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Chapter 290: Profiting from the Relationship with Someone

Chapter 290: Profiting from the Relationship with Someone

Tang Xiu smiled and no longer spoke. He didn’t show off neither did he say that Chen Zhizhong was his apprentice. After all, he only just me Old Li today, boasting was unnecessary; even though he liked Old Li’s personality.

Old Li—the Fatty also seemed reluctant to mention the topic about Chen Zhizhong and Tang Xiu again. He changed the topic to the local condition and customs in Saipan as well as the favorite entertainments there.

“Little Bro, you should have picked the program list when you came here, right? Tell this Old Bro, what did you pick?” Fatty Old Li suddenly asked with a smile.

“I only picked two. One is the Thai Massage, and the other one is the Seven Goddesses Dance.”

Old Li fell into a daze, his eyes almost bulging out from its sockets. He shouted, “What did you say? You picked the Seven Goddesses Dance? I’m damned! It’s great! So great! Hella grandma, this Old Li is rather old and can no longer have this kind of excitement.”

Shortly after, a bit of an envious look was reflected on his face, saying, “It’s great to be young! If I were to return to the past, even though I dared not pick this Seven Goddesses Dance, but I still wanna experience it.”

At the side, either it was Tang Xiu and Old Li’s masseuses, even the other two young female attendants changed their expressions when they looked at Tang Xiu. Blazing fiery lights filled the four girls’ eyes.

Confused, Tang Xiu asked in puzzlement, “What sort of program is this Seven Goddesses Dance exactly?”

“You don’t know?” Old Li asked in astonishment.

“Huh?” Tang Xiu shook his head, “Nope! I just thought it sounded good, so I picked it on a whim.”


Old Li burst into loud laughter as even tears fell amidst his laugh. His expression when he looked at Tang Xiu was full of teasing flavor. As his laugh turned milder, he said, “Little Bro, rarely did this Old Bro have been had, yet I got struck by you today. You know nothing about what sort of program the Seven Goddesses Dance is, yet you unexpectedly dared to pick it? Point is, if anything, I won’t tell you what it is, you might as well wait to know it yourself! Hahaha… let’s exchange our cell numbers, I wanna see your appearance after you’ve enjoyed the Seven Goddesses Dance… Hahaha…”

Looking at his expression, Tang Xiu became more curious about the Seven Goddesses Dance. However, since the old man kept him guessing, he was also reluctant to ask again. Didn’t the service need to be enjoyed? He had requested it, and regardless whatever the service was, he should enjoy it.

After enjoying the Thai Massage, Tang Xiu put his clothes back on and found that Old Li, who had finished his Thai Massage half an hour earlier than him, hadn’t left yet. He was now drinking flavored tea in the side hall and smoking a cigar while half-leaning on the resting couch.

“Oh, Little Brother. What do you think about that Thai Massage?” seeing Tang Xiu coming out, Old Li immediately smiled and asked.

“It’s not bad!” said Tang Xiu with a nod.

Old Li stood up and smiled, “Little Bro, the Seven Goddesses Dance is usually more fun to play at night. How about we go play somewhere else now?”

Puzzled, Tang Xiu asked, “Where?”

Old Li chuckled and smiled, “The Casino.”

Tang Xiu was dazed for second. After a moment’s hesitation, he nodded and slowly said, “OK. Let’s play in the casino then. However, I’m a poor man and only have a little money.”

“It’s fine. Us—brothers, are fated to meet. I’ll help you out today. Your old brother may not be very rich, but taking out 1.8 million for fun and play isn’t a problem.”

Tang Xiu shook his head, “You don’t need to do that.”

Old Li waved his hand, “It’s your call. You can buy the chips if you have the money. You can tell me if you’re short on money. We’re here on vacation, to play and enjoy ourselves.”

Tang Xiu smiled and nodded. He could feel a faint superior imposing aura from Old Li. The man was not someone from the political world, so he was probably someone influential in the business world. 1.8 million yuan was perhaps only a small sum and not worth mentioning to him.

Knowing how to restraint oneself in gambling! From this only, this Fatty Old Li was not your usual layman.

Sighing inside, Tang Xiu walked outside alongside him. When the both of them arrived at the outermost hall, Jasmine and Mo Awen came.

“Did the Thai Massage conform to your satisfaction, Mr. Tang?”

“Not bad. My body feels kinda comfortable right now,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Glancing at Fatty Old Li, Jasmine smiled and asked again, “Then, are you going to try the Seven Goddesses Dance now?”

“No need to hurry. I want to follow this old brother to play in the casino first. Awen, you can go rest now, you don’t need to follow me,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

"Yes!" replied Mo Awen immediately when he heard it.

Looking at Jasmine and glancing at Mo Awen, Fatty Old Li seemed surprised, “Little Bro, they are…”

“She seems to be a staff. As for him, he’s my subordinate,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Amazed, Fatty Old Li replied in astonishment, “Your man is kinda unusual! Looking at his steady footsteps and strong physique, he should be a martial expert! I never thought you also brought your bodyguards when you come out to play, Little Bro.”

Tang Xiu didn’t explain, only letting out a faint smile.

