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Chapter 703: Coming from the Past

Chapter 703: Coming from the Past

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No. 76 knew her. She was sure about it. Even though over 400 years had gone by and she barely remembered the witch's name, the scene back then was still vivid in her mind.

She remembered the blue-haired witch dropped to one knee before the Three Chiefs of the Union, solemnly took over the cope and scepter which symbolized being a higher ascendant and accepted the personal blessing of the Quest Society's leader.

No. 76 was deeply impressed by the witch's figure when she turned to the audience and raised her scepter that as the youngest Senior Witch born in the Taquila age, her pride and confidence was deeply engraved on the minds of all the bystanders at the scene.

At that time, No. 76 merely served as an original combat witch for the garrison. When she looked up at her junior who was standing on the stage with boundless enthusiasm, she felt a sense of infinite admiration tangled with a hint of inferiority.

So the witch was Agatha.

In a split second, the dusty memory fragments were pieced together in No. 76's mind.

She even remembered in the later years that Agatha had been excluded from the central research group. Due to her errant behavior, she had violated the Quest Society's principle of never recruiting common people.

But Agatha refused to repent. Instead, she decided to establish her own research tower outside the city of Taquila.

Her status and distinction had saved her from the impediment of other people. If any Original Witch dared to go against the Quest Society openly, she would definitely be dispatched to the frontlines and be engaged in fighting bloody battles until she would end up as one of the casualties.

Back then, No. 76 was discontent with Agatha and considered her behavior quite out of place at that time when there was a war to fight. For the Quest Society, losing her meant losing a young and talented promoted person. For Agatha, being excluded meant she would be deprived of most of the resources and bases for exploring the mysteries of Magic Stone. Both of the consequences would be a loss to the Holy City of Taquila.

However, for No. 76 who had experienced the fall of the Union and had waited for more than 400 years, all her discontent had vanished. Now, her heart was brimming with happiness... and a kind of incredulous surprise.

The happiness came from the unexpected chance of being reunited with a Taquila witch here.

While the surprise was she that could not understand how a Taquila witch could survive until now.

It was obvious that Agatha had maintained her body, even her look, and her age of that time. It seemed everything about her was frozen since then without even a trace of aging.

However, the bodies of other survivors had long ago turned into ashes, leaving only their souls that were being kept through unique methods.

No. 76 fought the urge to stop Agatha and instead silently watched her walk away until the gate of the yard was closed once more. After that, she took a deep breath.

She already knew what to do next.


When the light began to fade and the howling cold wind turned sharp as it usually did every night, Nightingale noticed a slight change of Sylvie's expression and so she asked, "Why? What did you find out?"

"No. 76 has left the Foreign Affairs Building by jumping out of the window on the corridor of the second floor," Sylvie replied.

"Has she?" Nightingale raised her eyebrow. "Those windows are sealed with iron railings, aren't they?"

"Maybe they were rusty. The whole window frame could fall off easily by shaking it." Sylvie stood before the French window, looking down at the city slowly hiding in the darkness. "She climbed over the wall and the guards at the doorway didn't realize anything."

"But she couldn't escape our attention." Nightingale could not help but raise her lip. "I'm right. She must be plotting something."

Since keeping Roland safe was more important, she called Sylvie to the office in the castle to keep a watch on the tour of the new-comers with her.

There was nothing strange about the behavior of the Wolfheart witches in the morning. After their lunch, No. 76 suddenly seemed quite uncomfortable. Sylvie could tell from her lip movements that No. 76 was tired because she had stayed up overnight. At last, No.76 listened to their suggestions and went to bed to get some rest. She skipped the tour in the afternoon.

Nightingale had thought it would be a quiet and peaceful day, but things changed unexpectedly when it was almost twilight. They noticed that No. 76 started to act.

"You've really guessed correctly," Roland said with great spirit, closing his book, "but an ordinary person who could avoid your lie detection does possess some extraordinary talent."

Nightingale coughed slightly. "Sooner or later I'll figure out how she did it after I seize her."

"No. 76 is moving south along a small street outside the Castle District. Wait, she stopped beside the street," Sylvie continued to report, "Looks like she is... waiting for someone?"

"She has neither magic power nor a weapon. It looks like she's here either for intelligence or is in collusion with others and planning something big." Nightingale analyzed with soaring spirit. "If it's the former, she would have lurked for a little longer. Judging from her hasty reaction, maybe she'll attack tonight."

"Attack? Attack whom?" Sylvie asked.

"Um... well, we'll figure it out later."

After 10 minutes, Sylvie's voice turned harsh. "Why? She's moving again... and is now she's targeting... Oh no, isn't that Agatha?"

"It's nothing unusual for her to be here since it's time for the workers to change shifts..." Nightingale frowned. "Are you sure No. 76 who doesn't have the God's Stone of Retaliation is targeting Agatha, a combat witch?"

"Agatha reacted! No... How's this possible!" Sylvie shouted incredulously. "No. 76 shows the response of God's Stone."

The information shocked Nightingale and Roland.


"I'll be right there." Before Roland could finish, Nightingale had entered the Mist. "Sylvie, protect His Majesty in my absence."


Agatha's hands were suspended in mid-air, and her heart sank abruptly.

It was a small street she was walking on, leading to the Castle District, few citizens would pass by usually, especially at nightfall. When she noticed someone approaching from behind, without the slightest hesitation, she turned around and summoned Ice to freeze the attacker's feet.

But, after Ice emerged in the mid-air, it lasted no more than one second, as if it never existed.

"It's... God's Stone of Retaliation?"

"No, if she wears a God's Stone, Ice shouldn't be able to get near her."

Just in front of her, a few seconds ago, the icicle she summoned was formed by magic power before it vanished.

"How could this be possible?"

But Agatha understood that it was not the right time to probe into that.

She was sure that the attacker had been well prepared as she had been following her in this quiet street and was capable of dispelling her magic power. But when she was ready to strike, what the attacker did shocked her.

She saw the woman place her elbows at a level position and press her overlapped fingers on her chest, before bending down deeply.

She had not seen this etiquette for a long time.

It was a standard etiquette that was performed when a member of the Union met a superior of the Taquila age.

"You're..." Agatha could not stop asking.

"My respects to you, Lady Agatha, the youngest High Awakened," the woman said slowly, "Can we find a place to have a talk?"