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Chapter 295: Viviani

Chapter 295: Viviani

Mo Awen’s perception satisfied Tang Xiu, feeling that what he had just said was worth it. Finally, he concluded, “Describing it as exploration and learning as well as thinking about ideas and pursuing knowledge is also right. But to cultivators, there is a more comprehensive summary. Perceiving the inclusiveness of myriads of lives between the Heaven and Earth, which carried along profound virtues along the path, and transforming one’s state of mind.”

Hearing these words, it as if a bright beacon light pointed the right direction as it lingering inside Mo Awen’s sea of mind and heart.

A world of flowers and trees where one’s heart and soul learned to feel.

Moving with the feelings, learning by the heart.

As Mo Awen felt all this, his heart suddenly palpitated, causing him to sit cross-legged on the balcony and slowly close his eyes.

For a moment Tang Xiu was dazed, as a strange expression then was revealed on his face. He hadn’t expected that his words would actually touch and stir Mo Awen’s heart. With his extremely keen senses, Tang Xiu could perceive that some Heaven and Earth spiritual qi began to drift and gather toward Mo Awen. His expression immediately turned happy as he quietly left the balcony.

Half an hour later, Mo Awen, who looked highly spirited and vigorous, came along with Tom Reggie who looked surprised. Tang Xiu gestured him to keep silent as the three then walked to the first floor’s hall. Afterward, Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Awen can’t be disturbed for the time being. By the way, how come the two of you came together?”

Forcing out a wry smile, Tom Reggie replied, “Mr. Tang, I just learned that Mo Awu is Awen’s biological brother. These brothers are really amazing!”

“You’re referring to… their combat strength?” asked Tang Xiu, surprised.

Whilst shaking his head, Tom Reggie replied, “Combat force? I wouldn’t be this shocked if it was only this. What I’m talking about is his strength as a man. Three long hours. He was in the room for three hours and made four women unable to crawl out from the bed. I’ve seen a bunch of men who are powerful in this aspect, yet nobody is stronger than him.”

Intense envy covered his face as he talked.

Tang Xiu’s lips twitched violently a few times as he flung his face straightly to the side. He had never thought that Mo Awu turned out to be a sturdy, valiant stud. Tang Xiu could consider himself as being not bad in this aspect. But compared to Mo Awu, was he better? He was simply… a jet fighter in the shell of a man.

“Well, come and sit down. Let’s chat.”

Shifting the topic, Tang Xiu motioned the two to sit down.

“Boss, Awen, he…” inquired Mo Awu.

Tang Xiu lifted his hand to interrupt him and said with a slight smile, “He’s good; better than he was before. Don’t worry, he’ll come down after a while.”


Mo Awu knew Tang Xiu wouldn’t deceive him. Hence, he nodded and no longer asked.

Looking at Tom Reggie, Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Anyways, I have some friends attending tonight’s banquet, is that fine with you?”

“No probs. Your friends are also my friends. Besides, I only have a few friends anyway,” said Tom Reggie with a smile.

An inexplicable feeling surged inside Tang Xiu’s heart when he looked at him.


It was because of his friends that he had to suffer many pains. Though the current him seemed to have a lot of friends, the ones who were really sincere were but only a few. Even he himself was still keeping his vigilance toward them. It was unlikely he would ditch his friends, but making friends was something he was very careful towards.

People said that one should refrain from hurting others, yet one must guard against those trying to hurt them.

He himself was indeed considered as someone who had once been bitten by a snake and became a person who feared a good rope ten years afterward.

For instance, was Fatty Li whom he just got acquainted with today. The man had a straightforward and forthright personality, a character he liked. Yet, there’s no knowing what is in a man’s heart. Who could guarantee that Fatty Li wasn’t concealing malice inside? Tang Xiu believed the saying that there had never been such a thing called as reliable in this world, for there was only the weight of interests and benefits which could transform trust unreliable.

He had once read such a post on the internet. There was a pair of twin brothers. The eldest brother was honest and considerate, looking after his younger brother dearly and wholeheartedly. But then, in his drunken time, he spat out the truth in his post: If anyone gives me 100 million to make me get rid of my younger brother, I’ll be sure to stab my him… I will think over and consider it if anyone gives me 1 billion to make me sell out my brother… Whoever gives me 10 billion to make me sell my brother, I’ll take the money and scatter them around.

While betrayal itself was not by means impossible, yet the price was far too high.

Just like Du Changze and Qi Chengshan in Hong Kong. The two had been friends for decades, either in business cooperation or personal friendship they were well-known as best buddies, yet, after Du Changze paid three billion in compensation, he took advantage from Qi Chengshan by selling the information only to alleviate some of his loss.

Looking at Tang Xiu who fell into a daze, Tom Reggie frowned and asked, “Mr. Tang, is there anything wrong with my words?”

Getting back to his senses, Tang Xiu shook his head and smiled, “It’s fine. Sometimes, having a lot of friends is rather meddlesome. The world is big and there are many means to make friends. So, prudently making friends is a must.”

Tom Reggie clapped, “Be cautious in making friends… Mr. Tang is a young man, yet you can understand thoroughly about the nature of worldly wisdom. Well, it’s not bad.”

Tang Xiu smiled and no spoke longer.