Jasmine took out a business card from her pocket, handed it over to Old Li and said with a smile, “Hello, Sir. I’m the Vice President of Lao Bay Resort, Ai Jasmine. You can call me Manager Jasmine. Mr. Tang is our distinguished guest, so I’m here to ensure the service myself.”

A Vice President? And he’s a VIP?

For the first time, Fatty Old Li was piqued by Tang Xiu’s identity. The Lao Bay Resort was an upscale and luxurious holiday resort, and he also heard that the force behind it was rather powerful. Someone who could become a Vice President here certainly possessed unusual identity. While she personally accompanied Tag Xiu and even said that he was a VIP, this was evidence that Tang Xiu himself had an extraordinary identity, far more than the person himself had said?

“I’m Li Laoshan, this is my business card!”

Fatty Old Li also gave his business card to Jasmine.

“Well, I’ll inform the Reception Manager of the Resort about you, Mr. Li. Since you are a friend of Mr. Tang’s, then I’ll call him to give you a 40% discount for any of your expenses. This is the maximum rights I can give under my privileges.”

Looking at Tang Xiu with a strange expression, Fatty Old Li couldn’t help smiling, “Well, having taken a Thai Massage and met you—Little Brother, it’s rather unexpected it would also drag me into the limelight as well. I gotta say thanks.”

Jasmine nodded and smiled.

“Anyways, Jasmine. You don’t need to escort me. You can take care of your work! Also, if Tom comes at dinner, please inform me,” said Tang Xiu.

“Roger that!” Jasmine chuckled and nodded.

Along with Jasmine’s departure, Fatty Old Li embraced Tang Xiu’s shoulders. Letting out mischievous chuckle, he said, “Little Bro, you were hiding something, eh? Having the Vice President escort you personally, is not something possible for a student who has a small business, no? Tell me quickly, from which influential force are you?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Tang Xiu smiled, “Nope. I’m kinda benefitting from my subordinate, to be frank. He and Jasmine’s Boss are friends, a life and death comrade-in-arms to be precise. So, you know the rest.”

Fatty Old Li instantly understood as he said with a smile, “Just wow! It looks like the both of us got the limelight from others then. Anyways, shall we go to the casino? I’m sure luck is upon us today, so my luck in gambling should be very good.”


Shortly after, under Fatty Old Li’s leading, the duo went to the Lao Bay Resort’s casino.

The two-storied casino was built in a large area. The first floor was a big hall, providing gambling establishments for the public. Inside there lots of people encircling various gambling establishments. The second floor was for private boxes. Unless the gambling bouts were over a billion gambling stake, no one was eligible to enter it.

Fatty Old Li, who seemed familiar with the place, brought Tang Xiu to a counter at the innermost to exchange money to chips. He only exchanged 1 million, as did Tang Xiu.

“Little Bro, what do you wanna play?” Old Li asked curiously.

Tang Xiu shook his head, “I don’t know much about the rules and customs for gambling in casinos. You play first! I’ll observe and study the gambling machines here. I’ll try to play some games after I got a hint of it.”

Fatty Old Li shook his head, “It’s kinda boring if I play alone. Anyways, I’ll help you explaining whatever you wanna know! Let’s see who among us—brothers will have more wins.”

“Are you not afraid to lose all of your money?” Tang Xiu laughed.

Old Li raised his brows and grinned, “If I’m gonna lose it all, then let it be. Consider it as payment for picking the Seven Goddesses Dance. Alright, let’s go stroll around!”

The atmosphere inside the casino was lively and noisy. Many gamblers were betting. Those who won were overjoyed with ecstasy all over their faces, whereas those who lost looked dejected with bitterness on their faces.

As a regular patron of the casino, Fatty Old Li knew the gambling machines here inside out. He even acted as the gambling guru as he taught Tang Xiu some know-how and gambling tips.

After having circled around, Old Li, who had his mouth parched for doing some explanations, conveniently picked up a glass of red wine from the tray brought by a waiter. He drank it and then asked, “So, what do you wanna play, Little Bro? I’ll be accompanying you today and playing the same games with you. Let us compete!”

“Let’s play dice!” Tang Xiu laughed.

Nodding, Old Li said, “Let’s go! Betting big or small numbers, you place your bet and that’s it. It’s kinda a good one as simple and crude games are what this Old Li excels at.”

As they came to the dice games’ spot, a lot of people had already gathered there.

The dealer was a middle-aged woman and various gamblers were already on the table.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your time to place your bet.”

As the dealer’s voice sounded, the gamblers around put their chips representing the amount of money on the spots they wanted.

Tang Xiu didn’t hurry to place his bet, instead watching it quietly. In stark contrast, Old Li, who found that Tang Xiu showed no intention to bet, casually put out two 10K chips.

He bet on a big number.

It was 4, 5 and 6. A total of 15 points.

If 15 points were out, then he would get ten times the bet. If the dices were not 4,5,6, then he would lose 20 thousand.

The dealer’s dice shaking technique was very fast and also rather had a lot of frequency.

Having learned how to listen to the dice shaking technique from Jia Ruidao back then, Tang Xiu shook his head after the dealer pressed the dice cover on the table. He knew that Old Li had just lost his 20K bet.