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Chapter 667: Chaos Drinks

Chapter 667: Chaos Drinks

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The following cups of drinks were real eye-openers for Roland.

Some tasted like coffee, a bit bitter but with an intense exotic fragrance. Some tasted like soup, delicious and having the function to warm stomach. The unique one was that he could not find the corresponding taste in his memory. If he had to name it, Fire Dragon Wine might be the most appropriate.

The wine was not made of pitaya, but something like the imaginary dragon flame. The scorching impact of the first sip was like lava gushing into the mouth, and then a mouthful of a burned scent followed as if the tongue was roasted. The faint taste of succulent fruits finally came, mixed with the light flavor of the wine.

The longer it was kept in the mouth, the longer the aftertaste would remain. It absolutely would be the best drink of the winter.

It was likely that Nightingale saw Roland's intoxicated looks, she could not help but show herself, moistened her lips and asked, "Your Majesty, it really tastes so good?"

"You'll know after you try it." Roland handed her a cup of drink.

Immediately, Nightingale contentedly exclaimed, with her eyes bent into a slit.

"I've tasted it," Wendy said with the same look, "and it's really hard to resist such a delicious drink."

After they drunk all of the Fire Dragon Wine, Roland revealed a little reluctance as he let out a burp. "Is there more drink like this?"

Evelyn shook her head and said, "I can't copy the last drink... The new ability is totally random."

"Can't copy?" Roland was somewhat amazed. He finally understood what distressed Evelyn after Wendy explicitly stated the details of the test.

The ability could turn the fresh water, wine or other liquids into drinks. However, which drink would be the final product was uncontrollable. In other words, the final product each time was totally different.

The consumption of magical power to transform these drinks was much more than that of to transform alcohol. The magic power could only be cast once per day. The quantity of transformed drink was limited, which was equal to the capacity of a barrel. Roland had seen that kind of round barrel in the tavern, which could store about one cubic meter of wine in each barrel.

Until now, Evelyn had just cast the new ability five times, getting five drinks with different tastes.

Roland felt regret at the prospect, not knowing whether he would get the chance to drink Fire Dragon Wine again.

It was possibly the reason that Evelyn felt so depressed.

High awakening could be considered as a rebirth for witches, for they even had chances to upgrade from being a non-combat witch to a combat witch. Although Roland stressed that each witch was of incredible potential, Evelyn, who came from Sleeping Island, still could not change her mind.

Roland knew that Evelyn had no confidence in her brewing technique. She felt far more depressed despite the fact that her new ability upgraded a lot but did not change in essence. Most of the drinks were transformed from wine, and she could not even control what she could make at all.

He had no better ways to change her long-held belief, but it was a matter of time. Roland believed that their state of mind would change as the assistant witches in the city of Neverwinter showed their extraordinary talents.

He held no confidence in saying her ability was useless.

The pursuit of perfume ushered in the Modern Navigation Times, the Silk Road thrived as the porcelains and silk trade boomed, which all served as the evidence to people's demands and desire for luxuries. These drinks, however, would be the true luxuries. The delicious taste and unique experience would inevitably gain popularity among common people no matter which era they were in, and it even brought a refreshing feeling to this mundane world.

Moreover it was almost cost-free!

For example, it was no surprise that the weight of the Fire Dragon Wine could be converted into the same weight of gold royals if it was sold to the Fjords and other kingdoms.

Because there were always some rich merchants and nobles that could pay for it.

As for the war caused by the desire for luxuries... They should feel gratified that Roland did not scramble for these drinks. Waging war for luxuries to Neverwinter was nothing short of committing suicide.

Admittedly, Evelyn would bring him countless wealth.

And these drinks would not only be used for trade.

He had learned from the past experience that the matters widely popular with people could serve as a bridge for culture and ideology.

Besides, in these hard war times, it could boost morale for those soldiers who were fighting on the outer edge of the Impassable Mountain Range if they could have such drinks delivered from the city of Neverwinter.

He would never reject these kinds of drinks which could enhance cohesion and strengthen the subject's confidence to resist the Battle of Divine Will.

"In addition to the alcohol... in the future, it'll be the transformation of high-grade wines, I'll create a special drink storage building for you," Roland made a decision and said, "You can use your new capabilities to their full potential. I believe everyone who has a drink will be obsessed with it."

"Alright, alright... Your Majesty." Although Evelyn agreed, she was still nonetheless skeptical.

She did not realize her own worth.

Roland did not say aloud what he was thinking. He firmly believed Evelyn would see the changes brought by her power of chaos sooner or later. As long as she kept doing as he required.

"As for the names of these drinks, chaos drinks is okay," Roland said with a smile.


After the welcome dinner came to an end, Astrologer of Dispersion Star went into the study of His Majesty Roland.

He had successively worked for three King Wimbledons, and Roland Wimbledon was the fourth king he worked for.

But he was also the king whose thoughts were elusory.

Regardless of those rumors about his ridiculousness and flighty behavior from the king's city, the young ruler was somewhat different from the former kings and it was hard to understand what he was thinking. He was neither arrogant nor pretended to be imperturbable, as if, as if his thought was beyond common people's understanding, making him hard to catch up to.

That letter of reply was the best proof.

Dispersion Star had never seen any king who was so indifferent to the news about the Star of Extinction. Part of the content of the letter was greetings, part was to invite Astrology Association to move to the Western Region, declaring that he had the better astronomical telescope to meet the demand for star observation. The end of the letter unhurriedly mentioned that the city of Neverwinter also found new clues about Bloody Moon, and that he needed to discuss it with astrologers.

No surprise, no fear, he stayed calm and read the letter as if he just said "yes, I know" nonchalantly.

In fact, even when Roland first visited the observatory and learned of the existence of the Start of Extinction, he did not act very surprised.

Although it was the blessing that the subject had such a composed king, he still felt downcast because of the finding, also his lifelong pursuit, not arousing much attention.

The study was still brightly lit, and His Majesty Roland was writing something. There were piles of documents on the desk, Dispersion Star had not seen such a scene for a long time.

"My Revered Majesty, good evening," he bowed and said with gratification, "The Astrology Association shows its respect to you."

"Ah... you're here." Roland put his pen aside and beckoned him, saying, "Sit down, I've something to talk to you about."