses, fabrics, herbs and all other necessities for the war to Deepvalley Town. And I received a new ciphered letter from His Majesty. He said the iron ingots and copper ingots have to be delivered here too. The more, the better."

"So he wants to loot the whole Northern Region," the Duke thought secretively. "Do you really believe His Majesty Roland can beat the church?"

"He may not be able to attack Holy City of Hermes and eradicate the church totally. But it's not a big deal for him to stop the church entering the kingdom from Coldwind Ridge." She paused for a while. "What His Majesty needs most is time now."


"You haven't seen his factory, so you don't understand how powerful City of Neverwinter is," Edith looked at her father and said, "and no matter who you are, a knight, a mercenary, the Judgement Army or a fervent believer, everybody shows no difference in front of bullets. Factories keep producing these bullets. Besides, it only takes a few minutes to teach a citizen how to use firearms and bullets to kill enemies. After one month's training, they can become a soldier and go to the battlefield to kill enemies. And three months, they'll become the indestructible First Army."

"What... is your point?"

"Father, the production speed of bullets is much faster than the growth rate of human beings. It's different from swords and armors. A blacksmith with ten apprentices can make ten suits of armors, 30 swords in one year. But one factory can produce thousands of bullets in one day. After killing the knights armed with swords, they can give the extra bullets to those who want to be a knight. The next day, these bullets can be sent to citizens; One month later, the amounts of the bullets can turn this city into a ghost town.

Calvin opened his mouth but did not know what to say.

"It's normal that you don't believe me. After all, these things may sound a little absurd. But I saw how they deal with their enemies with my own eyes when I participated in the First Army's Tooth Extraction Campaign," Edith said slowly, "so His Majesty will win sooner or later as long as the First Army can hold the defensive line. Three months later, City of Neverwinter will train a new army and produce the weapons they need. But the new Judgement Army may not be able to learn how to hold their sword in such a short time."

"..." After a little while of silence, the duke opened his hands and said, "Well, I'll believe what you said. But why do you not reply to my letters if you have such a good view towards His Majesty? I mean... to marry him."