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Chapter 952: Red and White (Part 2)

Chapter 952: Red and White (Part 2)

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"I'm sorry. She's always this straightforward, but like I said, she has no malice." Wendy hastily apologized. "You don't have to take her words to heart. If you break off from the Sleeping Spell, your situation will be much tougher than now..."

However, none of the witches could speak a word, especially Azima, whose expression seemed exceptionally unpleasant. The heaving of her chest revealed that she was in a highly intense state of mind.

Had it been a regular mockery, she might have been able to laugh it off, or perhaps even protested and argued against it. Unfortunately, Nightingale's words left her completely speechless. Aside from the accusation of cowardice, the other words were like nails that pierced into her heart.

When they were still wandering about the Eastern Region, all of them worked very hard for survival. Holding a copper sheet in one hand, she would tirelessly search, like a dirty little rat, for dropped bronze royals and exchange them for bread and other food products. This would be sufficient for her to live in any city or town had she been on her own. The problem was that she had a large number of companions to take care of.

On days when the yield was insufficient, they would be forced to bear the hunger.

Azima was adamant that she was not a coward, or else she would never have had the courage to leave home and venture into unknown territories on her own. Similarly, it wouldn't have been possible for her to acquaint with so many companions and become their leader.

But Nightingale was absolutely right. Ever since her group met the Bloodfang Association, they began to gradually lose their independent spirit. After all, compared to picking up scraps to sustain a living, it was much faster for these combat witches to act directly against the rats. If luck was good, they could snag in one day as much money as she did in half a month of toil. And it was only when passing through wild and uninhabited areas that her guidance was needed.

The immense fighting capacity of the Bloodfang Association provided them with a guarantee of safety. She no longer needed to worry whether she had enough bronze royals to purchase the necessary food, or to afford the escort of a caravan. This situation did not change even after they joined the large forces.

After a long time, Azima finally gritted her teeth and spoke. "How tough will it be?"

"I don't know the precise amount of money that Sleeping Spell will distribute for living expenses, but it shouldn't be any lower than that of the Witch Union. That means at least one gold royal per month, which is four to five times that given to a normal person." Wendy replied with an anxious look. "This money can be used for food and accommodation, but there won't be much for luxury."

"Most importantly, even if you leave Sleeping Spell, the Witch Union will temporarily be unable to take you in. The reason is simple. His Majesty doesn't want there to be a rift between the Witch Union and Sleeping Spell, and this sort of thing will easily lead to misunderstandings..."

"Is that it?" Azima snapped indignantly. "20 silver royals per month for each person, that means 120 silver royals in total. Does she really think I can't manage that on my own? That's not funny! I'm not a girl of noble birth. I've rummaged sewers and garbage dumps all for a little bit of food. How can I be fazed by a little hardship like this? This is absolutely nothing. I'll show you, Nightingale! I know you're still here!"

"Miss Azima..." Wendy was about to attempt another round of persuasion but was held back by Doris.

"I know that you mean well for us, but I also feel that what we've done has been a lil' too much. I feel red-faced after that telling-off from Miss Nightingale." She embarrassedly touched her reddish cheeks and spoke in a soft voice. "Perhaps Heidi Morgan was like what she said and never took us seriously, but we cannot continue on like this. I support Azima's decision this time."

"Me too. If Azima's a coward, then what are we?"

"Me too!"

Everyone nodded their heads in unison.

"I've decided that I want to leave Sleeping Spell. And I won't just make enough for survival. I'll eventually return all that I owe to them!" Azima bellowed at all corners of the room. "I'll make you eat your words, Nightingale!"

Wendy sighed and remained silent for some time before replying, "Since you've decided, I'll explain it to Her Highness Tilly. I'll also try my best to get His Majesty to maintain your special allowance. This way, when you accept the witches' recruitment, you'll also receive an extra portion of money which will make life a lot easier."

Azima turned her curtly. "Do as you like."


Wendy let out an uncontrollable sigh as she walked out of the residential area.

"What's the problem?" Nightingale's voice was heard from behind her.

"Nothing, I just feel a little... ashamed suddenly," she muttered. " I'm not what they think. My desired outcome is for them to work for His Majesty Roland."

"But you still did it this way, didn't you? Because you know that this would be better for everyone. If things remain in the present state, their defiance may affect Her Highness Tilly and thus bring harm upon Sleeping Spell." Nightingale revealed her figure. "I've seen too many people like this. Instead of using reason, it's much more effective to hit them hard until they wake up. There're some even more stubborn people who only repent when death stares them in the face."

Wendy laughed involuntarily. "I guess enlisting your help was indeed the right decision. You completely silenced a person who dared to express her discontent directly to Tilly. Truly the Shadow Killer who awed King's City."

"I simply followed your plan." Nightingale puckered her lips. "All I did was make my tone a little meaner."

"Well, your tone was the key," Wendy exclaimed. "I probably sweated a little on her behalf. I wasn't just acting when I shouted 'Enough!' If I were her, I probably would have come to the same decision."

"Wait... why don't I see this to be a compliment?" Nightingale grumbled.

"Of course it's a compliment. A few Chaos Drinks shall prove that." Wendy laughed and held Nightingale's hand. "Let's exchange 10 dollars for some drinks tonight, shall we?"

"Alright, I believe you."


After reading through Wendy's report, Roland could finally feel assured.

Most of the Sleeping Island witches had accepted recruitment, and the minority groups did not cause too much trouble - everything was shaping up like he had hoped. If the progress in this matter was smooth, there would soon be witches in each and every production industry. Everywhere that people went, they would be able to see the figures of these young and beautiful women, which could be said to form the unique and unparalleled landscape of Neverwinter.

More importantly, the addition of more than 70 new witches would be a significant boost to the overall industry of Neverwinter. Just thinking about it filled him with hope.

Right at this moment, the telephone on his desk rang.

The signal was from the city hall.

He picked up the phone, and heard Barov's voice on the other end.

"Your Majesty, the Fjords' explorer, Sander Flyingbird's, fleet has arrived in the Shallow Port."