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Chapter 652: The Witch and Accident

Chapter 652: The Witch and Accident

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When they were leaving the dark limestone cave, the guide held Yorko's hand and they walked straight into the cave with ease.

Yorko could hardly see the ground, but the guide did not even slow down. Moreover, he could feel that No. 76 was no weaker than himself. The bumpy calluses on her palm totally did not match her slender body. Other than serving the guests, she was probably also be treated as a guard for the underground exhibition. It would be nice if such a person could be purchased from "Black Money" as cultivating one was not easy.

Although Hill Fawkes looked smart, he definitely would not follow him forever as he was still the man of his old friend. Not to mention that it would be a little... boring for a man to be his guard. It would be more appropriate to replace the man with No. 76.

Of course, Yorko was simply thinking about it. After all, the Black Letter did not belong to him and 4,000 gold royals were far more than Otto's budget. Spending an additional amount of money privately would probably cause a fall-out with the Luoxi family, which was one of the three families.

After entering the cave, Yorko realized that most of the channels were naturally formed and the light of the torch seemed brighter due to the narrow terrain. Moreover, the dark sky could be faintly seen through many of the shafts at the top of the cave. The crisscrossing paths led into the deeper limestone caves where some were already transformed into hotels, while others were hung with barrel signs, just like an underground town.

It seemed necessary to arrange a guide for each customer or it would be very time-consuming to even look for a room.

"By the way, how do I pay for this auction?" Yorko softly asked while there was no one else around.

"You can simply pass the invitation letter to me before you leave the underground, after you confirm the goods are fine," No. 76 said with a smile, "I'll complete the rest of the procedures for you. You can also visit our pub, casino and hot tub. 'Black Money' provides any services, both for fun and relaxation."

"Is all the money written down in the Black Letter?"


"What if someone wants to buy the guide?"

"You just need to pay 500 gold royals to 'Black Money'," No. 76 smoothly answered as if she was accustomed to such questions and asked, "Sir, do you want to buy me?"

"Getting along is not about how long we've spent together, but how much fun we've got," Yorko avoided the question and said, "what do you think?"

"You're right." She chuckled.

"Anyway, may I see what you look like?"

"No way," No. 76 shook her head and said, "Unless you buy the guide, the guide isn't allowed to privately take off their mask. It's the rule of 'Black Money'."

"But you mentioned that you can provide any services..."

"Of course," No. 76 touched her red lips and flirtatiously said, "it doesn't hinder me from serving you, sir."

Yorko felt even more excited.

"We're here. This is your room." No. 76 brought him to a wooden door at the end of the cave carved with 'No. 76', the same as her number. "The room is divided into the inner room and outer room. I'll sleep in the outer room tonight. You can call me whenever you need anything."

Yorko lifted his eyebrows and asked after he opened the door, "This is the outer room?"

The cave was narrower in the front and wider at the back, and the outer room was only big enough to accommodate one person. It was probably similar to sleeping in the stable, as the ground was only covered with a layer of wheat-straw.

"After all, it's difficult to find a suitable room under the ground." The guide indifferently waved and opened the second room door for him.

Additionally, the inner-room was not spacious either. It could not accommodate anything other than a big bed and two soft chairs.

"Mmm! Mmm!"

Yorko saw the witch he bought from the auction once he walked into the house. She was firmly cuffed by the iron hoops on the wall with both her arms and legs opened wide while her mouth was stuffed with a piece of clean white silk. She struggled with fear once she saw that someone walking in.

He was immediately scolding "Black Money" in his heart while twitching his lips twice. He thought that the house was at least divided into several compartments with a cage especially used to imprison the slaves, but it turned out to be so shabby.

"How could I enjoy a long night with No. 76 in this case?"

"Performing a live porn in front of a witch?"

"Give me a break. It'll be even worse than directly doing anything to her." Yorko frowned even deeper when he thought of Otto's order to earn the witch's trust.

"Does 'Black Money' have other rooms? I mean those with extra charges," he helplessly asked.

"Considering some of the customers have higher requirements of the room, we also offer the semi-open houses which are closer to the ground and rooms next to the underground river."

The way that businessmen make money was indeed outrageous.

"How much is the cheapest room?"

"Three gold royals per night."

"This price is enough to pay for a half-a-month stay at the hotel in the inner city of the King's City." Yorko unspokenly criticized. "However, this amount is nothing as compared to 4,000 gold royals. Otto Luoxi shouldn't mind. Consider it as a processing fee."

"You go out and wait for me for a moment," he pondered for a while and said, "I have something to talk to the witch about. I'll call you when I'm done."

"Yes, sir," No. 76 said respectfully and left the room.

As Yorko took off his coat and walked toward the witch, she struggled even harder and looked terrified.

He sighed while covering her body with his cloth and said, "Listen, I'm entrusted by someone to come here to save you. As long as you don't make any noise, no one is going to hurt you. Everything will be fine. Please nod twice if you understand."

The witch stopped struggling and stared at Yorko for a long while as if she could not believe what she had just heard.

The ambassador had to repeat it as softly and slowly as possible. The witch was very beautiful, but the childish little girl was really not his cup of tea.

She finally nodded this time.

Yorko was relieved and he reached out to remove the silk cloth from the witch's mouth.

"Who're you?" she asked after coughing slightly.

"Someone who has come to save you," Yorko sat down on the bed and asked, "do you have a name?"

"Amy," she paused and said, "Why don't you release me if you're here to save me?"

"What if you run away? I don't have another 4,000 gold royals to buy you again if you get caught," Yorko opened his arms and said, "You'd better be chained for safety and it'll prevent raising any suspicion. I'll set you free tomorrow after we leave, okay?"

"Really?" Amy suspiciously asked.

"She's so gullible. No wonder she was discovered and reported," he quietly thought. "She's lucky to bump into me this time."

"Not only that, I'll introduce you to a place where the witches gather. There are a lot of companions waiting for you. You don't have to keep hiding," Yorko stood up and said, "So, you just need to patiently wait until tomorrow. Do you understand?"

"Hold on, where are you going?"

"I'm going to enjoy a sweet night, of course." He grinned.

When Yorko was just about to call for No. 76, There was a sudden noise in the outer room along with the noise of heavy items muffling. It happened very quickly and the outer room returned to silence after a few seconds.

"No. 76?" He probingly asked but no one answered.