Shortly after, dozens of Lao Bay Resort’s staff came with sumptuous dishes and fine wines. Since the Big Boss here—Tom Reggie would like to entertain his friends, they were instructed to bring the best wines and dishes from the resort’s collections.

During their busy bustle, Tang Xiu and Tom Reggie chatted in the first floor’s hall. As for Mo Awu who had just finished a ‘marathon’, he was smiling ear to ear with a red face as he ran upstairs to sleep.

Quickly, Fatty Li arrived, bringing along his wife and daughter. What surprised Tang Xiu was that his wife looked young, appearing in her 40s, while his daughter was unexpectedly a year younger than Tang Xiu.

“Uncle Tang.”

Li Wenwen called out, albeit looking slightly reluctant.

She was quite angry and felt awkward for being forced by her father to address a young man who was as young as herself as “uncle”. Were they related by blood and seniority in generation existed between them, she actually wouldn’t mind. Yet, prior to this, she and Tang Xiu were but only strangers. They were not related at all. Hence, addressing him as such was really depressing for her.

Tang Xiu himself knew very well about the ideas of the old traditional customs. Watching Li Wenwen, who looked reluctant, he shook his head and smiled, “You don’t need to care about the address. Let Wenwen call me Tang Xiu or Brother Tang. It’s fine either way. Besides, we are living in a new era, Fatty Li, we don’t need to use these old traditions to bind the youngsters. Each idea is fine as it is!”

Fatty Li’s wife, a gentle and experienced woman halfway to her middle-age, also felt that it was rather inappropriate for her daughter to address a young man as “uncle”. Thus, she said, “Indeed, youngsters can get along with each other.”

Fatty Li stared blankly and chuckled to himself, saying, “Since Brother Tang said so, I’ll become a joke if I insist. Have it your way, then.”

Tang Xiu smiled and pointed to Tom Reggie, “He’s Tom Reggie, the friend of my man and a local boss here.”

Letting out a smile, Tom Reggie shook hands with Fatty Li and laughed, “Mr. Li, I welcome your family to Saipan. Since Mr. Tang has introduced you, no matter how long you’re staying and whatever services and needs you wish to have, you can freely ask the resort’s staff. I will also inform the resort to exempt you from the expenses.”

“Exempted from expenses?” Fatty Li stared blankly.

Prior to this, the vice president of the resort—Ai Jasmine had given him a discount, and it was a big surprise to him. He didn’t expect that he would even be exempted from expenses.

Could he be… the big boss here?

Fatty Li glanced at Tang Xiu and gently blinked his eyes.

“Tom Reggie is Jasmine’s Boss,” said Tang Xiu.

In an instant, Fatty Li understood. It seemed that this Tom Reggie was really the Boss of this Lao Bay Resort. After all, the vice president of Lao Bay Resort was Ai Jasmine, and her boss was Tom Reggie. Hence, he could clearly realize right away that this identity was not mistaken.

“Thank you! Please contact me at once when you visit our country. I’ll be sure to put everything aside to accompany you there,” said Fatty Li with a smile.

Tom Reggie nodded with a smile.

Right at this time, a beautiful young woman arrived. She was wearing a white dress and several centimeters high heels, carried a white bag in her hands, and her loose graceful hair was blonde. Her each and every movement gave off a strong and intense feminine vibe.

“Good evening. Did I come late?”

Her beautiful voice reached everyone’s ears.

Tang Xiu raised his brows with a stunned expression in his eyes. However, before he could reply, Tom Reggie, whose complexion slightly changed, strode forward to greet her, “Welcome, Ms. Viviani. Does our Lao Bay Resort live up to your satisfaction?”

Viviani nodded and replied with a smile, “You have a great place here.”

Her single sentence made Tom Reggie smile as he nodded repeatedly, “It’s great if you feel that way.”

Tang Xiu and Fatty Li glanced at each other. They could tell from Tom Reggie’s behavior and demeanor that Viviani’s identity was unusual to even make a rich and powerful man such as him to treat her with a hint of flattery and such.

What kind of identity did she have to even make Tom Reggie treat her like that?

“Your name is Viviani?” asked Tang Xiu.

She laughed lightly, “Of course. I haven’t had the chance to learn your name, though!”

“It’s Tang Xiu. Tang for magnificence and abundance, and Xiu for learning and cultivating,” said Tang Xiu.

Viviani smiled and replied, “Tang Xiu, it’s a good name. Are you Chinese? It’s a great country. Mystical oriental ancient kingdoms with a long history and culture, which is my favorite subject to study.”

“Where are you from?” asked Tang Xiu.

“Rome!” answered Viviani with a smile.

Tang Xiu raised his brows. He had some guesses about Viviani’s origins. The Church of Rome was also known as the Holy See of Vatican. Her mysterious force should originate from the cultivation system of the Vatican. However, he had no knowledge about this system.

“Well, all roads lead to Rome. It’s a Holy Land inside countless people’s heart. A great place,” said Tang Xiu serenely.

Viviani replied with a smile, “Tang Xiu, can we find a place to chat alone? Frankly, I’m quite interested in you.”

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before he nodded, “I’m equally interested in a beautiful woman such as you. Please come with me!”