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Chapter 867: A Meaningful Smile

Chapter 867: A Meaningful Smile
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Insane, this guy is... absolutely crazy!

George Nery could hardly believe that the relation between the Redwater nobles and the new king would deteriorate to the present state. He just could not understand why the king would assume that the nobles would allow themselves to be seized without putting up a fight.

The new king brings only six female guards to fight against more than 60 people. Does he really believe that his guards are as hard as nails?

Though he's supported by the witches, they can't guarantee victory in front of the nobles that are wearing the God's Stones of Retaliation!

Immediately after Roland gave an order, one of his guards went to the door while another one stayed with him. The remaining four all drew their daggers and approached the nobles step by step.

All the nobles and their men unsheathed their swords. None of them wanted to put down their weapons and surrender to the king when they themselves significantly outnumbered the king's guards.

"Your, Your Majesty!" The lord of the Redwater City looked pale. "Everybody calm down. If you've any issues, we can discuss it!"

Unfortunately, it was too late. George exchanged a knowing look with Guye. They decided to change their plan and fight in this villa!

Although this place was hard to defend, it was still good for them to take action here since most of the Redwater nobles were gathered in this villa today. George believed that seizing Roland here would quickly swing them to his side—just like Prince Roland had said, strength decided everything. But unfortunately for the prince, the Redwater nobles were the more powerful side in the Lakeside Villa.

"I can't accept it!" Guye shouted and then walked out of the crowd, holding his sword in his hand. This seemingly amiable man looked irritated now. "I can't say anything if this is a judgment based on valid evidence. Please excuse me for being blunt. Nobles should never be trifled with. Even if King Wimbledon III himself had asked me to do this, I would have refused him! Your Highness, you forced us to act this way!"

All the four tall guards following Earl Tririver held their heads high, stood unyielding and unafraid in front of the new king. They seemed to be more impressive than the king's attendants.

"Well done. Being a noble himself, the royal prince can't deny this high-sounding rhetoric. It's both inspiring and provocative. Now, all we need to do is catch Roland and we will have the final say!" George thought to himself.

The new king would surely not have expected that this old man with gray, grizzled hair would turn out to be an excellent fighter.

Guye Yurianne was born with supernatural strength. At the age of 15, he had led two knights and managed to eliminate a band of robbers based near the river estuary. When he had reached young adulthood, he had mastered all kinds of weapons and had been unrivaled in the fighting matches between the nobles. Some people called him "Guye the Giant" and firmly believed that he would have been remembered as one of the strongest knights in history if he had not been born a great noble.

Moreover, each of his four servants qualified as a probationary knight. If they were engaged in combat with the king's guards, Roland Wimbledon would not be able to escape from Earl Tririver by himself.

"Go and help him, and keep an eye on Miss Edith," George told his attendants.

"Yes." A few more people stepped out of the crowd.

Guye strode toward Roland who smiled even more merrily now, seemingly undisturbed by the ongoing tension. The earl could not help but clench his fist and thought, "Go ahead and laugh. This is your last chance to be arrogant. Next, you'll be so shocked that you can't even cry out your fear!"

"Attack!" Guye dashed forward and struck his sword at the female guard beside Roland when the earl and his men were only ten steps away from the new king.

His strike was so powerful and fast that people around even heard the whistling sound of the sword cracking through the air.

No one could dodge this attack. It could only be blocked!

Once the guard evaded it as they had expected, Roland would be left unprotected.


George heard two consecutive sounds. The former was a clear, melodious collision sound of metal weapons, and the latter sounded like a blade cutting through flesh. A piece of broken sword shot into the air while spinning and then got thrust into the wooden floor.

Soon the head of Earl Tririver hit the ground too.

It slid smoothly to one side and then fell from his neck, bouncing twice on the floor before stopping. The blood from the wound left a bright red trail behind it.

What... happened exactly?

Did someone just behead Guye the Giant and break his sword in half with just one strike?

How's it possible?

Before George recovered from the shock, the crowd began to stir. Clashes of swords and awful screams were everywhere—the broken sword was like a signal for the four female guards to simultaneously launch their attacks from different directions and start this bloody fight. George was terrified when he realized he could hardly follow those guards' movements through the naked eye. Their strength was very impressive too. Anything in their hands could be used as a lethal weapon. They were nothing like human beings and could even hurt people with just their fists and fingers. The nobles felt as if they were fighting steel warriors!

"Monsters. They're are a group of monsters. No mortal body can be that strong!" he screamed in his heart.

"But... if you make any rebellious action, your conspiracy will become concrete facts. When that happens, you'll be sentenced to death instead of ending up in the mine."

He suddenly remembered the new king's words.

It was like a bolt of lightning flashing across his mind.

Maybe he was waiting for this moment?

He turned his head with some difficulty to look at Roland Wimbledon.

An unstoppable chill crept from the soles of his feet up to his spine—at this moment, he finally understood the meaning behind that smile.

This is definitely a trap!

The new king deliberately left the First Army outside the city except for about 100 guards and took only six guards to this banquet. He pretended to be tough and uncompromising only to lure us into attacking him!

He threatened to send us to some mine. No... he lied and had no intention of letting the remaining nobles live. He would have been really disappointed if we had decided to surrender.

That's it... that's a smile of expectation.

He was waiting for us to walk into his trap step by step and was amused to see us digging our own graves. This is a vicious smile. That's why I can't sense even the slightest bit of happiness in this cold face.

"Spa-Spare our lives..."

"Your Majesty, I surrender!"

"Me too. The Levitan family pledges their allegiance to you!"

"I'll give you whatever you want! Please spare me!"

The situation was deteriorating rapidly for George. Though the remaining nobles still significantly outnumbered the king's four female guards, they knelt down to beg for mercy as they were the ones that seemed to be at a disadvantage.

George dropped his sword helplessly. The nobles had already exposed their intention to rebel and overthrow the new king the moment they had drawn their swords.

Disobedience, discontent, fear and anger kept going back and forth through his mind, and then all the feelings dissolved into nothingness when a long sword struck him on his back.

The sounds of fighting and begging faded away. The last scene he saw was a sloping hall and a pool of blood that rushed toward him.